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Another old vid... but it's from this month's AnS where Arashi had the girl group "Speed" as their guest...

First flailing:

Nino's eating. As in he's eating!
Here's a picture of Nino licking his finger (O my God! He knows what he's doing!) after eating the soba. Actually he won the soba by outwitting Aiba. He pushed Abia and the soup (well just a small amount) spilled over Aiba's finger. He went to get napkin or towel to wipe it but Nino already went "Victory!"... Aiba couldn't do anything but say "Hey! I looked forward to eating

But... this episode was like a "back to the old Arashi" coz Aiba went baka all over again, then Nino became so stingy that when he was asked if the soba was delicious, he answered "It's expensive!"
Second flailing:
The Ohmiya I've been cravng for....
Ogu-san asked them to change the sitting position. He wanted Speed members to go between each of the guys. So it should have been Speed, Arashi, Speed, Arashi, Speed....
But it went Aiba, Speed, Jun, Speed, Ogusan, Speed, Sho, Speed, Ohno, Nino.... Ohmiya!!!! No Speed in between. XP

Here's how they looked

That's Nino complaining, airing his protest...

But who wouldn't submit if Ohno makes this face?! Oh my God! He's not as burnt as before. And he's so handsome! He's so cute and handsome at the same time, I might not be able to sleep tonight. He's that guy I used to have a crush on, again.

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