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The Many Faces of Riida

I decided to compile some of the most heart-warming, heart-melting, brain-freezing snapshots of Ohno. Just snapshots from videos.

From: Arashi no Himitsuchan [with the Bakakkoi Challenge featuring Sho and Jun]
Credits to: Clubbox Gachapin for the raw file

I'm back!! ^^,

Wow... the fanaticism never faded... I'm still all for Arashi! Everytime I see Nino, or Jun, or Sho, or Ohno, or AibaI still feel a certain kind of excitement. Something so overwhelming that I feel like I'm melting. lol.

This blog is soon going to reach its first year. And I hope I'd be able to double my posts. Things were tight the past few months but I just regained my freedom!!! That's why I'm so happy!!! I can do my favorite stuff once again... I can be a bit carefree once again! I love it!

Matsumoto Jun: Smile

なきたい です。 嵐の メンベー で、 だれでも、 ドラマが あったら いつも なきたい です。 私は 「proud」に なる から。 さいきん、 仕事と 勉強で いそがしくなった の で、 時間が あまり なかった。 だから 新しい ニュース、 嵐の こと に ついて、 新しいドラマ とか、 コンサートとか、 なにも 知らなかった。だから たった今 Junの ドラマ プレビューみた ばかり です。 Junは 本当に すごい 「actor」 だ と 思う。 うまい! とても うまい!

これは みる つもり です。

I wanna cry. Whoever, from Arashi does a new drama I become a very proud fan you know. Lately, I've been really busy with work and school that's why I didn't really have time to catch up. But here I am, watching Jun's new drama preview. I'm so proud of him. He does us proud!

I'll definitely watch 'Smile'.

I have a feeling that this will be a bit the same as 'Bambino', which, as we all know wasn't as successful as the 'Hana Yori Dango' series. But I think 'Bambino' showed more of Jun's superb talent in acting (although some think that he's not a good actor).

Well...Whatever role he gets... or whatever role he plays... I think he gives justice to the roles given to him.

Ashita no Kioku/ Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki

After topping 2008's yearly single charts, Arashi has been downright unstoppable in 2009. Their last single Believe/Kumori Nochi, Kaisei turned into the best-selling single of 2009 in only two days, and sold over half a million copies in just its first week. The red-hot Johnny's boy band continues the streak with Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki -, their second consecutive double A-sided single of 2009. The theme song for Sakurai Sho's new TV drama The Quiz Show, Ashita no Kioku is a mid-tempo number with a beautiful, dramatic melody and poignant lyrics about being at a crossroads between the indelible past and the hope of tomorrow. The group strikes a lighter tone with their Kose CM song Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki -, a fun and fresh 80s-style dance number.

First Press Limited Edition A comes with DVD containing music video of Ashita no Kioku.


Tears were filling my eyes once again. Hey, I can't help it. I'm an addicted fan.... so there's nothin' I can do about it. I can't help bein' emotional about stuff like this... because I'm really really happy for them. It's been a great year for them, last 2008. And I hope, on their 10th year, everything'll be a blast for them once again. Hands down Arashi! You guys are truly amazing!!! I love you guys to pieces. (Virtual flailing mode)

Wow! I didn't know Sho's gonna have a drama.... I was like... "What's this single for?".... I thought Jun was doing one.... but it's Sho!! Yatterman's on the run. Red hot flaming Sho comin' right up on our screens after saying goodbye to the hillarious toughy Kenta Yano. Amazing. What I'm about to say might be a bit unexpected from a fan.... But at the end of 2008, I thought they were not goin' to sell as much. I mean.... I thought that 2008 was just a lucky year for them. But here I am.... Eating my words!! Big props to them!

There goes 25 bucks. Haha.... CDJapan's was sold out. I think it's a bit cheaper there.... I already ordered. I wanna be a part of the possibly 500,000 people again who are goin' to buy this album. Let's all make them number one again!! ^^、

いい ね 嵐!よかった です ね? 今 から、 嵐を もっと 真剣に supportする つもり です。 今年の 二番め の アルバムを もう 買ちゃった。 楽しみに待つ。 でも シングルの release は 早い だ ね? 四日月 ぐらい しか 過ぎなかった でも 嵐が もう 2まい アルバム を realeaseした。 それは すごいい と 思う。 フィリピンの アーチストは そんな こと が できない よ。 

Arashi has a new single? Again?!

I received an e-mail from CD Japan -->

Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki - [w/ DVD, Limited Edition Type A]

Initial reaction was.... 'What the?!'.... I just received the 'Yatterman/ Kumori Nochi, Kaisei' album and here they are again with yet another single?

It's goin' to be released on the 27th of next month.... Huh... *chekin' wallet*... *tears of blood*....

Man! I don't have to spend that much money for them, I know.... But it looks like buying their albums has just become my new addiction. What's with them anyway?!

I feel guilty for spending a lot of money on them while I can't even spend that much money for my family. *boinks head!!* I think I'm addicted to them already!!

And besides, some of the things I planned quite poofed into thin air. Some things happened at our office and I was a little bit thrown off the track. I mean a few weeks ago.... I knew what I wanted and i was a bit certain already about what I wanted to do. I really wanted out but what made deciding quite tough for me was the question "where am I supposed to go once I'm out?".... Now that I've thought about it.... Bein' a grown up sucks! Lol. Yeah I'm alraedy earning my own money (but the truth is, it's not enough for me... considering that I have this addiction)...

Anyway.... a lot of things happened that I found myself re-evaluating the situtation. I really don't have time to think about other things right now since school and work has been occupying my mind lately. I'm just so glad that school's going to end soon. And that I had the opportunity to learn something new. Which is nice.

O man!

What shall I do?! Doushiyou ka na? (@.@)>

Am I buying the album or not?

The first quarter just ended, 2 singles out. Amazing Arashi! you guys are so cool and hot at the same time!! ^^,


あしたから、 少し長い休みが ある。 たのしみです! 速く起きて、 テレビを みる と 思っている。 あさ から よる まで、 ひま だ ね。 いい ね。 ^。^ よかった!

時間が たくさん ある から Ninoの ’Niji' と言う 歌を ほにゃくする と 思っている。 

でも 勉強しなければ ならいない。。。 休みが 終わったら、しけん が ある。でも もうすぐ 全部は 終わるから 全部たのしみに する。

嵐は miss に なった。 -。- たぶん ほとんど の 休み の 時間、 嵐に 使う。 ^。^