Aiba's Baka Moments

This is from Oshareism (December 21,2008). I know it's a bit old but I still found some funny stuff about Aiba. ^^,

Translations are by me.

I watched it from a Clubbox Gachapin video.

Translations: (Just some parts)

Host: Sakuraikun was here recently.

Aiba: That's right.

Host: You seem like a very warm guy don't you? When you get drunk you say "I'm so grateful that I'm a part of Arashi!"... Sho actually told us the story about that.

Aiba: Yeah. When I get drunk, I suddenly feel very grateful to other people you know. And I can't stop crying...


Host: Another from Sakuraikun, something really funny that you did... According to him you took the air con remote control instead of your cellphone and put it in your bag.

Aiba: I always put my things on top of the table. It's like the remote control's on the table, my cell phone and my keys. I pick them up "pam! pam! pam!" then leave.

Host: Where?

Aiba: At the set (i.e. drama set) Well then I was supposed to make a call. When I opened my bag I was like "What's this?!"

Host: How did you deal with it?

Aiba: I said nothing. Even Sakurai saw it but he didn't say anything.

(Getting back at Sho... but Sho wasn't the only one at fault Aiba. ^^,)

Aiba: Sho also has one. He and I went to Australia for a location shoot. One night, while we were there, we sorta felt the urge to drink. So we were like "Let's go!". We were excited! So the two of us went. After drinking a lot, we said to each other "Good luck tomorrow!"and thought that it was time to go back to our hotel. But we didn't know the name of the hotel! Where?!

Host: You didn't bring the hotel room key with you?

Aiba: We had it! But when we took it out, it was plain white!

Host: Nothing on it?

Aiba: Nothing on it. When we realized that it was plain white, we thought that it was bad... But for the meantime told the driver to "Go! Go!"

Host: You said "Go!" but where?!

Aiba: While we were saying "Go!" We remembered that it was near a fast food. Makku! (McDonald's) Makku!"

Host: But there's a lot of McDonald's!

Aiba: We went around all the McDonald's in Sydney... There were a lot!

Host 2: There were a lot?

Aiba: There were a lot! Then after 4-5 establishments... "BINGO!".

Host: That was foolish of you right?

Aiba: Yeah, that was stupid.

Host: The two of you!

Aiba: We didn't know the hotel name, we didn't know anything but we still went out,and the taxi fare was really expensive!

Host: Then when you got back to the hotel you said "I'm so grateful to be a part of Arashi!"

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