All the Best 1999-2009

I'm sooo stupid for missing the First Press Limited Edition Japanese version!

I was battling with myself then whether I'd buy it or not.... Coz I thought I'd cry tears of blood once I receive my credit card bill...

I also thought that I'd still have the chance to buy it at a later time. -_-

But I was so depressed when I saw that it was already out of stock. They restocked it but stupid me missed that opportunity again. I'm talking about Yesasia's supply. I tried cdjapan but they only had the regular version. I want the photobooklet so bad so I didn't go for the regular version.

When I realized that 2 more versions will be released - Korean and Hongkong... it lifted my soul....

Then I saw that the Korean version was a wee bit more expensive than the Hongkong version while the latter includes the booklet and the former does not... -- actually, the Korean version also has the booklet according to this post. But the description of the Korean version at Yesasia didn't include the booklet. I made a mistake. Sorry.

So even though the HK version will be released next month... I still took it coz it has the booklet. ^_^

So happy to have checked it.

I don't know how different the HK version is from the Japanese version but still, I'm happy to have found a First Press edition of this.

I'm never doing that again!!!! Think?! Duh?! If it's Arashi, I don't have to think! I just have to dive in!!!! Especially if it's their 10th year special!!!

Here's the ink to where I got my copy: YESASIA: All the Best (Arashi)

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