Arashi has a new single? Again?!

I received an e-mail from CD Japan -->

Ashita no Kioku / Crazy Moon - Kimi wa Muteki - [w/ DVD, Limited Edition Type A]

Initial reaction was.... 'What the?!'.... I just received the 'Yatterman/ Kumori Nochi, Kaisei' album and here they are again with yet another single?

It's goin' to be released on the 27th of next month.... Huh... *chekin' wallet*... *tears of blood*....

Man! I don't have to spend that much money for them, I know.... But it looks like buying their albums has just become my new addiction. What's with them anyway?!

I feel guilty for spending a lot of money on them while I can't even spend that much money for my family. *boinks head!!* I think I'm addicted to them already!!

And besides, some of the things I planned quite poofed into thin air. Some things happened at our office and I was a little bit thrown off the track. I mean a few weeks ago.... I knew what I wanted and i was a bit certain already about what I wanted to do. I really wanted out but what made deciding quite tough for me was the question "where am I supposed to go once I'm out?".... Now that I've thought about it.... Bein' a grown up sucks! Lol. Yeah I'm alraedy earning my own money (but the truth is, it's not enough for me... considering that I have this addiction)...

Anyway.... a lot of things happened that I found myself re-evaluating the situtation. I really don't have time to think about other things right now since school and work has been occupying my mind lately. I'm just so glad that school's going to end soon. And that I had the opportunity to learn something new. Which is nice.

O man!

What shall I do?! Doushiyou ka na? (@.@)>

Am I buying the album or not?

The first quarter just ended, 2 singles out. Amazing Arashi! you guys are so cool and hot at the same time!! ^^,

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