Himitsu no Arashichan! (07.30.09) - Comment

If I were Yunekura Ryouko and Arashi did that to me in real life, who will I choose?

E-mail part:
I loved Aiba's. ^_^ Nino and Aiba's messages were both okay with me. Coz they were like "asking" the girl to go out with them (in a very casual manner). Aiba's was somewhat childish but it was easy to read, easy to grasp, easy to answer. I liked how he asked "What will it be? Will it be bbq or will it be sushi?". Coz it shows that he wants to know what his (prospective) date wants. Unlike Jun's which was a bit assertive. He's givin' her a choice, which is nice. I'd want to be given the choice. Then he said "I'll be on double standby" which shows that he just doesn't give the girl options, he is willing to compromise or do as she says. That's a big thing for me. It makes me feel really special when the guy I'm with listens to what I have to say. Then he said "you don't have any other appointment right?" which adds a little corny bit. He's attempting to make the girl laugh, which is good. Then at the end, he asks what time the girl will come home from work and says that it doesn't matter coz he'll be waiting... A guy who can wait is a major turn on. ^_^ If someone's really special to you, you'll wait no matter what right?

Surprise part:
This part showed the corny side of Arashi. All their proposals were like "I've-seen-that-in-this-movie" proposals. Well even though they were "acting", I loved... hmmmm... tough choice! Really.... I loved Nino's surprise.

Matsujun's surprise was okay. I didn't feel that excited about the "surprise".

Ohno's was so like a movie scene. lol. Dropped contacts, searches for it, can't find it, finds a ring instead. It's okay but it's not that great.

I didn't really like Aiba's that much. His idea was great but it was like, the girl was informed that they were getting married the day before the actual wedding. Stuff like that. lol.

Sho's was romantic! It was cute but somewhat like a movie scene. And it was too common!

I loved Nino's the most because it was childish. lol. He lied just to surprise her. Haha. I know that if he does that to me, I'll have a rollercoaster of emotions.

I know that they didn't give it their best. But I don't know why. I know they are creative. I know deep down inside them, they have instead of "it's-so-in-the-movies" type of proposal, a "hopeless romantic's" proposal.

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