Hexagon VS Arashi

Here are some screencaps along with some translations from the recently held "FNS 26 Jikan Special (Live)".

Yeah you can consider it as a summary. For those who haven't watched it yet: *THERE ARE SPOILERS!!!*

First Battle: Pinball Runner

Arashi Team:
[Runner] Aiba Masaki
[Control] Ninomiya Kazunari
[Control] Matsumoto Jun
Hexagon Team

Some Translation

Announcer: You look so determined.
Aiba: Right! I wanna show everyone how this is done! (literally: I want to set an example)
Announcer: Jun and Nino, the control also plays an extremely big role in this right?
Nino and Jun: (in unison. they're so cute!) Yes, that's right!
Nino: (to Aiba) Well, it'd be fine if all you do is run.
Aiba: Oi! I know that! I'm doing my best here to show that to everyone.
Nino: To make things easier, I think it'll be just between 5.5 and 7. Balls gather at that point so I think you'll probably get a lot from there right?
Sho: The pink ball costs a hundred points so I think you shouldn't put it off til later.
Aiba: That's right.
Jun: When I say there's a pink ball falling, can you focus on that?
Aiba: Well... I'll focus on everything! It'll be fine!
Nino: So Jun will be in charge of the pink balls.
Aiba: I got it!
Jun: If a pink ball's coming, I'll tell you.
Nino: Then I'll stop talking
Aiba: Nino will be in charge of the other balls right?
Nino: No. The both of us will be in charge of that.
Aiba: O, you're both going to make the call? Okay! I get it! It's gonna be fine!

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