Ohno Scandal Part 3: Link compilation of the Ohno Scandal

Now I'm in the mood to compile all the links related to the Ohno scandal spreading all over the world.

- The alleged Ohno threesome
- Ohno holding a girl pointing at her butt
- Report translation at vampyrRep's vox
- Updates on Ohno's scandal here
- If you wanna do your own thing and support Ohno, here's a list of links of Arashi Sponsors

My take on this:
If you've read the articles linked above, you won't have any problems understanding my ranting and raving here.
According to someone, the pictures (first two links) were taken 3 years ago. (Does it mean those pictures are real and not tampered?)
If the pictures were taken 3 years ago, why didn't they publish and spread it the same year they were taken? Do they hate Ohno and Arashi so much that they have to do this? The only clear thing to me right now is that Ohno has reached the status of being news, gossip, and scandal worthy. Which just means that he's gained more popularity.

*according to a fan*
according to a fan who attended the music lover filming, Ohno DENIED the allegations but ADMITS to JOKING AROUND FOR THAT PICTURE...

Me without being biased:

The story has two sides.

The magazine could be telling the truth. The pictures might be true. I don't know Ohno personally so I can't tell whether he's capable of doing such things. Ohno denying these things could just be some sort of damage control so that his name and Arashi's name will be saved.

BUT Ohno could also be saying the truth. The magazine could be targeting Ohno to ride with his popularity. See what happened. I'm sure not a lot of people know of the magazine and the publication. So I think it's pretty logical to think that it wants to be known by sticking to someone hot right now. Ohno's hot right now isn't he?

Me as a biased fan
- Beijing Olympics
- Ohno's new drama: Maou
- endorsements
- hot, sizzling pictures in magazines
- successful dome tour
- nearing their 10th year in the business
* Arashi's so up there that some people are trying to pull them down. As I've said, without being biased or anything, I don't know Ohno. But I have faith in him. If he says that he didn't do anything and that he was just doing those for the camera, I totally believe him. Blind faith -- yes, of course I'm a fan.*

more later. I'll also keep my eyes peeled for some updates on this topic.

Ohno Scandal Part 2:

click link for three pictures of the butt pointing scandal.

So why are people suddenly throwing stones at Ohno?!

I can't see any other reason than this -- Ohno's becoming more popular.

I remember writing a fanfic of this guy. Funny, it sounds the same.

There's no doubt Ohno's hogging much attention these days. With his drama currently airing, I wouldn't think twice that people are trying to pull this man down. Why would you pull someone down if he's not up there right?

I'd normally say that Ohno's a guy and it's but normal for him to do these stuff.. But this time, it makes me cry. It breaks my heart to see things like this (click link above)... If it's true I don't know how I'd feel because I'm convinced that it isn't. If you think I'm a blindly biased fan by doing so, then I am. Maybe that's the only way I can support them. I don't find it easy to think rationally because I am hating the person who's doing this.

-- Publicity is publicity even though it's bad publicity -- But not this way. It's not tarneshing Johnny's company. It's damaging Ohno's reputation. Not even Arashi's!

-- Who's behind this? Is he or she targetting Ohno alone or is he/she behind all the other Arashi scandals? Is this person really an Arashi anti-fan?

Here are some of the nasty rumors that came out just recently:
- Ohno's doing marijuana -- where he can be easily seen.
- Ohno admits to being involved in a threesome. (breaks my heart. really. I know you're a man but if this is true, being a man isn't excuse enough to do this.)

so far, these are some of the nasty stuff going around about Ohno. I'm not sure whether they are true or just pure products of a bum's imagination (whoever spread the news about it doesn't have anything sensible to do so he's like spreading some nasty stuff about some popular people). I'm going to provide the links where I got them later.

Current mood: heartbroken, supportive


Miss Maou

O my gosh. I miss these guys. I've been pretty busy with work and a few more things these last few days...

This weekend, I'm gonna be watching Maou again. Why does Maou have such a slow pace? I mean why aren't they showing it everyday?

I miss Naruse's evil face. Of course I dun want to watch the previous episodes over and over. I want new episodes.

Haaaa... falling in love with Maou!!

** but then again, a daily Maou -- heavy workload for subbers. lol. it's better this way. and I have something to look forward to every weekend.**

Next month is Jun's month

Yay!! Next month is Jun's buthday!! He's gonna be a year older than me.. at least for a day. haha... Yes, another random blabbing from me...

Masami - Taking all of our boys away

scans of jun-masami mag pics: http://warriorkitana.vox.com/

First Nino, now Jun? lol. It's not that I'm hating her for those things but I'm hating her coz I'm envious... Yes!! I'm turning green with envy and jealousy...

Lemme see... I want to compile some Masami profile here... Know your friends.. but get to know your enemy better right?!

Name: Masami Nagasawa
Age: 21

Dramas I've heard of and seen with her in it
- Prodai - Opposite Yamapi
- Yasahii Jikan - Opposite Ninomiya Kazunari

Movies I've heard with her in it:
- The Last Princess - Opposite Matsumoto Jun

Not much profile of her on the net. But in 2007, she was included in the top 10 list of most influential people in Japan. She's the only girl in the list. The only other person I know who's on the list is Nakai Masahiro, SMAP's leader and host of Utaban.

What do I think of her?
I've only seen her in Yasashii Jikan. According to some rumors, she's going out with Ninomiya Kazunari, Yamapi... and I don't know who else but she's been linked to most of her co-stars in the dramas she's made.
The first time I saw her, I found her pretty. But upon learning that she was the Masami linked to Nino, my view of her was a little tainted. Sorry to some fans but that's how I am as a fan too. The only person I like being linked to an Arashi member is Inoue Mao. lol. So sorry for my narrow mind. But that's how it goes for me.
So basically, I don't like her... But maybe a few more dramas with her in it and I'll learn to like her.

I'm watching Proposal Dasakusen right now. Hmmm.. No wonder why a lot of people like the drama. It's good. Masami's so cute. How can I hate someone with that angelic face? I'm loving her.

Maou Episode 3

I'm dying to see this. After a stressful week from work (well it's not as stressful as the past weeks) I can finally indulge in some Ohno evilness. lol.

Updates later.

Funny that "Maou" has been a stress reliever for me. Arashi is a great relief for me. Just laughing and watching these guys do normal stuff, weird stuff... everything!! Just doing anything... I love these guys!!

- edit -
Finally, I got to watch Maou with english subs. It's amazing. I'm loving every episode.

So how's Ohno's acting:
I can actually describe now what I think and feel about Ohno's acting. This is the first time I've actually seen him act. His role is really 180 degrees apart from his usual self.
The usual Ohno is most of the time quiet. He's usually speechless when they do interviews. Yeah, he's pretty much just enjoying himself watching and laughing along with the other guys. It's usually Nino, Aiba, or Sho who do the talking. Jun and Ohno are most of the time just observing. He's also a goofball. So far from Naruse Ryo's character right? No baka moment for Ryo coz he's evil. lol.
So I think the first impression I had was more like an act of denial. lol. This isn't Ohno I'm seeing. It's somebody else. Maybe that's what my mind tells me.
For the third time, I've seen Naruse Ryo in action again. This man, I tell you, gives me the shivers. As I've said, no trace of Ohno. He's totally into his character. Haaa. I'm loving this man to pieces. (Even more!)
I'm taking my words back. The awkward smile, it's Ohno. I just realized that's the way he smiles. The reason why I think it's fake is because I rarely see him smile. How can I say it's fake when I don't even know how the real one looks? Most of the time I see him, he's not smiling. He's either staring blankly at something or someone or just laughing --> this he doesn't do in the drama.

O man! He's getting better by the minute.

So how about the drama?
The dramas really great. Whoever wrote the story, he or she's amazing. I like the fluidity and coherence. I would want to know how Naruse controls everything.

Yet another Maou drama review

Still thanks to my cr buddy Shida

Click for story from sweethoneyeah

So I'm not a drama expert... sue me... but before that, hear me out.

I'm a big Arashi fan. But I haven't, even once, said Kame's not a good actor just because he's KAT-TUN, Yamapi sucks - just because he's NEWS... I can even say yeah, they're great actors.

Was that an honest remark I just read? Or was it yet another tactless comment?

Watchability - what is it exactly.

I think watchability is subjective. We all have our own criteria for judging.

How about I make my own review?!

Maou is one of the most-awaited dramas to hit (not only) Japanese tv screens this '08. The Jdorama is a remake of the Korean "The Devil" starred by no less than Ikuta Toma and Arashi's main man Ohno Satoshi with Kobayashi Ryoko as the leading lady.

IT revovlves around Naruse Ryo (Ohno) and Serizawa Naoto's (Ikuta) story whose pasts are linked by one tragic incident that made them who they are today. Naruse Ryo a lawyer in search of his brother's killer and Serizawa Naoto a detective who wants to be on the side of justice because of his past.

Ryo, being the brilliant man that he is, makes use of his mind as his primary weapon against the man who killed his brother. When the two meet again, Naoto's life becomes a frustrating game of chess -- and he is a chess piece. One by one, Naoto's friends and family die because of Ryo's doing. This enrages him and gives him the determination to find and pin down the man behind this.

- For my own review, the drama has an interesting plot. But it doesn't amaze me because it is a remake after all. Being an avid viewer of Jdoramas, I think the Jdorama is a breath of fresh air. Not just because of the new plot but also because of Ohno Satoshi's appearance as a regular. As we all know, this is the first time Arashi's main man (Satoshi) embarks in a drama on his own and as a lead character.
- After watching episode 2 of the drama, I can say that the drama really has an interesting plot. The fluidity and coherence of the story is great.
- Toma, as always, is a good actor. Not a surprise.
- Ohno's acting still has a lot of room for improvement. But I have yet to see all the other episodes before I can say this conclusively.
- Kobayashi's acting is superb.
- My watchability rating for this: 10 out of 10. Since I'm vowing to watch this til the drama ends. If the drama doesn't feature Ohno in it, I wouldn't have cared to wait and watch out for it. I would have watched it after it has finished airing.

Today on NHK

I'm waiting for the clock to strike 5:00 (pm) here in the Philippines. Arashi's gonna be on NHK promoting their latest songs. I don't know if I read everything correctly but that's what I believe is going to happen. hehe. It's 4:19. It'll be the very first time I'm gonna see these guys besides watching their shows at youtube, vox, or wherever and on local cable tv.

- edit -
No Arashi popped out on my screen! haha. Apparently, the NHK we have isn't the NHK channel stated above. haha.

Arashi compatibility

I tried manipulating the results to see all the other member's compatibility information. lolz.

- Ohno -
You're most compatible with Ohno! You are content with simple things in life and understand that happiness is intrinsically generated. Ohno seems to prefer someone who is completely relaxed and free to live life with expression and honesty - with him, you get someone to grow old with.
*no wonder why I'm not compatible with this guy. I'm a worry wart. lolz. "Relaxed" isn't a word that would fit my description. But I do want to grow old with you Ohno! Even if you've grown old already.lolz. kidding!!*

- Aiba -
You're most compatible with Aiba! You know who you are and who you are is someone who isn't very fussy or high maintenance. Aiba seems to prefer someone who's enthusiastic about life and interested in experiencing it - with him, you get a partner in crime.
*okay so i'm not really compatible with him. I don't feel that enthusiastic about life sometimes. But I do love experiencing life's fun moments. I agree. Aiba and I aren't meant to be. ^_^*

- Nino -
You're most compatible with Nino! You understand that everything has a facade and a core - and you don't get hung up by taking everything at face value. Nino seems to prefer someone who doesn't want to dramatically change his life, sees the real deal, and still wants to stay - with him, you get a complex realist.
*I think fit Nino's preference. I don't want change. I think drastic change throws me off balance. But errr.. I'm not a realist, I guess.*

- Jun -
You're most compatible with MatsuJun! You are as human as can be and comfortable that way. MatsuJun seems to prefer someone who takes in everything around them and then seeks to take in more - with him, you get a sparring partner.
* Oh yeah! I really am not compatible with this guy. hehe. But I still love him.*

I guess I'm pretty happy with the results. I think Sho's a perfect mate for me. ^_^

Which Arashi member am I most compatible with?

Got this quiz from: http://randomarashi.vox.com/

Which member of Arashi are you most compatible with?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Sakurai Sho

You're most compatible with Sho! You have a good head on your shoulders and have a broad outlook on life. Sho seems to prefer someone who is able to perceive the world and take it in stride - with him, you get a traveling companion.

Results based on a 2006 translated interview about ideal marriages - therefore, you may want to take everything with a grain of salt. ;)

Sakurai Sho


Ohno Satoshi


Aiba Masaki


Ninomiya Kazunari


Matsumoto Jun


Opinion on the results:
- Sho - This is the second quiz I've taken with Sho as the person I'm most compatible with. I dun mind coz I love them all. And yes, I love to travel!! Traveling with the person I love -- yeah!! yeah!! yeah!!
- Ohno - O my gosh yes!! I do think we have the same traits. I think the quiz was based on similarities rather than compatibility.
- Aiba - Yes please!! I want some Aiba love! lol
- Nino - How come my ichiban's 4th?!
- Jun - Oh his royal hotness came last. I think if based on similarities, Nino and Jun would probably be last.

Finally watched Maou Ep 1&2

Definitely loving the story!! Love the plot. Getting curious every minute. But makes me think, which do I like better? The way how the actors portray the role or how the story goes?

Realizing that it's because of the plot will somehow disappoint me. hehe. Because it's not an original concept already right? It's Korean drama remake after all.

If it's because of Toma and Ohno... haaaaay...

Maybe it's a combination of the two.

Toma's acting is great... really great. But maybe it's an established fact already.

Ohno's acting... I don't really know what to say. His acting grows on me. I think Ohno isn't the greatest actor in the world but his acting isn't the worst. I don't really know how to describe it. It's the first time I've seen him act. So I can't compare his acting now to his past works. I haven't seen his stageplays yet also.

There are scenes where Ohno's acting would make me feel awkward. He'd make me cringe. Especially scenes where he looks at something and smiles. I don't know if they instructed him to make it look fake but it really looks fake. Maybe because I've seen his genuine smile and his genuine laughter. In the drama, he can't seem to show those emotions without looking fake.

But there are moments where he's really great like the moments of silence! lol. When he isn't saying anything and he's blankly staring at something or someone, he's like pulling me towards him. He really looks like the devil and he scares the crap out of me! Maybe in this part, I can say he's doing great.

He portrays his role as lawyer pretty well too. I don't see a trace of baka Arashi in Naruse Ryo.

But despite of that, I still think Ohno deserves the role. And that he should do more dramas. There are a lot of room for improvement.

Ohno-kun!! Gambatte ne!!

- edit -
but wait!! there's more. Despite of not being wowed by Mr. Ohno here, I still squeal at the sight of his face. I love the drama coz it's his first. I love the acting because it's Ohno.

Maybe this is just my honest opinion. I don't wanna say he's great just because I love Arashi.As much as it hurts to hear something like this, it's also hard to say it since I'm a fan. But I just want to give my honest opinion.

- edit again -
That's just me dazed and very confused. Ohno's actually great. Now that we're on the third episode, I think he's a good actor. Dang. Why didn't I see that immediately? Might be because it's new to me. He actually gives me goosebumps. I don't know who Ohno is anymore. All I know is Naruse Ryo...

My fangirl thoughts... very very random

Sho was born to give justice to clothes.
Jun was born later to follow after Sho's steps.
Jun is one gorgeous accessory rack.
Guitars are for Nino.
Sketching pads are for Ohno.
The funniest guy in the world is Aiba. Followed by the 4 who are equally funny.
Ohno has superpowers. (That's the only thing he hasn't confessed to having yet)
The mic is for Ohno.
The dancefloor is for Ohno.
The stage is for Jun.
Games were invented for Nino.
News was conceptualized for Sho.
Wanna see Aiba? Try the zoo.
Aiba's heart was once melted by a panda named 'Men'. (credits to my CR friend Shidut for showing me this)
Nino is the drama prince.
Nino is the poor prince.
Jun is the drama queen! lolz. Just kidding. But he's a drama prince too.
Sho's thumb is so popular.
Men in suits aren't necessarily formal. They can be baka too.
Scientists aren't always serious. Try watching "A no Arashi".
Arashi's gay. Gay = happy, cheerful, bubbly.
Arashi has terrible concert costumes.
Nino's best role for me is YTM.
Boybands are for suckers. I am a sucker!!
Boys kissing each other - fine! I wish I was a boy then.

There are words that when I hear, read, or see remind me of Arashi. Here's a list:
- leader
- ramen
- onsen
- kiiroi (yellow)
- shukudai (homework)
- yabbai
- baka
- pairing
- au
- kddi
- dame
- purururu
- air bass
- telephone booth
- Meguro
- dome
- binbo
- photobook
- winkup
- myojo
- potato
- Johnny's
- JE
- Japan
- J-pop
- red
- yellow
- blue
- violet
- green
- tensai
- shimura
- fangirl
- fandom
- love
- pneumothorax
- tbs
- keyhole
- tvu

A collection of Arashi news

I have decided to make a collection of Arashi news on this post starting today. I won't be posting the whole article, not even links. I'll just make a 'title' (I have thought of) compilation. The links will be on different posts.

I just want to have something that I can look at and grow up with within the fandom.

The compilations starts here. Hajimaru yo! Oldest to newest:: top to bottom

- Arashi Around Asia
- new AU CM and new single for the CM
- Ryusei no Kizuna burns through the charts on it first day, new single "Beautiful Days" (+ a new PV for all of us) as OST for RnK
- Truth selling 400,000 + copies first week

- Arashi releases new single - Kaze no Mouku e - for August '08 Beijing olympics
- Jun's Drama Special - Airs August 30, 2008
- Nino's Drama - "Meteor Ties" - Starring Ninomiya Kazunari, Nishikido Ryo, Erika Toda
- 2 New photobooks released on September - Arashi is Alive, Arashi Around Asia
- 2 photobook reprints - Pikanchi double, Kiiroi Namida
- RUMORS of Ohno 3some and smoking pot

Time flies by

I was scanning through Arashi VOX and I thought that my fangirl time has passed by so fast. ^_^ May be because the members are really actively updating their journals and that Arashi's been really very active with a lot of things lately.

I remember the first time I found myself looking like a lost girl in the fandom that is Arashi. Since falling in love with Nino's "Niji" there have been a lot of new things already. I can't even remember the things that happened during the first few days of my fandom.

Here are the big things that happened to Arashi since the time I joined (not in any particular order):

- Ohno's Freestyle (the first new I heard about them which makes me think about the month I started liking these guys.)
- One Love - release
- Ohno's AU CM - purururu
- Hanadan Movie
- Arashi Marks Dream "A" Live
- Truth - release
- Ohno Satoshi's drama - "Maou"
- Sakurai Sho's movie - "The Yatterman"
- start of their new show "VS Arashi"
- Jun's date with Ooshima-san
- Arashi's new show "Himitsu no Arashi-chan"
- Sho's injury
- Nino's 25th bathday!

So far, these are all the big Arashi news I've heard since becoming a fan.

Nino's got a new drama!!

First heard here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/group/Arashi

Don't know any details yet but I'm gonna bet against life, he's gonna make us fall for him all over again.

My take on this:
First, it's yet another Nino drama. I think his dramas are great. Putting bias aside, I really think Nino is a great actor. He gives justice to his dramas. I haven't seen him act in a regular drama so this is something I'm looking forward to. Seeing Ohno in Maou makes me ache for Nino and Jun dramas.

Second, Ryo's "1 Litre of Tears" was also great. I also think Ryo's a good actor, not as good as Jun and Nino though.

Third, I think they both look alike. They fit the role as brothers.

Fourth, I'm curious bout Erika Toda. Yes, my J-Entertainment knowledge is limited to Arashi and a little of Ikuta Toma and Yamapi.

D no Arashi - Episode 30 - Doburu Deito (hontou?!)

Hehe. Not a double date actually. Juntoshi were out exploring some exotic bars while Sakumiya went to restos with Wrestling theme.

- Jun and Ohno squirm at the sight of large butterflies. Ohno says "dekai" which means "huge".
- Sho pulls Nino and hugs him. ^_^ chwitness!!
- Sho and Nino sit beside each other!! harhar. How do sweethearts sit when they eat out? I think face to face ne? They looked like hubby and wife eating out!! Beside each other, close to each other.
(Gay but mecha mecha rabu!! love them to pieces)

I love seeing Nino eat. I heard he doesn't eat much.

D no Arashi - Episode 29 - Konsatto! @ Yokohama Arena

Meguro's instant celebrity status. Doing Arashi's intro "D no Arashi: Special Time! Hajimaru Yo!"... I can't read katakana that well. So sorry if I made a mistake.

Meguro-chan weight update: 260 kilos down to 218 kilos.
Woah!! Megu-chan! Lost much weight ne?

D no Arashi - Episode 27 - Mini clips of their past shows

Which clips were the best? Here are my choices too:

Tries to scooter his way up a slope
- these guys have infected Meguro with their Arashi humor!
- the scooter went "eeeeeeeeng eeeeeeng" up the slope. It was loud.
- Meguro's first helmet didn't fit. Called for a "helmetu chenju!" haha. Looked like tamago with 2nd helmet. But still cute!
- Meguro had to move sideways to be able to see through his side mirrors. lol. Coz all he sees is his side.
Boat ride:
- Nino: 52 kilos + Jun: 56 kilos + Ohno: 53 kilos = 161 kilos.
- Meguro, alone = 260 kilos. His weight is Arashi's total weight. He basically weighs 4-5 times a normal person. (is Arashi's weight normal?)
- Kowaii na! Abunai! If Meguro falls, will he be bale to swim? Abunai! Abunai! Abunai!

I think it was a year end special since they pretty much summed up 2003's episodes.

Loved Meguro's episodes. Well, it wasn't as meaningful and as deep as the other episodes like Nino's drug dependents episode, Jun's young mom episode, Sho's bed wet episode. Maybe to some, this is true. But to me Meguro's episodes were the most meaningful ones.

The onscreen bond the guys formed with Meguro, especially Jun's, touched me deeply. I can feel Meguro's difficulty when it comes to socializing. But Arashi, especially Jun again, somehow eased that pain by making him feel welcome and accepted. Even if it's just for the show, I was still touched by the actions of these guys.

D no Arashi - Episode 26 - Contest: Contortionists/Ultra-Thin Guys

Probably one of the funniest episodes I've watched (next to Meguro's). This time, I laughed at the gang and not at the guest.
*I don't find Meguro's figure funny. I don't think his weight is something to laugh at either. I love the guy. Such a funny person. ^_^*
The other half of the portion, they played hide-and-seek. Arashi versus the contortionists, the former being the it. They declared the 4th contortionist as winner. My pick too! But the young girl was so cute! ^_^ She deserves a special award.

Ultra-thin guys:
1 - Guy who can slide a hanger down his body.
- I bet Arashi's members can do that too!! Little difficulty with Sho's body but I guess the other four can do that too!!
2 - Guy who can fit into a tennis racquet
- No doubt, Nino and Jun will fit that thing too.
3 - Prob'ly the funniest guy out of the bunch
- His ribs were coming out. He basically made music with his ribs by tapping them. haha. Ohno cringed at the sight. My dear Ohno, now I know. We squirm at those things. I know how it feels. I bet you'd faint at the sight of broken bones and stuff.
4 - an ordinarily thin guy

D no Arashi - Episode 25 - Arashi Wheelchair Basket/ A no Arashi Chameleon

Wheelchair basket:
I just watched something like this on Teen Nick this afternoon.
These people are amazing. It's wonderful how people find a way to make themselves feel normal despite of being differently abled. It takes so much courage to be able to do stuff that you think won't be possible considering your state.
In this episode, they featured differently abled persons who, despite of losing the ability to walk and run, have still found a way to experience the pleasure of basketball.
Even in wheelchairs, they beat Arashi big time! lol.

Aiba's chameleon:
Nino and Ohno were afraid of the chameleon and the crickets!! lol Funny duo. Ohno was obviously afraid. But Nino tried to conceal his fear by looking kakkoii. lol. Jun on the other hand isn't afraid of the chameleon at all. aaaw.. Jun! You make my heart sing! Ohno, Nino, don't you guys worry... I'll protect you from the chameleon. But I'm also afraid. lol.

Aiba's fangirl

I'm watching NHK on TV right now. err... Not actually watching. maybe listening is the correct word for it.

I was listening to the TV when I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and looked at who was on TV.. no not Arashi. Aiba's fangirl. ^_^

I could tell by her low and manly voice. She's the one who guested in Tensai Shimura and Arashi no Shukudai-kun.

Her guesting in AnS was so funny. It was here when she confessed her admiration for Aiba. One of the funny parts was when she apologized to Jun for not liking him that much anymore coz now, she's already in love with Aiba. She confessed that the moment when she fell in love with him was that time when she guested in Tensai. She was trying to ride the rhino but the rhino budged so she fell and Aiba caught her. Aaaaw.. Sweet. In this episode too, she almost raped Aiba! lol. She's tall and has a large body structure for a woman. She could easily pin Aiba down whenever she wants to.

Back to the NHK drama I'm watching. She's a boxer in the drama. They call her "The Giant". lolz. Coz she's really large. Not fat large, just really large. She's bigger than the members of Arashi.

D no Arashi - Episode 24 - Jun and Sho visit highschool mom

This is one of the episodes I love most. *Not just because 2 of the best-dressed Arashi members are in it and that this is the first time I actually told myself "finally! a jun*sho pairing!"

Sho and Jun's portion: They visit a high school mom.
For this part, I was inspired by the strength displayed by the girl they visited. At 18, she gives birth to her first child and weds her child's father.
Marriage shouldn't supposedly strip someone of her freedom. But for an 18-year old, a lot of things are sacrificed to be able to do the responsibilities as a wife and a mother (and a student).
I remember when I was 18, I'd go out with friends, spend more time outside than at home, do things without thinking of anything else.
But for someone with such responsibilities, a carefree attitude can't be tolerated. There's no time for spending extra hours with friends coz there's a baby at home waiting to be taken care of. Selfish thoughts won't be possible either coz now, she's responsible not just for her own life but she's also respoinsible for her child's and husband's lives.
This isn't a sad story for me. In fact, it's a happy story. I think the girl, despite of the early motherhood, is blessed to have found a good man and to have given birth to a blessing.

funny parts:
- Jun walks the girl home. When they reached the girl's house, Sho was there standing up front. Jun doesn't acknowledge his presence. He doesn't introduce Sho to the girl either. They walk up to her door, Sho was last. When Sho was about to enter, Jun closes the door like he wasn't there at all.
- When they brought the baby to the doctor just for check up, the doctor asked Jun "Otosan?" . ^_^ Jun as dad influx.

Aiba: Stalking a man with a basket over his head.
Aiba's portion was dang hilarious once again. He was stalking a man who was playing flute while he had a basket over his head. I think this is part of the Japanese culture. I'm not aware of what they call it. Aiba was interested in finding out who that man is so he stalks him and follows him around.

funny parts:
- There's this box hanging on the man's neck. It's like a donation box. Aiba went near the man and dropped his donation. He was trying to get a glimpse of the man's face but he fails.
- Second time he goes near the man, the man's cellphone rings. It was funny. The man had traditional clothes on then his phone rings.

Jun's new drama special with Bambino costar Karina

for the whole story click link provided above.

This guy's acting talent has amazed me all through out. He does have the talent to act. I'm not saying this because I'm Arashi's fan but I'm saying this because I have long been a fan of his acting before I became a fangirl of the group.

Based on tenjostyle's post, the drama will be about a father who has some kind of a disease. Just read her blog for the details.

First thing that caught my attention:
Jun as a father -- hmmmm... it makes me soft inside. ^_^ I think he's too young for such role but I think it's about time.

Is it bad that he's doing a father role? 25 (since the airdate will be his birthday) is a bit young but I think there it's the normal age to become a father. But will it affect Jun's future roles? Will he be able to pull another Domyouji role after this? Of course, this is just a one-time event but it marks a beginning right? It marks something. It marks a first. *Which reminds me, he was a father at the end of Kiiroi Namida* lol. Just some thoughts.

Is he fit for the role? Jun doesn't fit roles, the roles fit Jun. This guy's amazing talent makes all roles portrayable. He has been a chef, a pet, a ballet dancer, a high school charmer, a rich spoiled brat, a dork, and a lot of things already. It wouldn't be a surprise how this guy will play this role like he's just eating some short cake!

Haaaaay. Can't wait for the special.
Jun, you make my fangirling world so much happier. Seeing your face just.. just.. just.. melts me.
Arashi rocks my world.

I never thought I'd be this kind of fangirl. I can't wait to see them personally for a status check. I can't tell whether I'm already a rabid fangirl or not yet.

How Does Truth Sound?

Truth by Arashi
*OST of "Maou" Starring Ohno Satoshi and Ikuta Toma*

Now, I'm listening to the radio rip of this song.

What can I say? How does it sound?

First, the melody is very un-Arashi. It doesn't sound like Arashi's song at all.

Second, the singers: the first time I heard this, I was like "I can bet against life that this is Arashi's". Ohno's voice is distinct *or I just know coz I've been like listening to their songs 24/7?*.

Third, the translation.. Haven't got there yet. ^_^ maybe later.

Did I like it? It was so-so. It had an anime-song feel to it. I think it could have been used for an anime too.

Was it fit for Maou? I don't know about the lyrics. But with the melody, actually it fit the opening. But I don't think the melody's fit for such drama. It was a little light for the drama. Like if I closed my eyes, I can still imagine soft flowing notes --> fit for the mystery but not for the evilness. I think growls would have been apprecited. lol. How bout some Aiba growl?! haha.

Arashi's Worst


Okay so I'm a fan who knows how to laugh at her idols. My gosh Arashi, whatever entered your minds that you said yes to posing in front of a camera looking like this?! lol.

Before all the other fellow Arashi fans throw stones at me... I'd like to make my point first. No matter how weird, how ugly, how utterly embarrassing these boys look sometimes, I still love them. No matter how gay, how uncool, how boybandly cheap they look sometimes, I still love them and they're still perfect in my eyes.

I love them despite of their imperfections. ^_^

To Arashi's defense on this nomination, I think you haven't seen the worst of them yet. lol. Their clothes are rather normal here. They have achieved the retro look though.

O my gosh. It's just the album cover. I'll make some posts about their concert costumes. They are hilarious!!

Before I get stoned again... I do think their costumes are the worst costumes I've ever seen. But it doesn't really affect my perception of these boys. The fact that they look terribly funny wearing those big feathery costumes makes me love them more.

I don't love them for how they look (errr... let me rephrase that...) I don't love them because they look cool or they dress well... I love them for being Arashi. Even if they wore the cheapest clothes, I wouldn't mind.

D no Arashi - Episode 16

A few more Meguro episodes and I'd totally fall in love with this guy already. Not with Meguro huh. But with Matsujun!!

So I think since day one of Meguro's appearance in D no Arashi, Matsujun was in charge of the hosting. Well, Ohno and Jun actually but Jun had more moments with Meguro.

I don't have an organized thought about the episodes yet since I didn't watch them according to date. I just watched which ever came first in my list.

Right now, I'm viewing the 4th episode with Meguro.

Jun's so nice. He's so bubbly. I like him when he's with Meguro.

Time to rest. Time to Arashi some more!! lol

Work finally took over my body. I have developed some kind of allergy due to stress. The moment the doctor saw my skin, she asked whether or not I've been stressed lately. *I wanted to say "Hell yeah!!"* but I managed to just nod a little.

She looked at the condition of my hands, maximum tension!! lol. "My, you really are stressed" she said. "I wonder how you were able to tolerate these". Man, if she only knew. I was there coz I can't tolerate it anymore.

I have what they call Dyshydrotic Eczema, a skin condition with an unknown cause. But based on the different articles I've read on the net, it is aggravated by stress. Emotionally stressed people are more prone to this kind of dermatitis or allergy.

Hmmmm... The doctor advised me to take a leave from work. Just to relieve myself of the stress. I guess being put under stress might worsen the break out.

It's worst as it is right now. I don't want it to worsen.

Every inch of my palm is itchy! I want to scratch it. I want to dip my hands in boiling water just to relieve it of its itchiness. But scratching it makes it even worse. That's what happened. I've read that scratching it worsens the itchiness.

So the allergy doesn't just cause that. A person can develop secondary bacterial infection, I did. The doctor prescribed some antibiotics.

So I asked for a 3-day rest from work. I have more Arashi time now. ^_^

I'm strictly following my doctor's advice. Live a stress-free life even for the time being.

Meguro to Arashi no D no Arashi

What can I say?

I can't tell whether their laughter were offensive or not. I'm a fan so I might be biased.

There were about 3-4 episodes (not sure) where they guested a 260-kg Japanese boy in "D no Arashi". I've seen the episodes and Meguro was mostly with Jun and Ohno. They went to theme parks, to a bar, and to a public swimming pool with a slide. Most scenes were funny coz Meguro's really big.

Some scenes I remember.

Theme park:
- rides on theme parks have weight restrictions right? So as height restrictions etc etc... But Meguro was lucky coz he was allowed to ride some. So Ohno and Jun would sit beside Meguro on the rides. The rides were similar to "Anchors Away" (which I haven't tired yet). There are saftey bars on these rides. You pull them down to your tummy so that you won't fall off or fly away. lol. Poor thing can't make the saftey bar lock coz his tummy's too big. I was scared for Ohno and Jun who were beside him coz the safety bar's unlocked.
- When he decided to try the rollercoaster, he was allowed to do so... I think he passed the weight limit. But when he tried riding the thing, he can't lock the safety bar again. Abunai!! He might fall off. The two-seater became a one-seater when he tried riding. I got sad when he was like "dame.. I don't fit..". I think Ohno and Jun were sad too.

Swimming pool:
- Juntoshi went sliding down the big slide together. They were in an inflatable "sled" thingy and shouted their way down the slide.
- The people there tried to put Meguro on that sled thingy but I don't know what happened. He ended up sliding down with his bare body. Ouch. On curves he looked like he's going to fly off lol. But thank goodness, he reached Jun and Ohno in one piece.

- Jun and Ohno made Meguro over. They bought a cap, bandana, shirt, and pants and made Meguro look like a master rapper!! lol. Hiphop all the way Meguro-chan!! lol.

My take on this:
There were moments I can't decide if Ohno's laughter was insulting or something. Jun always laughs like that right? But I hardly hear Ohno laugh as hard. So when they were in that ride that looked like anchor's away, Ohno's laughter was very loud. I can't tell if it was because of the ride or because of Meguro. *thinking that maybe, Ohno was so afraid of the ride that he concealed it by laughing*... I didn't see anything funny at all except for Meguro's "itai itai itai"...

Well, whatever... While laughing, Ohno looked like a child bullying a fat kid. Minus pogi points.

Arashi concert costumes

I'm not aware of what artists in Japan wear in their concerts. So far, I've only watched Arashi's concerts that's why I'm rather clueless whether their costumes are normal or are really weird.

Still in search for a complete list of their concerts and a compilation of their costumes.

Arashi - the new and improved version of prohibited drugs

I was playing with some stuff on my mind and got down with a comparison between Arashi and prohibited drugs. I realized they had the same effect but then Arashi addiction is legal. How much better can it get?!

Here are some symptoms that drug abusers and Arashi addicts usually display:
- WEIGHT LOSS - that's for trading eating time for more Arashi viewing time!! I know, I know. I do that. I eat less and fast to have more time to type and click on the mouse and yes, for Arashi!

I like it here

Even though I love VOX for being a paradise for Arashi stuff, I still love this cozy corner of the blogging world. This is my spot. ^_^

TVU vs Keyhole TV

I have tried using both.

Which do I think is better? Well, first of all I think there's still nothing that'd beat living in Japan and watching these stuff straight from your television set. If ever FujiTV or TBS are free TV, then there's really nothing else that could beat watching it straight from your TV.

First software I heard of was Keyhole TV.
- light - sure, I don't know how big the file is but it's really light.
- easy to install - there are no extraordinary requirements like updated media player or something.
- friendly user interface - there are not much on it. the first time you run it, you'll know what to do.
- the viewing window can be opened on a new window and can be resized.
- lag
- nothing but green screen sometimes
- not very clear picture quality most of the time.
- limited number of channels offered

- has quite a number of channels offered
- good picture quality
- viewing window can be resized

- hogs all the bandwidth!
- requires windows mediaplayer 9+

Both make use of the P2P technology (or what we call Peer to Peer). So I think it works like how torrents work - the more, the merrier. I really don't know how it works technically but I imagine the system to be dependent on the number of users accessing and sharing a file. Sorry, not so techie here. I'll research more about it later.

For the meantime, which do I like better? TVU.

Is Arashi still famous?

I asked my friend who just came back from Japan if Arashi is still famous. She answered no and said that SMAP's famous. haha.

Somehow the statement didn't make me feel bad at all. Instead, it made me feel excited to see Arashi a few years from now. There's no denying that Arashi's having a great start for this year. They have so many projects, concerts, dome tours, dramas, movies, shows... name it, they have it! lol. This is their (almost) 9th year. If they managed to maintain their status for that long, Arashi's fall won't be happening in the near future.

The only show I know that's SMAP's is UTABAN. I know coz Arashi has been guesting for like n times already. Nakai is how old? I don't know. I'll look it up later. But I know he's in his early or mid-30s. They still have a career right? Ohno's 28? So there's still a long way to go!! I still have a long way to go too!!

I promise that on the first year of my being a fangirl, I'd already be familiar with Arashi's whole 9 years in the industry.

I just remembered. I know why they're releasing so much photobooks this September!! How can I forget?!!! It's their 9th anniv!!!!!

Mou Ichido

Kyaaaaaa!! Once more!!

So my friend who just got back from Japan took a page off a magazine with Arashi in it!! Haha.. I'm so happy. I was so excited that my hands were shaking while unrolling the page. I think it was the centerfold.

I have already scanned it, ready to share with all of the people in the fandom... This weekend I guess. Depends if i'm in the mood to upload it now.

O my, I wonder what I'll do with it.

And yes, I'm that easy to please!! Even used uchiwas of these boys will make me really happy!

Dream A Live - Arashi is Alive Photobook


I just made my very first order for an Arashi merchandise!!

Having that on the day it arrives will make my complete fangirl transformation complete!!!!

I wanna see them on print for once!

Happy birthday to me!! ^+^

Arashi Photobooks Still to come

O my... What should I do now?

Taken from this link --> http://arashi.groups.vox.com/library/post/6a00d414434861685e00fad698c3c60005.html

So I was planning all this time to actually buy the Dream A Live - Arashi is Alive photobook this September. I decided that since it's my birthday on the 1st, why don't I treat myself to something Arashi?! I think it'll cost me almost 2000 PhP.

Then I saw a post that there's gonna be more. There'll be 3 more that's going to be released on September.

So here's a complete list of the photo books that are coming out (and some details)

Dream A Live - Arashi is Alive
cost: $ 36.49 (1639.68 PhP)
expected release date: September 3, 2008
pre/order at: YesAsia

Kiiroi Namida - Arashi no 1963
cost: $ 30.49 (1370.07 Php)
expected release date: September 20, 2008
pre/order at: YesAsia

Pikanchi A to Z Arashi no Pikanchi Double na Hibi
cost: $ 30.49 (1370.07 Php)
expected release date: September 20, 2008
pre/order at: YesAsia

Arashi Around Asia
cost: $ 30.49 (1370.07 Php)
expected release date: September 20, 2008
pre/order at: YesAsia

My take on this:
So like what I've previously said, I have been planning to buy the first photobook on the list. Buying all four will cost me more than 5,000 PhP. *mentally calculates savings after that, I can't take it!!* Binbo Arashi fangirl, that's what I'm gonna be if I purchased all of it.

Besides, I've seen the Kiiroi Namida photobook already. Why are they selling it again? Would it be a different photo book?

Johnny's "No picture of my talents" rule

I really don't get it now that I'm thinking about it. I mean wouldn't it be good that his talents get some publicity?

I think it's just for the web right? But Johnny should consider putting some stuff on the net as teasers for his talents. Just a few, maybe a couple of official photos won't hurt right? Or are there official photos allowed by Johnny on the web? I really don't know.

Was browsing through some vox journals and I saw this picture taken at the presscon of Jun's movie "Hana Yori Dango". The picture was edited and Jun was cut out. It would have been a wonderful photo with him in it. But why did they have to cut Jun off the picture?

I think I know why... it's just an idea that popped up in my mind after seeing the magazine page my friend brought home.

I don't know if the magazines Wink-Up, Popolo, Myojo, and some more that I can't remember, are part of Johnny's company or if the magazines have paid Johnny for his artist's faces and bodies... or images. Whatever.

I get the logic. So if Johnny owns those magazines, of course he wouldn't want his products to be readily available online. Especially images. But I think there's no stopping crazed fans from drooling and infecting others to drool some more at these boys' images.

If in case Johnny was paid by these magazines, I think he has all the reasons to omit his boys' images from pictures that can be easily spread through the net. If there's money involved, there's a contract involved too right? Going against the rules would be the last thing on Johnny's mind unless he wants a lawsuit.

Another reason I have in mind is that something that's rare is treasured right? So these guys' faces that are most of the time cut off from pictures uploaded to the web is Johnny's way of promoting them...

Just thoughts I had today. lol.

Oguri Shun admits his relationship with Binbo Danshi costar Yamada Yuu

This isn't a news about Arashi, I know but I have to comment coz somehow, they're within Arashi's comlplicated network.

As we all know, Oguri Shun played Ryuu in Matsujun and Mao's drama "Hana Yori Dango". Yamada Yuu, on the other hand, appeared as guest in one of Arashi no Shukudai-kun episodes.
*fans have ways to interconnect everything and end up with their connection to Arashi!* lol.

My take on this:
I thought Shun was with Johnny's. lol. But I think he isn't. ^_^ The reason why I wrote about this one is because the first time I saw the news, I was like " my, I hope Arashi doesn't admit to being in a relationship just yet."haha...
It's not that I don't want them to have relationships. They can. I just don't want them to admit it to the public just yet. I don't know. It might cut me off the fandom. I really don't know what the effect might be but I think knowing that they're dating someone will gradually make me lose my interest in them. ^_^ That's how it is for fans right? Fantizising about single men <-- better.

Mayonaka No Arashi

Number of episodes: 38
Air date: 2001-2002
Title's English translation: Arashi's Midnight

I'm not at all sure about the title. I just looked the meaning of 'mayonaka' in the net.

So the show starts off with all five around a campfire in a tent. Each episode a member is given a task to complete before sunrise. So the task is done at night, hence the title. Some of the episodes ended in scenic views of the orange horizon during sunrise.

Blah Blahs:
I haven't seen the subbed episodes yet. So I just managed to get the sense of each episode. I wasn't able to completely understand all the conversations. But I think I'll gradually understand everything.

This show was shot during the early years of the group. Being shot in 2001, they all looked young and a bit chubby. ^_^ MatsuJun was very cute! When I first saw him in it, I thought to myself "Man, now I know why Johnny called this guy.".

There are a lot of funny and informative scenes here.

It was a little boring for me (compared to their other shows). So I fast forwarded my viewing to the last episode. I'd watch them again later though.

Severe Blog Spamming - My favorite Arashi Whatever

Lots of entries in one day. Haha. I can only do this every weekend that's coz I work for almost 12 hours from Monday to Friday. I still have time when I get home but I need to sleep too. So everything gets piled up and I end up not knowing what to do on weekends.

Plus, I'm 10 years late into the fandom. So catching up is pretty much a difficult thing to do. The only new Arashi related thing I know about right now is Maou. lol.

Even this blog will be mixed with old and new stuff.

So here's an My Favorite Arashi meme:

Who's your favorite member and why?
- It's hard to choose a favorite. Rather, it's hard to choose a permanent favorite. I love all these guys and I think they all have different things to love about them. So my favorite member would probably vary week after week. As of the moment, I don't have any though. I love them all equally. But if you'd ask me who's the most special member, I'd have to say that it's Nino. I was baited by Nino into the fandom. Nino's leading me to this Arashi madness makes him soooo special.

What's your favorite song?
- I love "Koe". I love listening to it. I even tried to memorize the song. But I still haven't.

What's your favorite solo?
- Nino: Niji. Of course. That's Nino's bait. lol. It's one of my favorite songs.
- Ohno: Take Me Faraway. It did Ohno's voice justice.
- Sho: Can't Let You Go. I love the way he sang it.
- Aiba: Friendship and Hello Goodbye. I think Aiba's voice s rather ordinary. It's not exceptional like Nino's and Ohno's voices. But I really love listening to it. So when you ask me, who has the best voice among the members I'd say Ohno. But if you ask me whose voice do I love listening to so much, I'd say Aiba's.
- Jun: La Familia. I love the melody. Some people might say that Jun's voice isn't album material. But I do hope he doesn't stop singing. I know Jun feels that a lot of people don't consider him as a singer (he isn't) but I really have learned to love listening to his voice. Arashi's songs won't be complete without his voice.

Ohno's Scandal

This is what I get for roaming around blogs! lol.

Heartache! lol.

I have recently heard of the news in crunchyroll.

For the complete story, click here --> http://ozarashi.vox.com/library/post/oh-chan-kimika.html

So here's my take on this.

*I'm a bit possessive* Actually I really have mixed reactions towards this news. I think as a fan the right thing to do is feel happy and be supportive right? But I really don't know how to feel right now.

The first time I saw the picture, I was rather emotion-less. But if I were normal that time, my heart would have exploded! lol. So I really didn't care that much about the picture. I sorta felt that it isn't true. And I thought there's nothing going on between the two.

I don't really know if there are rumors about Ohno's sexuality. I just knew about it through the link above. I never actually thought that people would actually think that Ohno's gay for real. I didn't even, for once, think that he is.

As sick as it may sound, I really think Ohno looks best with Nino! lol. I think seeing Ohno with a guy makes me feel secure. haha. Coz he's with a guy right? So I don't really mind if he's kissing that guy coz I know he's not gay and that they're just fooling around. Seeing him kiss another woman, that's a different case.

I just don't want Ohno to date someone right now. There'll come a time when he's free to date anyone he likes. But as for now, I'd rather flail and squeel for someone who's not yet taken. ^_^

I know they're just human and that they need to be with someone eventually. But as I've said... "eventually"...

I didn't care to scroll down the page. I was thinking that the rest was just about the girl... but when i read about the vox entry somewhere else, they mentioned that it had some pics on Aiba and Nino's scandal.

So I scrolled down.. then baaam!! that horrendous Nino-kissing-a-girl picture knocks me off my seat. bleh.. gaaaah.. yuck... iiiw... ughhh... little disappointed here. But no matter what, Arashi's still Arashi. No matter how many pictures come out with them kissing someone, I don't mind at all.

Aiba's.. I 've seen that picture some time ago already. It already did its damage. I got a little sidetracked. Seeing Aiba like that made me like him a bit late. But now that I've learned to love these guys including all their flaws, the picture's not a biggie anymore.

My take on this:
They are men. Them doing men stuff isn't at all bad. I'm in the mood to think of this thing positively. So I don't care!! They can go for a kissing spree for all they want. I'd prob'ly more bothered if not one of them gets involved in this.

Second, they are celebtrities. Somehow, the word 'normal' doesn't apply to them. That's why these kinds of stuff that are supposed to be normal for others is being blown out of proportions when it involves them.

Arashi's Single - Truth - Maou's Soundtrack

Well I haven't listened to the song completely yet. But I must say this.

The first time I've heard the song when I watched the raw video of the drama, I knew it was Arashi.

I didn't read about it anywhere yet so I was like, "I said so"... lol.

Apparently, I was late again. I'm always late with Arashi news. lol. Some friends just update me about them.

Point, Arashi has a distinct sound. Even though Jun's voice sucks, I know it's him. Ohno's voice is perfect and unique and so are the other member's voices.

A Fangirl's thoughts

Still from this blog

As each member made their appearance, I smiled as I recognized the members. However, one of them I did not recognize. "Who was that guy that sauntered into the screen after Matsujun? Oh... he can actually sort of sing. A Johhny's who can sing? What?" were my thoughts. And then, the Ohno dance moment at 1:05 happened. It was brief, it was in the background, but I still remember the jolt I got. It was definitely love at first sight for me. Cupid's arrow, all that jazz. I watched that moment - his downcast eyes, the way his jacked moved as he swung his arms, the clarity of his movement and rhythm- and wanted to know who the hell that was. Thanks to the internet that wasn't hard. And here I am, over a year later.

Sometimes I wish I never looked up Matsujun on youtube. Arashi occupies my mind so much I am concerned about whether I will be able to concentrate on my school work come fall. I find it so frustrating and depressing to not be in Japan. I find myself embarassed that at my age, I am fangirling over a boy band. I have no one I can share my fandom with and it's lonely. Then again, a part of me doesn't want to share. Seeing images of other fangirls make me feel rather weird, because I don't see myself as part of them.
I don't know what to say. I feel the same way!

Well, I'm not Japanese but I know exactly how she feels.

I think I'm a bit old for doing these stuff. Yes, even though a lot of people would say that fandom doesn't really impose an age limit, people grow up. I'm not saying that fandom is for young ones only. I'm just saying that fangirling is mostly done by young people.

I remember reading one post about Ooshima meeting someone who was in her 60s who watched the DAL concert of ARashi. Sorry just crossed my mind.

Back to my topic.

The reason why I'm bothered with my age and my addiction is that I rarely see fans having the same age as mine (considering that people are declaring their true ages). But honestly, I forget how old I am when I'm doing some fangirl stuff. I feel like I'm the same age as the people I'm talking to!

I have been mesmerized by Ohno too! This guy is totally amazing.

Do I sometimes whish I hadn't seen YTM at all? Uhhmmm... I don't know. Knowing Arashi is one of the best or worst things that happened to me. I'm happy everytime I feed my addiction. But all sorts of addictions are harmful at times right? I just don't know how bad my addicition is right now but I think I can still control it.

Arashi Ranked by me - According to the following

borrowed from the link above. To see her rankings, just click on the link.

Who has the best looking face in Arashi? 
1 - Ohno Satoshi
- of course, coz I love this man to pieces. He does look feminine though. My sister has told me this over and over again. But I love the nose, it's perfect. I love the facial expressions. I just love everything that he makes with his face. ^_^

2 - Sakurai Sho
- I do see Gong Yoo in him. I think he's the most 'handsome' member of Arashi. As in he has the most masculine features.

3 - Matsumoto Jun
- I love his eyes and his lips but sometimes, he looks so thin that his cheek bones protrude too much. His face isn't perfect but that's the reason why I think he's cute.

4 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- My sister says that he's the cutest member, I agree too. But sometimes, there's something wrong with it. lol. I just don't know what but I do think he's cute.

5 - Aiba Masaki
- How the hell did he end up in number five?! There are times he shoots up to number one as the cutest member, sometimes he goes down to number five.

*i don't really know how to rank them according to face because they all look different. I mean there are no similarities when it comes to facial features so I'd say they're all my number one when it comes to their faces. I love them all!*

Who has the best body in Arashi?
*easy X)*
1 - Sakurai Sho
- Sho and Ohno are supposed to be tie at the number one spot but since I've loved Sho's body ever since, I think he deserves to be number one. His body is perfect the way it is right? Not too much muscles.
2 - Ohno Satoshi
- When I saw Ohno's new body, o man, I almost died of a massive heart attack. lol. I was actually stunned due to the fact that I have never thought he'd be able to pull something like that off. *talking about a shirtless pictorial where he only has a jacket on. and of course a pair of pants!*
3 - Aiba Masaki
- He's a bit skinny but he's tall so his body is like stretched vertically. lol. But his posture is good so I think his body is just right for him.
4 - Matsumoto Jun
- I like his arms, they are toned. But I don't think his waist is just! lol. It's so small. He could be easily mistaken as a girl! With those pretty hands, he could easily deceive the public if he wears a woman's clothes!
5 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- Nino, this is for not eating properly and regularly. I know Nino doesn't like to eat much. I wish he did! He even looks like he lost so much weight now. Plus he has a big posture problem. It really makes him look a whole lot thinner.

Best hair
1 - Aiba Masaki
- I think all the hairdos worn by Aiba were perfect for him. I loved them all. His hair makes him look good.
2 - Matsumoto Jun
- I don't like curly hair. But Jun can pull it off. He makes his hair look good.
3 - Ohno Satoshi
- Pre-Maou days, I loved his hair. I don't really like his hair now. He looks so ordinary.
4 - Sakurao Sho
- There's no problem with his hair, but it doesn't stand out.
5 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- This is for his perm in their Dream A Live album cover. Whoever thought of that hairdo has to apologize to Nino! lol

Best skin
1 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- I've seen a lot of close ups for this guy. His nose is so smooth. His skin looks so smooth and soft. Despite of smoking his skin still looks perfect!
2 - Aiba Masaki
- I have never seen his close up but I think he has great skin too.
3 - Sakura Sho
- I've seen some not-so-flawless videos of this hunk but lately, his skin looks so perfect.
4 - Ohno Satoshi
- Close ups don't do justice to Ohno's face. I though he had soft and smooth skin but I saw one picture of him and I realized his face was a little rough. ^_^
5 - Matsumoto Jun
- I dunno what happened to his face. But whatever happened to it, I don't mind and I don't care. He's still cute to my eyes.

Best smile
*gosh. I can't imagine their smiles*
1 - Matsumoto Jun
- coz he can melt a girl's heart just by smiling
2 - Ohno Satoshi
- it's priceless. I just love him so much, maybe that's why. When I see him smile, I feel like smiling too.
3 - Aiba Masaki
- coz his eyes smile when he does.
4 - Ninomiya Kazunari
- coz he has good teeth
5 - Sakurai Sho
- I don't know how he looks like when he smiles. lol

that's about it. haaaa... I have lots of fun doing these things. ^_^

here are my own categories:

Hosting skills:
1 - Sakurai Sho - after all, he's a news anchor. But aside from that, based on the few D no Arashi and Arashi no Shukudai-kun episodes I've watched I can say that Sho has exceptional hosting skills.
2 - Aiba Masaki - for hosting Tensai Shimura... Which, I think he does very well. And based on the few episodes where he hosts AnS segments, I think he's the next best host.
3 - Ninomiya Kazunari - Based on the few times he hosts AnS. Like what they say, Nino's quick wits makes him a good host. And I've seen him listen to their guests. He's pretty attentive when interviewing guests.
4 - Matsumoto Jun - I haven't seen him host a lot of shows, only AnS. But I think he's a bit shy as compared to Sho who has much confidence in his hosting skills.
5 - Ohno Satoshi - That's because most of the time, you won't even notice he's there. He rarely gives his own opinions and comments. But when he does, I fall off my seat and pound the floor for his freaking hilarious comments!

About a post I read

Here's one post that I can totally relate to

It's really funny. ^_^ I do have the same problem. I think I need to see a therapist too.. and an eye doctor. Coz for the past few months, I've been reading these words as ARASHI:
- asahi
- atashi
- whatever word that starts with 'a' and ends with 'i' with an 'r','a','s', or an 'h' in the middle.

Seriously, Arashi has taken over my world! I thought having a 3-day hiatus would pretty much alleviate the addiction. But no. The moment I got back on track, things have worsened. Man! I don't want to go out anymore! I don't wanna go to work anymore. *But don't worry, I still do.*

I think trying to stop myself from doing some stuff related to Arashi means there's already something wrong right? Too much good stuff isn't good at all too right?

Beerkada mentions Arashi

image from http://a7.vox.com/6a00f48cf551fd000300fa9682acef0002-pi

I know beerkada. They design awesome t-shirts sold at "Spoofs". I have known about it since college. A guy friend of mine is a fan.

How about it? Arashi being mentioned in beerkada? For those who aren't Arashi fans, it's no big deal. I know of that fact. They won't even notice it or try to ask "Who the hell is Arashi?".. But for me, the first time I heard about it, I secretly squeeled! lol.

I'm telling you... If ever I see some Arashi stuff on the news, or any magazine that has even the tiniest bit of Arashi information, I'd squee and won't even think twice to buy whatever media that is! I might even jump up and down when I see one here.

Arashi Related Links and some descriptions

I think online journal writing or blogging is one of the best things that happened in the cyberworld.

As much as I enjoy writing, I love reading different kinds of blogs. I've been basking in its goodness even before I learned about Arashi.

Now that I'm totally into Arashi, I am hopelessly dependent on blogs for information and media about these boys.

Since Johnny doesn't really want his boys' faces on the net, he doesn't have an official site for Arashi with tons of pictures in it. I think it's bad for the promotion. But it doesn't really matter whether he allows posting of his boys' pictures in one official site. Fans from all over the world are already doing the work for him. X D

Online journals have, in many ways, help me in feeding my addiction. I just love spending time jumping from one journal to another.

So with that, here's a list of my favorite journals about Arashi and some description on them.

- translation index

- various Arashi related stuff. Scans, translations, Arashi related babbling.

- for Arashi stuff. This is all I need to feed my fandom cravings and survive through the day.

- so love it here. downloads. downloads. downloads. Arashi downloads!!


I've been wanting to learn the Japanese language since I started working for a Japanese company and getting addicted to Japanese dramas. Even more when I started liking Arashi.

So in search of some Arashi related stuff, I stumbled upon one site that made me wanna cry. Hehe.


As I've said, I don't want to be an eternal leecher for other's works. But on the source's point of view, I know that they find joy in having fans enjoy and appreciate their work. (Which makes my being a leecher not at all bad.)

^ Back to the link. I'm not just after the subs. I haven't been looking for sites that translate songs. That's coz songs aren't just translated, they should be interpreted. With that on mind, interpreting a song is quite subjective. A song's meaning can be different per individual. That's what I loved about how she or he translated and interpreted the song. It's so artistic. I love it!!

So if ever the blog owner somehow gets lost and finds her way here, I wanna thank you! ^_^ Not just for giving us english lyrics of Arashi's songs but for working hard to give justice to their songs. I also would like to thank you for inspiring me to do the same. I might be able to come up with my own stuff in the far future but I really wanna thank you for inspiring me.

Today's Mood

In the mood to write a fanfic. ^_^ Off to my lj account!!

MatsuJun filled dream

Before I even forget about my wonderful dream!!

Yesterday, I read some stuff about Matsujun's Last Princess premiere at USC.

Maybe that's the reason why I dreamed about him last night.

On to my dream... I saw Matsujun standing against a metal rail watching someone else's photoshoot. There were only three guys, the cameraman, the subject, and Jun. I dunno if the subject was another member of Arashi. So when I saw him, I took my cellphone out then I said, "MatsuJun!! Picture!! Daijobou? Onegaishimasu!!" lol... I was actually thinking about the Japanses word for picture but then I realized I didn't know it. Haha. Then he was thinking for a while, he was hesitant! But then he said yes. We walked away from the area and went to somewhere bright. He also brought his cellphone out. We took our pictures posing like two crazy people. haha.

Then I went back inside (I don't know where I was exactly!). There were people there. I knew them but I can't remember who they were. I was like complaining to them "Arashi's so different now! They used to agree to taking pictures with fans without even thinking.. but now, they're very hesitant to take pictures!" My, my... haha...

I've been a bit fond of Jun since I watched HYD. I don't really have a particualr favorite member as of the moment. Each member of Arashi is unique and there are a lot of things to love about each of them. So it's really difficult to love just one of them. Nino's a bit special though coz I got to know Arashi because of him. But I really don't think I hate any of them or I like any of them less than I like the other members.

Maybe that's the reason why I'm so addicted to the group. Imagine having 5 people whom you love in just one group? Who wouldn't get addicted to that? lol.

Guys kissing each other

Errr... if you asked me my opinion on this during my pre-Arashi obsession days, I'd totally freak out. But I don't see anything wrong with male-male relationships. I'm just uncomfortable seeing them all cuddly and mushy with each other.

Okay, so before I met Arashi, a man falling in love with another man was quite weird for me. Honestly, the first time I watched Hana Kimi and Princess Princess D, I'd cringe at the sight of males falling in love with another male.

But ever since I knew of Ohmiya (Ohno and Ninomiya) pairing, I was like *o my gosh they're so cute together!*. I didn't cringe or freak out at the sight of them touching each other's butts, kissing each other (well, just a smack on the lips.. but it's still a kiss!). Instead of throwing up, I fell in love with them! Weird and funny right?

They're not the only pair I like. Actually, I like all the pairings within Arashi. Maybe the reason for this is because I really love the connection and bond between the guys. It's quite rare to see a bunch of people (especially men) care for each other and think of each other the way Arashi does.

Their love is so infectious!!

Guys kissing each other, why not?! As long as it's Arashi.

Arashi guys - the only guys licensed to kiss (at least in my book!)

Ohno's New hair and new drama

The hair first. Seriously, I want the dyed hair back. He looks younger and more vibrant with colored hair rather than black boring hair. Or maybe he can cut it and make it stand like his old hair. I'm not a fan of his new hairdo. I love Ohno but he just lost some pogi points with his new hair.

To the drama!!
I'm not shocked. Toma's a good actor! I love the way his whole body acts. Afterall, he's already tried and tested.
Ohno as an actor, is a little new to me. I'm so used to seeing Ohno dance and sing but this is the very first time I'm going to see him act regularly.

In the first episode of Maou, I couldn't help but compare Ohno's acting to Jun and Nino's acting. Since the two have been doing dramas for a long time already, I know that it's not fair to compare him to them. Of course, the two will come out better actors since they have had more experience in this field.

But the role suits Ohno very well. Watching him terrorizes me. He conveys a certain kind of kindness-- more of a devilish type of kindness.

-edit- (Today's November 1)
Actually, after the drama, I expected Ohno to be a bit more confident. But based on the few AnS and VsA episodes I've watched, it's like he didn't change at all. He even became more aloof (or at least for me...)
And the hair, it's not that bad. He still has black hair right now. I've also noticed that he's growing a beard. Rough Ohno huh? But I hope he shaves it off soon. lol. I like it but it makes him look older. (And it reminds me of Koki's mustache, which I despise. haha)

This blog contains:

merely thoughts and opinions about stuff I watch, see and read about Arashi. I won't be going against the giants and try to launch my own subbing group (which I don't have), upload my videos (which I don't have either), translate magazine interviews or news interviews (which I myself can't understand), and update everyone about what's going on with Arashi.

I'm new to this fandom so all that I can share is what I have now. I don't have much.