Matsumoto Jun: Otanjoubi Omedetou!!!

Late! Late! Late!

Anyway, to Arashi's best cook...

to him who is a perfectionist...

to Arashi's warau leader....

to the most otokomae....

to the DOS king....

to Domyouji...

to you juntan...

to you junpon...

to you junnosuke...

to you Mr. Jun Matsumoto...

Happy happy happy birthday!

I wish you nothing else than true happiness.
May you be blessed with more friends
more people who'll take care of you
more people who'll love you
more time to do the things that you love
more time to enjoy life's greatest moments.

嵐 に 伝えたい こと。。。

嵐 の 10周年 の コンサート ツアー レポート は 見た ばかり です。

あたし は 本当に 感動した の で 泣きそう です。 (*_*)

ざんねん です が、 日本 に 住んでないし、
仕事 も あるし、
日本 へ 行く こと は ちょっと。。。
無理 です。
だから 嵐 の 10周年 の コンサート ツアー は ライブ で 見られない。
でも 本当に 見 に 行きたい。 (-n-)

嵐 が ファン の みんな に ”ありがとう” と 言って くれた。
でも ね、 嵐 に も 伝えたい こと が ある。
やっぱり。。。 あたし の ”一つ だけ の HAPPINESS” と 言う こと は。。。
嵐 です ね。。。
毎日 毎日 ずっと ずっと。。。
仕事 は 難しくて たいへん で も
嵐 の 皆さん の 顔 を 見る と、
本当 に 嬉しく なってる。
問題 が ある 時、
嵐 の 皆さん の 声 だけ を 聞く と、
その 問題 が 忘れる。

嵐 の 皆さん に も、 ”本当 に。。。 本当 に ありがとう ございます。” と 言いたい です。

来年 も、 再来年 も。。。 いつまでも。。。
嵐 の こと を SUPPORT つもり です。
それ は 私 の やくそく です。

ショさん が ”これから も どうぞ 宜しく” と 言って くれた 言葉 で 嬉しく なった。。。
どうして です か?
これ は END じゃない と 言う こと でしょう?

嵐 の 皆さん 10周年 で、 おめでとう ございます!
新 アルバム で おめでとう ございます!
全国 ツアー で おめでとう ございます!
いっぱい ある の で、 おめでとう ございます!

オシャレ なら

オシャレ なら、 嵐 の 中 で だれ が 一番 な の か?

相葉さん か な? はい。 オシャレ なら、 相葉さん は 一番 だ と 思う。 でも 松j潤さん も オシャレ。。。

たぶん その 二人 は 一番、 二番。。。
相葉さん の スタイル は あまり 好き じゃない。。。 でも どんな 服 を 着ても、 似合う。
松潤 も ね?

三番目 は、 Sho.
オシャレ じゃない と 思う けど 相葉さん と 同じ。 どんな 服 を 着ても、 似合う。
体 が いい から。

4番目 は Nino.
Ninoは ちょっと。。。
子供っぽい。。。 ^_^
でも かわいい。。。

5番目 は Riida.
^_^ ごめん ね リーダ。
ひみつ の 嵐ちゃん の ”マネキン ファイヴ” って 言う コーナー で
自分 の スタイル を 着る でしょう?
で、 リーダ の スタイル は ちょっと。。。 ダメ。 ¥(^_^)
なんか、 シンプル過がない?

8月 24日 の 嵐の 宿題君

もう! この EPISODE は 面白そう です ね。

でも 会社 に 行かなきゃ 行けない。。。 時間 が ないし。。。

後 で 見る。

リーダ は お客様 に なった。

リーダ の 写真


やっぱり、 リーダ は 本当 に 男前 に なった。。。

ジュニア の ころ リーダ は あんまり かっこいい じゃない と 思った。。。

でも 今、 彼 は スゴイ かっこいい に なった。。。

でも ステージ に 立ってる リーダ は バライティ を してる リーダ と ちょっと 違う と 思う。

歌ってて 踊ってる リーダ は 100% かっこいい じゃない?

嵐 の 1999年から 2009年 まで の ベスト アルバム

嵐の みなさん、 おめでとう ございます! オリコン で、 また (また!) 一番 に なった。

本当 に うれしい です。

もう 10年 が 過ごした けど。。。

ファン が もっと もっと たくさん に なってる の で

毎月 シングル とか アルバム とか を 出して も。。。

いつも 一番 に なってる。

よかった じゃない です か?

一つ の 願い が ある けど。。。

Break-up を しないで ください。。。 嵐の みなさん。。。

あなたたち の おかげ で。。。 たくさん な ファン が うれしく なってる から。。。

日本人 と 日本 に 住んでる 人 だけ じゃない が いる。。。 フィリピン人 の ファン も ある。。。 Indonesian も、 Malaysian も、 アメリカ人 も、 中国人 も、 韓国じん も。。。

世界中 に、 たくさん な ファン が いる ね。。。

だから。。。 年 を とっても。。。 あたし の 願い は、 嵐 が まだ 踊ったり、 歌ったり、 ドラマ を したり、 バライティー を したり。。。

で。。。 あたし は いつも いつも アルバム を 買う つもり です。

それ は あたし の やくそく です。

All the Best 1999-2009 - Oricon

Here's the sales report once again!

Arashi outranks yet another Korean band named "BigBang" in today's Oricon charts. Yes, Arashi is again on fire with their 10th anniversary album entitled "All the Best 1999-2009". The guys sold a total of 261076 copies on their first day. Just as I thought, the 5-man Japanese idol group still has it despite of their 10 years in the business. These guys never fail to hold the number 1 position when it comes to album or single sales.


And congratulations to all the fangirls (including me). Coz our efforts have paid off. I hope Arashi's happy with their success.

Source: Oricon

All the Best 1999-2009

I'm sooo stupid for missing the First Press Limited Edition Japanese version!

I was battling with myself then whether I'd buy it or not.... Coz I thought I'd cry tears of blood once I receive my credit card bill...

I also thought that I'd still have the chance to buy it at a later time. -_-

But I was so depressed when I saw that it was already out of stock. They restocked it but stupid me missed that opportunity again. I'm talking about Yesasia's supply. I tried cdjapan but they only had the regular version. I want the photobooklet so bad so I didn't go for the regular version.

When I realized that 2 more versions will be released - Korean and Hongkong... it lifted my soul....

Then I saw that the Korean version was a wee bit more expensive than the Hongkong version while the latter includes the booklet and the former does not... -- actually, the Korean version also has the booklet according to this post. But the description of the Korean version at Yesasia didn't include the booklet. I made a mistake. Sorry.

So even though the HK version will be released next month... I still took it coz it has the booklet. ^_^

So happy to have checked it.

I don't know how different the HK version is from the Japanese version but still, I'm happy to have found a First Press edition of this.

I'm never doing that again!!!! Think?! Duh?! If it's Arashi, I don't have to think! I just have to dive in!!!! Especially if it's their 10th year special!!!

Here's the ink to where I got my copy: YESASIA: All the Best (Arashi)


Credits: Clubbox Gachapin

Another old vid... but it's from this month's AnS where Arashi had the girl group "Speed" as their guest...

First flailing:

Nino's eating. As in he's eating!
Here's a picture of Nino licking his finger (O my God! He knows what he's doing!) after eating the soba. Actually he won the soba by outwitting Aiba. He pushed Abia and the soup (well just a small amount) spilled over Aiba's finger. He went to get napkin or towel to wipe it but Nino already went "Victory!"... Aiba couldn't do anything but say "Hey! I looked forward to eating

But... this episode was like a "back to the old Arashi" coz Aiba went baka all over again, then Nino became so stingy that when he was asked if the soba was delicious, he answered "It's expensive!"
Second flailing:
The Ohmiya I've been cravng for....
Ogu-san asked them to change the sitting position. He wanted Speed members to go between each of the guys. So it should have been Speed, Arashi, Speed, Arashi, Speed....
But it went Aiba, Speed, Jun, Speed, Ogusan, Speed, Sho, Speed, Ohno, Nino.... Ohmiya!!!! No Speed in between. XP

Here's how they looked

That's Nino complaining, airing his protest...

But who wouldn't submit if Ohno makes this face?! Oh my God! He's not as burnt as before. And he's so handsome! He's so cute and handsome at the same time, I might not be able to sleep tonight. He's that guy I used to have a crush on, again.

Aiba's Baka Moments

This is from Oshareism (December 21,2008). I know it's a bit old but I still found some funny stuff about Aiba. ^^,

Translations are by me.

I watched it from a Clubbox Gachapin video.

Translations: (Just some parts)

Host: Sakuraikun was here recently.

Aiba: That's right.

Host: You seem like a very warm guy don't you? When you get drunk you say "I'm so grateful that I'm a part of Arashi!"... Sho actually told us the story about that.

Aiba: Yeah. When I get drunk, I suddenly feel very grateful to other people you know. And I can't stop crying...


Host: Another from Sakuraikun, something really funny that you did... According to him you took the air con remote control instead of your cellphone and put it in your bag.

Aiba: I always put my things on top of the table. It's like the remote control's on the table, my cell phone and my keys. I pick them up "pam! pam! pam!" then leave.

Host: Where?

Aiba: At the set (i.e. drama set) Well then I was supposed to make a call. When I opened my bag I was like "What's this?!"

Host: How did you deal with it?

Aiba: I said nothing. Even Sakurai saw it but he didn't say anything.

(Getting back at Sho... but Sho wasn't the only one at fault Aiba. ^^,)

Aiba: Sho also has one. He and I went to Australia for a location shoot. One night, while we were there, we sorta felt the urge to drink. So we were like "Let's go!". We were excited! So the two of us went. After drinking a lot, we said to each other "Good luck tomorrow!"and thought that it was time to go back to our hotel. But we didn't know the name of the hotel! Where?!

Host: You didn't bring the hotel room key with you?

Aiba: We had it! But when we took it out, it was plain white!

Host: Nothing on it?

Aiba: Nothing on it. When we realized that it was plain white, we thought that it was bad... But for the meantime told the driver to "Go! Go!"

Host: You said "Go!" but where?!

Aiba: While we were saying "Go!" We remembered that it was near a fast food. Makku! (McDonald's) Makku!"

Host: But there's a lot of McDonald's!

Aiba: We went around all the McDonald's in Sydney... There were a lot!

Host 2: There were a lot?

Aiba: There were a lot! Then after 4-5 establishments... "BINGO!".

Host: That was foolish of you right?

Aiba: Yeah, that was stupid.

Host: The two of you!

Aiba: We didn't know the hotel name, we didn't know anything but we still went out,and the taxi fare was really expensive!

Host: Then when you got back to the hotel you said "I'm so grateful to be a part of Arashi!"

Himitsu no Arashichan! (07.30.09) - Comment

If I were Yunekura Ryouko and Arashi did that to me in real life, who will I choose?

E-mail part:
I loved Aiba's. ^_^ Nino and Aiba's messages were both okay with me. Coz they were like "asking" the girl to go out with them (in a very casual manner). Aiba's was somewhat childish but it was easy to read, easy to grasp, easy to answer. I liked how he asked "What will it be? Will it be bbq or will it be sushi?". Coz it shows that he wants to know what his (prospective) date wants. Unlike Jun's which was a bit assertive. He's givin' her a choice, which is nice. I'd want to be given the choice. Then he said "I'll be on double standby" which shows that he just doesn't give the girl options, he is willing to compromise or do as she says. That's a big thing for me. It makes me feel really special when the guy I'm with listens to what I have to say. Then he said "you don't have any other appointment right?" which adds a little corny bit. He's attempting to make the girl laugh, which is good. Then at the end, he asks what time the girl will come home from work and says that it doesn't matter coz he'll be waiting... A guy who can wait is a major turn on. ^_^ If someone's really special to you, you'll wait no matter what right?

Surprise part:
This part showed the corny side of Arashi. All their proposals were like "I've-seen-that-in-this-movie" proposals. Well even though they were "acting", I loved... hmmmm... tough choice! Really.... I loved Nino's surprise.

Matsujun's surprise was okay. I didn't feel that excited about the "surprise".

Ohno's was so like a movie scene. lol. Dropped contacts, searches for it, can't find it, finds a ring instead. It's okay but it's not that great.

I didn't really like Aiba's that much. His idea was great but it was like, the girl was informed that they were getting married the day before the actual wedding. Stuff like that. lol.

Sho's was romantic! It was cute but somewhat like a movie scene. And it was too common!

I loved Nino's the most because it was childish. lol. He lied just to surprise her. Haha. I know that if he does that to me, I'll have a rollercoaster of emotions.

I know that they didn't give it their best. But I don't know why. I know they are creative. I know deep down inside them, they have instead of "it's-so-in-the-movies" type of proposal, a "hopeless romantic's" proposal.

嵐 大好き


私は 嵐ファイル と もうします!

あたし は 日本人 じゃない から 日本語 が 下手 です。
間違い が よく あって、 本当 に すみません。
日本語 で 書いてみたい と 思います から がんばります。

みんな、 宜しく!

Himitsu no Arashichan! (07.30.09) - Translation [Some Parts]

Credits: Clubbox Gachapin

A lot of new corners lately huh?

In this episode, HnA had a new corner entitled "V.I.P Room". Every week, they'll invite a famous female celebrity over to teach the guys how to become "better men".

Guest: Yunekura Ryouko

What does she think of the members of Arashi?

Impression of Aiba:

Naive and surprisingly shy.


Impression of Nino:

Has a cunning image


Impression of Ohno

A talented person who is good at both acting and dancing.


Impression of Jun:

A guy who wants to be on the center


Impression of Sho

A very disappointing guy

How to ask a woman out through mail - Arashi style


What are you doing today?

Well, if you have time
let's have dinner!

What do you think?


Subject: What'll it be?
Will it be barbeque?

Will it be sushi?

I'm gonna be on double standby!


You don't have any other appointment for today right?

What time will you get off work?

It doesn't matter anyway, I'll be waiting!


I feel like going to the beach tomorrow...

Will you go with me?

After that, let's go wherever you like, Ryoukochan.

Well, in short, let's go on a date!

Sho: (His Japanese was very very polite)
It's been a long time.
This is Arashi's Sakurai Sho.
How are you doing?

Lately, it hasn't been so easy to meet up with you.
So if you do have the time,
I would like to have dinner with you.
Thank you very much in advance.

Let's ride a boat tomorrow!

How to surprise a woman - Arashi Style

Matsujun's Skit
Sandwichman: I'm Yunekura Ryouko. Today I had to film another episode. It was a busy day! I want to be relieved. I want to be relieved!
Jun: I'm home, Yunekura Ryouko!
Sandwichman: Welcome home Jun! Hey, hey, hey, tomorrow you don't have work right?
Jun: Yeah?
Sandwichman: It's been a long time since we had the same day off right?
Jun: Ah, is that so?
Sandwichman: "Is that so"?! Did you forget? Take me somewhere tomorrow!
Jun: Tomorrow?
Sandwichman: Yes.
Jun: Well, shall we go and eat some ramen?
Sandwichman: Ramen? It's been a long time and we eat ramen?
Jun: What's wrong with that? Well, for the meantime, go to bed early.
Sandwichman: Why so early?! Wait! We're just going to eat ramen right? Why should we sleep this early?!
Jun: That's because we're going to eat ramen at.... Hokkaido.

Ohno's Skit:

Sandwichman (SM): I am Yonekura Ryouko too. It's been so long since we last went to a movie right? Today's our 1st anniversary.
Ohno: That's right. That was fun... "Tsuribaka Nisshi (Fishing Fool's Diary)". Someday I want to appear in that movie too.
SM: Ohno, you really love fishing don't you? Hey, is it okay if I asked you a question? Which do you love better? Fishing or me?
Ohno: Of course... FISHING.
SM: Huh?! Not me?! Stupid stupid stupid!
Ohno: O wait! Wait! I dropped my contacts.
SM: I'm sorry coz I was doing that to you. Where could that be?
Ohno: A!
SM: You found it?!
Ohno: I didn't find my contacts... but I found a ring for you.
SM: Lovely! <3<3<3

Aiba's Skit

SM: Tomorrow will be our 3rd year dating, Aiba and I. 3 years ago, he told me that he'd marry me once we reach our 3rd year. I wonder if he remembers...
Aiba: I'm home Ryouko!
SM: Welcome home! Welcome home Aiba!
Aiba: Yes, I'm home.
SM: Hey, hey, Aiba, do you know? Do you know? Tomorrow's our 3rd anniversary as a couple!
Aiba: O... is that so?
SM: Yes.
Aiba: Well then, shall we go out and have dinner?
SM: Yes! Let's go out!
Aiba: But I just have one request when we go out tomorrow.
SM: Request? What's that?
Aiba: There's this dress I want you to wear no matter what!
SM: Let's stop this! Is it an issue about fidelity again?! Am I going to bear my shoulders again?!
Aiba: But it's okay isn't it?
SM: I don't wanna do that! I don't wanna do that! I hate that!
Aiba: No! It's not that! You're talking a lot! It's not that!
SM: Then what?!
Aiba: *Goes inside the room, takes out a dress* I want you to wear this tomorrow *a wedding dress!*

Sho's Skit

SM: I'm home!
Sho: Oi! Welcome home Ryouko!
SM: Wait, Sho... What are you doing?
Sho: Say what? Today's your birthday isn't it? I made rica balls you know!
SM: Thank you but... rice balls?
Sho: No "buts"! Once you eat my rice balls, you'll drive away bad luck (not sure about this.) Eat up! Eat up!
SM: Okay... Rice balls for my birthday huh? Okay. I'll eat it.
Sho: Eat up.
SM: Aaa~~! (After biting into the rice ball) Ouch! What's this?! A coin?!
Sho: That's not a coin! Look carefully!
SM: What's this? A RING?!
Sho: Happy birthday, Ryouko (In english)

Nino's Skit

SM: At last Nino and I can meet up today, after such a long time! Let's see... My hair's okay. My dress is okay. The bed's okay!
*phone rings*
SM: Ara! It's Nino! Hello? Yunekura speaking!
Nino: Hello, Ryouko?
SM: U-huh.
Nino: Well, I have to work overtime, so I might not be able to go home early tonight.
SM: Wait! But we agreed to meet up today, after quite a long time!
Nino: Sorry. Sorry.
SM: Well, can't you tell the staff to think of another way just so you can go?
Nino: That'd be impossible. Coz this is work you know.
SM: E... Okay. Since it's work, there's no other choice, I guess. I'm sorry.
Nino: No, no. I'm sorry too. It's okay if you go first.
SM: Okay. I understand. Good luck with your job okay?
Nino: U-huh.
SM: Wait! Wait! Around what time will you be here?
Nino: I'll be there in about... 30 seconds.

Done! Here for my comments on this episode.

Hexagon VS Arashi

Here are some screencaps along with some translations from the recently held "FNS 26 Jikan Special (Live)".

Yeah you can consider it as a summary. For those who haven't watched it yet: *THERE ARE SPOILERS!!!*

First Battle: Pinball Runner

Arashi Team:
[Runner] Aiba Masaki
[Control] Ninomiya Kazunari
[Control] Matsumoto Jun
Hexagon Team

Some Translation

Announcer: You look so determined.
Aiba: Right! I wanna show everyone how this is done! (literally: I want to set an example)
Announcer: Jun and Nino, the control also plays an extremely big role in this right?
Nino and Jun: (in unison. they're so cute!) Yes, that's right!
Nino: (to Aiba) Well, it'd be fine if all you do is run.
Aiba: Oi! I know that! I'm doing my best here to show that to everyone.
Nino: To make things easier, I think it'll be just between 5.5 and 7. Balls gather at that point so I think you'll probably get a lot from there right?
Sho: The pink ball costs a hundred points so I think you shouldn't put it off til later.
Aiba: That's right.
Jun: When I say there's a pink ball falling, can you focus on that?
Aiba: Well... I'll focus on everything! It'll be fine!
Nino: So Jun will be in charge of the pink balls.
Aiba: I got it!
Jun: If a pink ball's coming, I'll tell you.
Nino: Then I'll stop talking
Aiba: Nino will be in charge of the other balls right?
Nino: No. The both of us will be in charge of that.
Aiba: O, you're both going to make the call? Okay! I get it! It's gonna be fine!

Be updating this as soon as I can. This is the only time I have.