I'm so happy!

First because my package has reached the country. lolz. Got a note from the courier that it's already at the post office. Okay so that's not something to be excited about but tomorrow, I'm gonna have my very first owned Arashi album. lol. Kinda shallow, I know. That's the only way I know that I can support them.

And second, I saw UnO's episodes 6 and 7. O my God! The two episodes were like jam packed with funny stuff and, of course, surprises. I can't remember in what episode I saw these but these are my favorites so far:

1- the part where Kenta was imagining the day his dad went to the studio, the time when he was telling the whole "Minna de Utao" fandom that he loved singing with everyone else. He was like smiling and floating in cloud nine while imagining it. His expression was priceless. ^^, so Ohno Satoshi! That's the Ohno I love, and I guess, the Ohno that most of us have grown to love right?

2- Mamoru's seeking for another job. That was the only part where he almost gave up. It was weird since Kenta and Mamoru are like complete opposites. Kenta despises (or used to despise) his job whil Mamoru was so enthusiastic about it that he strictly kept all the seven rules Manabe san gave them. The unexpected twist was when Mamoru realized that he wanted out and that he belongs somewhere else.... Kenta, of course, makes him realize in the end that "Minna de Utao" might have been their "last option" or "stepping stone".... But it was where they ended up when they had nothing. And he said that it was far better than having nowhere to go to. (aaaawwww... lolz). And Urara's become nicer... ^^,

3- Prince Himuro, once again, graced the show. And there was a part where he was talking and talking and talking while thinking that Kenta was still behind him... listening... But to his great dismay, he faces Kenta, or where Kenta used to be and shouts "at least let someone finish what he's sayin!"... I think it's the second time Kenta did it to him...

4- And of course, the best part.... Seeing Mr. Sakurap himself, the one, the only Sakurai Sho!!! ^^, I didn't know that he was going to guest in the show. I really had no idea. As I've written, I didn't have enough time the past few days.... So I had to put UnO on hold.... But I should have squeezed in some time!! I was smiling the whole time I was watching the two... If I remember correctly, the kids shouted "Sho-san!" and I was like "Uhhhh.... Sho.... ?!!! Sho?!!!!" then his face pops out on the screen and I was like "SHO?!!!" lolz.... then Kenta and Sho Sakurai had a conversation.... anyways.... I don't really know what they were talking about but once I get to watch it again, I'll pay more attention to it.... there were some overlapping in that part so it's kinda difficult for me to understand.

Anyway, that's enough for now. ^^,

”歌 の お兄さん”が 大好き です。 Ohnoは 本当に すごくなった。 彼は 上手に なった と 思う。 本当は ね、 Shoが ”歌のお兄さん”に guest を する の を 知らなかった。 だから 彼 の 顔 を 見た 時、 びっくりした! ”Shooo!" とった。。。うれしくなった! もうすぐ、 ”歌のお兄さん” が 終わる ね。 でも ”おめでとう” と 言いたい です。 リーダ に。。。

次は だれ? Matsujun? Aiba? Nino? Sho? だれ でも いい よ。 私は ぜったい みる だから。 

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