I think at the end of UnO, they mentioned that the DVD is going to be out this April... Which sprung my fingers to life. I searched til I found... lol. Anyway, if my memory serves me right, the very first Japanese DVD box set I searched for was Ohno's 'Maou'. And my reaction was like 'What the?!'. It was about Php9k! So finding out that UnO costs the same didn't come as a shock anymore. Well, I was hopin' that it was a bit cheaper but then again, that amount of money's too much. 'A bit cheaper' won't help. I just can't afford anythin' that expensive. Sad but true.

Anyway, my suffering is already about to end. Just a few more weeks and I'm off the hook. No more homeworks... No more reviewing. More time for myself... and for my addiction! Lookin' forward to it! Sure, I'll miss the busy life... But I'm sure I'll find ways on how to get busy... ON THINGS THAT I LIKE. ^^, Without no one forcing me.

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