I think at the end of UnO, they mentioned that the DVD is going to be out this April... Which sprung my fingers to life. I searched til I found... lol. Anyway, if my memory serves me right, the very first Japanese DVD box set I searched for was Ohno's 'Maou'. And my reaction was like 'What the?!'. It was about Php9k! So finding out that UnO costs the same didn't come as a shock anymore. Well, I was hopin' that it was a bit cheaper but then again, that amount of money's too much. 'A bit cheaper' won't help. I just can't afford anythin' that expensive. Sad but true.

Anyway, my suffering is already about to end. Just a few more weeks and I'm off the hook. No more homeworks... No more reviewing. More time for myself... and for my addiction! Lookin' forward to it! Sure, I'll miss the busy life... But I'm sure I'll find ways on how to get busy... ON THINGS THAT I LIKE. ^^, Without no one forcing me.

A drama's end

Finally, I've managed to finish one drama... After Maou and Ryusei no Kizuna.

Uta no Oniisan's already finished. I loved everything about it that's why I'm a bit sad that it has ended. I think 8 episodes is a bit short. Don't you think? Was it really their final episode?

It's really sad to see a drama end. You know. It's like every week you see Kenta Yano... and all of a sudden, his life is resolved and he disappears. lol.

Now, can someone give us somethin to look forward to every week?! Somebody! Please! lol.

Since it's over, here's my take on the drama:
First, Uta no Oniisan put Ohno in his element. Makin' people laugh is something that he can do really well. I don't want him to be typcasted or anything but I hope he'd have more roles somewhat similar to Kenta Yano... Fans could hate me for this but I loved Kenta more than Naruse. Anyway, that's just me. That's just my opinion.

On to the drama...
As a fan, hearing that Ohno's gonna be doin' a drama made me look forward to it regardless of what it was... Drama? Comedy? Whatever... I'll watch just for the sake of seeing his face every week. But that doesn't mean I'll watch from beginning to end.

Every drama has its bait you know. Which is almost all of the time, the leadstar. And in this drama, they made use of Ohno Satoshi from Arashi and Maruyama Ryuhei of Kanjani8. I'd be damned if these two couldn't gather enough people to watch.

But no matter who they put in there... It all boils down to the story. Like, I always look for something fun to watch. I have unfinished Arashi dramas too so I think it's not just about the people in that show. The drama has to have a story or somethin' else other than the faces. Bottom line's that, for a drama to have a following, it should be interesting enough!

The drama alltogether was great. It got me watching from beginning to end. And it had moments. I didn't go crazy for each episode but there were moments in every episode that killed me.

Like when Sho visited to promote his movie 'Yatterman'. That was a killer! And of course the story too had moments like Kenta finally being passionate about his work. Transitions are always fun to watch. What happens in between the time Kenta hated his job and the time he felt passionate about it.... Those were killers.... But we could see that kind of plot anywhere can't we?

Overall, I liked the story. Partly because Ohno was in it. And Ohno was Kenta Yano. If it wasn't Ohno in those light blue pants, it wouldn't have been the same, I think.... But at least, the story had me hooked on to watching it til the end.

A bit sad...

This is just another one of my random emotional spurts.. whatever it's called...

I hate having no time to slack off.

I adore Arashi very much. But since I haven't had the time to at least pause and catch up... What's new with them... How's everyone doing... What's up with them... those stuff that I used to know... I sorta lost that thing, whatever it was that fired me up... I know that I'm not yet done with Arashi. The fanaticism hasn't dwindled yet but I hate the fact that I can't do anything just yet!

I want so bad to be able to do the things that I've been doing before I got this busy! I'm glad though that everything's gonna end soon. And by the time I get to have more free time, I'm gonna spend each minute I have on them. lol.

It's quite weird to say that 'these people make me happy'. But it's so true! Watching them, listening to their songs makes me smile and laugh. Doing those things makes me worry free! Because I spend almost all my time gettin' creative on stuff I do for them, I feel like there's no room for problems in my life. And if that ain't haappy, I don't know what the word 'happy' means anymore. I mean if I can call doing those stuff my 'passion' then I'd call it that.

Oh!!!! And by the way.... I had a dream the other night. Nino was in it! I can't remember the whole dream. The only thing I remember is seeing him walk away. Was he speaking in Japanese? I can't remember. But I understood him. That's what matters right? He went to our place and dropped something off. I can't remember what. Then he was like "I won't leave til I see her" (That her is me. 'Twas my dream. Let me have this! ^^,) Then he was like "ok. So I'll go." but he didn't. He stood outside and waited. I opened my window and stuck my head out. I waved and smiled at him and he went "Okay! Gotta go!" then flashed me that deadly smile! Best dream! He killed me by doing that! haha... what a dream. At least I got one happy thing to keep me going for this month.

And I miss all of Johnny's talents. Maybe that's what makes me sadder.


I'm listening to it right now. ^^, I'm so happy. Coz I'm gonna be listening to this til my ears bleed! Seriously! I love Arashi! I really love them. It's already one year, yet I still love them. So really, hands down to those who've been in the fandom for as long as Arashi ever existed. Anyway, it's not really hard to do something that you love right?

Once I have more time, I'm going to give my own interpretation/translation of the songs in the CD. ^^,

And it's only now that I learned (since I haven't gone past this blog, my email, and my youtube account as far as the internet is concerned) that ”曇りのち、快晴” (Kumori nochi, Kaisei) was translated as "Hope" in the album. Quite close to "sunshine after the rain" lolz.

I'll probably get down on the translations this weekend. But I'm not really sure as I have just one rest day. And I have exams on Monday and Tuesday. Good luck! right!

Once more! 嵐 が 大好き に なった! 1年 まえ、 嵐は ぜんぜん 知らなかった。 本当は、 日本のアーチストで、だれも知らなかった! あ、 Jun しか知らなかった、と思う。 ここで、Gokusenは、たぶん2005年にテレビで見た。 そのドラマは見た。 それは一番めのここで見せる日本のドラマですから。 

That's my Nihongo practice for today. It may not be perfect but it's the best I can come up with.lolz...

I'm so happy!

First because my package has reached the country. lolz. Got a note from the courier that it's already at the post office. Okay so that's not something to be excited about but tomorrow, I'm gonna have my very first owned Arashi album. lol. Kinda shallow, I know. That's the only way I know that I can support them.

And second, I saw UnO's episodes 6 and 7. O my God! The two episodes were like jam packed with funny stuff and, of course, surprises. I can't remember in what episode I saw these but these are my favorites so far:

1- the part where Kenta was imagining the day his dad went to the studio, the time when he was telling the whole "Minna de Utao" fandom that he loved singing with everyone else. He was like smiling and floating in cloud nine while imagining it. His expression was priceless. ^^, so Ohno Satoshi! That's the Ohno I love, and I guess, the Ohno that most of us have grown to love right?

2- Mamoru's seeking for another job. That was the only part where he almost gave up. It was weird since Kenta and Mamoru are like complete opposites. Kenta despises (or used to despise) his job whil Mamoru was so enthusiastic about it that he strictly kept all the seven rules Manabe san gave them. The unexpected twist was when Mamoru realized that he wanted out and that he belongs somewhere else.... Kenta, of course, makes him realize in the end that "Minna de Utao" might have been their "last option" or "stepping stone".... But it was where they ended up when they had nothing. And he said that it was far better than having nowhere to go to. (aaaawwww... lolz). And Urara's become nicer... ^^,

3- Prince Himuro, once again, graced the show. And there was a part where he was talking and talking and talking while thinking that Kenta was still behind him... listening... But to his great dismay, he faces Kenta, or where Kenta used to be and shouts "at least let someone finish what he's sayin!"... I think it's the second time Kenta did it to him...

4- And of course, the best part.... Seeing Mr. Sakurap himself, the one, the only Sakurai Sho!!! ^^, I didn't know that he was going to guest in the show. I really had no idea. As I've written, I didn't have enough time the past few days.... So I had to put UnO on hold.... But I should have squeezed in some time!! I was smiling the whole time I was watching the two... If I remember correctly, the kids shouted "Sho-san!" and I was like "Uhhhh.... Sho.... ?!!! Sho?!!!!" then his face pops out on the screen and I was like "SHO?!!!" lolz.... then Kenta and Sho Sakurai had a conversation.... anyways.... I don't really know what they were talking about but once I get to watch it again, I'll pay more attention to it.... there were some overlapping in that part so it's kinda difficult for me to understand.

Anyway, that's enough for now. ^^,

”歌 の お兄さん”が 大好き です。 Ohnoは 本当に すごくなった。 彼は 上手に なった と 思う。 本当は ね、 Shoが ”歌のお兄さん”に guest を する の を 知らなかった。 だから 彼 の 顔 を 見た 時、 びっくりした! ”Shooo!" とった。。。うれしくなった! もうすぐ、 ”歌のお兄さん” が 終わる ね。 でも ”おめでとう” と 言いたい です。 リーダ に。。。

次は だれ? Matsujun? Aiba? Nino? Sho? だれ でも いい よ。 私は ぜったい みる だから。 



I've been pretty busy with stuff lately that I haven't seen any new Arashi stuff... and it's sad that I can't access their files through Gachapin's box anymore. I can't blame her/them. And I do understand her/them.

Anyway, I can't wait for the day I can finally say I'm free!!! ^^,

In the meantime, I still have to put up with all the things that are happening in my life!!! I really hate being busy with stuff that I don't really like doing you know!

I also wish that time would just freeze.... so that I can do whatever I like and at least know how it feels like to get tired of doing it!

Believe PV

I haven't watched the whole PV yet but I have managed to catch a glimpse of it @ (Gachapin's box blog). Nino's soooooo handsome! Ninomiya Kazunari!!! I love your hair!!! You're sooooo handsome! <: X. \(*o*)/ There goes my virtual squealing pass... darn he looks sooooo good.

Ninoが見た、なきたかった。おかしいけど気持ちがたくさんあった。ね、その時。Ninoが見たから、「ああああ!とてもハンサムになった!」と思う。 それはほんとうでしょう? Ninoがハンサムになったでしょう? さいきんに? とくにかれのかみがいいとおもう。 ハンサムになった。 わかくなった。 

あ! 先月買ったアルバムはこなかった!!! 

It's already March!!!

It's going to be a year since I first saw Nino. I'm not sure when exactly but I remember writing about him for the first time March last year. Wow, 1 year and I'm still this addicted to him. Actually, more addicted than ever!

ああああ! 四月に なった! 去年の 四月、 はじめて、 二宮和也 が 見た。 Yamada Taro Monogatari で。 それは、 私の Addiction の 理由 です。 でも いい です よ。その 時 から、 私は、 いつも 笑ってる 人 に なった。 

Checking Oricon Once again

Once again, Arashi has managed to reach the top spot with their new single "Believe, Kumori Nochi Kaisei" in Oricon's daily top 10.

The single was released just the 3rd of this month and I believe that it still has a long way to go.

いい ね 嵐ちゃん!
嵐の ファンの みなさん、買いましょう! これは いい と 思う。 これは 嵐の 一番め の アルバム だ ね? ことし ね? だから 買いましょう!!! ^^、

4 more days....

til I get my copy of Arashi's new single "Believe/ Kumori Nochi Kaisei"... I'm so excited!!! ^^,

Anyways, I think what "Kumori Nochi Kaisei" means is 'sunshine after the rain'. That's just my interpretation. But I think it literally means 'Good weather after a cloudy day'. Anyway, I'd have to get hold of a copy of the lyrics for me to be able to know what the song really means. ^^,

あ!!! たのしみにします!!! 悪い です が はじめて 嵐 の アルバム を かった。 これ から! 嵐 の こと が Support を します。 かれら は、 私 の 幸せ です ね。 だから 嵐 の 幸せ の ため に、 I'll do everything。 (I hope what I'm saying is right)。