Save Fansubbers

All of us, at some point (or up til now) in our fandom lives were (are) dependent on fansubs. That's why I think we all need fansubbers.

And we all know that most (if not all) of the fansubbers don't want their work to be posted on streaming sites: youtube, veoh, daily motion etc. etc. for their own reasons. But there are still videos being streamed. Which is very disrespectful to the group/person who worked hard on the project. It's bad as it is right? But some even go to the extent of almost claiming the subs as their own.

As a striving neophyte in this field, more or less I have an idea on the degree of difficulty that this activity has. It takes time! A lot of time. And it takes a lot of patience. It's like working without getting paid. That's how much these fansubbers want us to understand these shows. And it goes the same way with me. The reason why I want to translate and share stuff with other guys in the fandom is because I'd like to pimp Arashi... For Arashi, and for fans like me.

So I think it's but right for fansubbers to state their rules. Because every time they release a project, it's like they just worked for us free of charge. (Amazing isn't it?)

I dunno. But I do respect fansubbers and their work very much.


Aiba's New Drama "My Girl"

Here's the full article in Japanese:

And here's the English version:

Arashi's very own Aiba Masaki will be coming out in a drama entitled "My Girl" to be aired (tentative) every Friday at 11:15 in the evening on TV Asahi starting this October. It is his first time to play the lead role in a drama.

"My Girl" is a drama based on a manga by Sahara Mizu which was first popularized as a romance-comedy series in Korea.

Aiba will be playing as a self-proclaimed intellectual and skilled businessman who is known as the "Business World's Dandy Guy".

Rumor has it that his friend and groupmate from Arashi, Ninomiya Kazunari, will also be appearing as a guest in the said drama.

According to rumors, the drama's OST will be sung by Arashi and will be released as their 28th single.

Wow! @_@ I can't imagine Aiba being the "Dandy Businessman" that he's supposed to be. *That's why it's called acting!* lol. Actually I'm excited to see the drama! I was hoping for an Aiba drama for so long already coz you see, Nino and Jun have been dominating the drama scene for years already. Ohno followed with "Maou" and "Uta no Oniisan". Then came Sho. I was wondering... When is Aiba's turn?! Here it is!!! I'm soooo excited! I'm really looking forward to it. Actually the last time I looked forward to a drama with much anticipation was when Ohno did "Maou". Coz it was his first time too. Now it's Aiba's turn!

相葉さん! よかった!!! ¥(^_^)¥ 


相葉さん 心配しないで。。。 あたしたち。。。 あなた の 大ファン が いる から ね。。。

相葉さん の ドラマ を、 毎週 見る つもり です。 ¥(*_*)¥

新ドラマ で、 本当に おめでとう ございます!

Arashi, 5 years ago, 5 years from now

Let's see...

5 years ago, I didn't have any idea about these guys. I was merrily going down the rocky stream of college life, with my ever so fun-to-be-with friends.

But I guess since I've met them, 5 years from now will be so different.

For the next 5 years, Nino's looking forward to getting married (if the cook-cum-fortuneteller's prediction is true) at the age of 28. (I'm begging you Nino! Not just yet!). But I guess he took it to heart, having mentioned the said prediction in his letter for himself that he'd read 5 years later.

I was impressed with Ohno's letter to himself. Coz I can relate. Especially with the part that he doesn't feel he's getting older, it's just that the people around him are just getting younger. Me too! I feel the same! And I think the humble acceptance of his addiction (rather, let's call it passion from now on Oh-chan! ^^,) is something that I could say made me look up to him more.

5 years from now, I don't know if I'd still be this crazy with them. I could say that the year that passed just made me crazier for them. Chances are, by that time, I would've done something so crazy for them already. (Like spend thousands for a plain ticket to Japan, plus a concert ticket to one of their concerts...) Or I could possibly have given this passion up, like what Ohno said. I guess he and I are the same in that aspect. When something catches my interest, I spend time on that. A lot of time! If Ohno could spend 25 hours fishing, I can spend 25 hours or more for my passion. But as Ohno said again, we come across new things. New things that could be new passions.

What lies ahead is truly a mystery for all of us huh.

For the whole article of Arashi's 5 years ago, 5 years from now: Clicker

And I call myself a fangirl?!

I was checking my LJ alerts again and I saw an article where Arashi mentioned about a song that I only heard about now.

"Harukaze Sneaker" which is the b-side song of the single "Kitto Daijoubu".

*Palm on face* This is the first time I heard about it and this is the first time I heard it. I thought I knew and heard all of their songs already.

Host Royale

Credits: Clubbox Gachapin

They have this new segment in "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" where the guys go against some hot guys and try to win over their guest's heart. The segment is entitled "Host Royale".

I'd have to admit that the changes "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" underwent may have been for the better. HnA has become more and more interesting for me. Although they invite the same guests over, the segments are totally different so it's sorta refreshing to see something new.


本当の “イケメン パラダイス” は こちら! 


すてき!!!! \(^w^)/

スーツを 着てる 嵐が カッコいい!

I may be biased but I really love these guys in suits. They look better in them. Lol. That's why I love the very first HnA. They were in suits then right? I also loved them in G no Arashi. ^^,

Baby Arashi

Such a funny episode!

Credits: Clubbox Gachapin

In this episode, they invited Tsuji Nozomi who is a former member and a graduate of the very popular Japanese female group "Morning Musume". At 22, she ranked first place in the "Ideal Mom's Ranking" having a daughter who's now 1 year and 7 months.

Of course, Arashi no Shukudaikun won't be Arashi no Shukudaikun without some "laugh-out-loud" moments. Here are some of the episode highlights:

Ohno as Ohno baby. (*Little trivia: Tsujisan's baby girl was born on the 26th of November -- same date as Ohno's birthday. ^^, Maybe that's the reason why they chose him to play the baby role)

I wonder what Ohno was looking at. He was looking at Nino all the time. His eyes were at Nino's eyes then they shifted to his "lips?" and then to his eyes again then to his "lips?" again.

Tsujichan was challenged to make this tough shell crack. She was asked to make Ohno baby smile or laugh for the camera.

She did everything she knew. But when all else failed this is what Ogusan had to say "Well, there seems to be no other choice than to breast feed him right?" Good point Ogusan, you seem to have caught Ohno baby's attention! ^^,

Because baby Ohno's so perverted, this is what the other guys thought he deserved:

A hand from Jun:

A pillow from Sho:

And another pillow from Nino:

^^, Poor baby.

Finally, here's Arashi baby getting ready for another Aibaland's "Idiotic Sportsfest".

And images that can give fangirls a nightmare:

Mannequin 5: Beach Outfit

First, let's hear what they have to say.

In the last episode, I didn't wear anything that could have served as a focal point. But now I do have one.I don't usually wear this but I'm wearing one now. (Scarf)
Where he'd want to go: Saipan

Aiba: These are set-up clothes (clothes bought as a set). I'll go to the beach looking like this. I think the most important point about this look is that I'd prefer wearing these clothes when going to the sea. Where to go: Inage

Nino: You know, I hate the sea! But these clothes look like they're suited for the beach right? And we can also eat afterwards. Where he wants to go: Something like the Marina Bay

Ohno: If I wore something like this (Referring to Nino's clothes) it'll definitely cling to my body because of the salt. That's why I'm fine with what I'm wearing. The point is my footwear. When you take it off, there you see the tan lines! Where he wants to go: --

Matsujun: The focal point of this outfit is the jacket (parka). I'm wearing pants coz it makes me look like I surf. Where he wants to go: Chiba

Who was left unsold?

So in this challenge, Matsujun was left unsold! Poor him! He was the one who got dunked into the ice cold water and now, he doesn't get sold.

As for my opinion, if I were to be the very first person to choose from the 5, I'd choose Aiba. I don't need to ask him where he's goin. I'd get it as soon as I see him. And I agree that what he was wearing was probably the best choice.

About Sho's clothes: I'd tell him to lose the scarf and lose the shirt. Man this guy has a great body and he should use that to his advantage. I'd definitely run straight to him and tag him sold if he took of the shirt and wore the tank top as is. But he didn't. I really didn't appreciate the shirt and scarf.

About Nino's clothes: I agree that the outfit is suited for the beach and for dining. But I won't be comfortable being with someone who's that "dressed up" even though we were just walking along the Marina. The beach is somehow a place to get dirty. Dirty as in sand covering up my feet, me getting wet, and me getting sticky. I'd want to run freely, throw sand at him, and run after the waves, roll on the sand as if it was tempura batter and as if we were shrimps. Get as dirty as I can. lol. And afterwards, bathe in the sea. But if I'm with someone who's that dressed up, I won't be able to do those things.

About Ohno's clothes: I would have chosen him but I liked Aiba's clothes better. I think that his pants were okay for the beach but they were too long so he looked shorter. And they all said that he looked like a person who's living there.

About Jun's clothes: He didn't look like he was going to the beach. He looked like he was just going to the mall. The only thing that was kinda linked to the sea was the pair of slippers.

What do you think?

Mannequin 5

Welcome to this Blog's Manequin 5 Posts

One of the latest corners in Himitsu no Arashi-chan featuring our boys as talking mannequins. Are these boys really keen on fashion? Let's all see as they become their own fashion coordinators. A theme is chosen for each challenge and the boys dress up from head to toe according to their own taste and judgement. As they are their own coordinators, they are also their own mannequins and models. 4 ladies are invited to the show to choose one guy out of the choices. The choices will be narrowed down as the ladies pick their choices up. The one who doesn't get chosen will be tagged as unsold and will be the loser for the said challenge. Himitsu no Arashi-chan no Mannequin 5 hajimaru yo! ^^,

First here are the guys in their suits. Such an eyecandy!

*Posts doesn't contain videos. Just pictures, comments, and opinions*
Mannequin 5 [1]
Mannequin 5 [Outdoor Fashion]
Mannequin 5 [Beach Outfit]
Mannequin 5 [Summer Games Outfit]

Arashi Survey

Yihee! I love doin' this! Really. ^^, Makes me a feel like I'm there with them. Link for the whole translation: Clickme

(Haven't watched this one yet... I dunno why I let this pass!)

The following are my own answers:
1. Who's the most popular guy in Arashi
- I agree with the majority. It is Matsumoto Jun. He's the very first member I saw since his drama (Gokusen I) was the very first Japanese drama to be aired here in our country. And he was the cutest among all the Japanese cast (he's the only one I noticed!). Plus his Hana Yori Dango series was also shown here. So Japanwide, Asiawide, worldwide? I think the most popular member is Jun.

2. Who's the most reliable member?
- I also agree with almost everyone. I think it's Sho. First because he seems like he's a level headed person. Second coz he looks kinda mature.

3. Who'd cause the most problems when he becomes a member of Yuzu?
- I dunno about their answer. Ohno really seems like he's free-spirited and like the "I'll-do-whatever-I-like" type of person but somehow, I think Ohno looks so right with them. (Well, he looks better with Arashi!). But I think Nino's the perfect candidate if ever they wanted to have one more member. No offense meant but the image that Yuzu projects doesn't suit Jun. (Datte, Junsan ha ouji deshou?)^^,
English Lyrics *Translated by Arashiphile*
True Love
by Fuji Fumiya

Whenever I turn around
You're always givin' me that pretty smile
Like the wind softly blowing

You're dazzling
So bright that I see you even though my eyes are shut
The image becomes tears

You're the only one I believe in
You're the only one that I hurt
We should have always
dreamed of our future

You stop walking
Why is your head so low?
just like the rain that's gently falling

Nothing's changed you know
Since the day that we first met
Even though we're now in tears

You're the only one that I see
You're the only one that I have
We should have always
dreamed about our future

dreamed together...

リーダ へ

”Hey3X"で 見たん ですけど、 大野さん 釣りが 大好きなん です よ ね?でも、 嵐を 止めないで? いや、 あの、 今 大野さんが 嵐を 止めるって 言う の は ちょっと 起こられない。 もっと 10年、 ファン の ため、 歌って 踊って くれる? 漁師に なる と 言っていたが、 そんな ことを しなくて! リーダは やっぱり、 いい 歌手 です ね。 踊りが 上手 です から。

大野さん! 大好き。 

Dame Arashi

I'm watching "Himitsu no Arashi-chan's" "Dame Arashi" episode (One of the many "Dame Arashi" episodes. I'll post the neat translations later. Today's post will just contain the summary of their conversations.

The members were given a survey that they answered prior to the show. They invited a panel of judges (female comedians) who will decide as to who has the worst answer. Of course, the guys were given the chance to defend themselves. Beneath them is a pool of icy water, where, they will plunge into once they are voted as the "Most Dame Arashi".

Here are the questions:
1. When you first meet a woman, what part of her body grabs your attention?
Answer: Face
Follow up question: (by Aiba) What kind of face are you attracted to?
Answer: Likes expressive faces
* That's a safe answer.*

Answer: Hands
Explanation: According to him, when you first meet someone, it's polite to offer your hand for a handshake. So the very first thing he expects from someone is to reach out and ask for a handshake. He says that if someone doesn't do that, it's kinda rude. He doesn't like rude people.
* He has a point!*

Answer: Hands
Explanation: He doesn't like his hands. Simply put, he's attracted to long fingers because he has short fingers. So he's really into hands.
* Ohno's got great hands, Nino! First of all, we have the same fetish! I'm also really attracted to hands. Japanese women have very pretty hands. Korean women too, most of them have really long fingers and really silky skin. I like to have hands like that. I'm sort of a burgerhand too, like Nino. I love Aiba, Sho, Jun, and Ohno's hands. They're so pretty. I also love manly hands - big hands! Meaning I'd love to see knuckles. Plus clean nails! More or less, you'll know how conscious a person is about his image if his naails are clean.*

Answer: Eyes
Explanation: Coz you look at a person eye to eye right?
*I'm not really an eye person. I appreciate pretty eyes but I prefer hands! Hands and feet! ^^,*

Answer: Eyes
Follow up question: What kind of eyes do you want?
Answer: Prefers people with double eyelids.
* Ooshimasan (Jun's date pre-HYD final, his fangirl, the one who has a clearbook of his and the whole band's photos) was part of the judges. She was, at first trying to attract Jun's attention by doing stuff with her eyes then Jun says "double eyelids". There goes her chance! Lol. No matter how hard she tried to have double eyelids right there and then, she can't.*

2. What kind of food do you want your girlfriends to prepare for you?
* Fangirls! Let's all prepare our cooking skills! With a specialzation on the following dishes!*

Answer: Breakfast
*They all laughed at this one coz they were expecting to hear "dishes" not which meal. But he redeemed himself by defending himself with:*
Explanation: He thinks that it's his idea of a home. Like his wife cooking miso soup for him in the morning.
* Must learn: How to cook miso soup! Since I don't have double eyelids.*

Answer: Stew (meat and potato)
Explanation: Same as Jun's. Coz it makes him feel at home. It's a dish, which, he thinks is usually served at home.
*Must learn how to cook stew since I don't have an expressive face. Original recipe is very much okay.*

Answer: Gratin
Explanation: Coz it's a cool dish. And it looks like there's effort put into it. According to him, it looks like a dish his mom would prepare for special occassions like birthdays.
*Must learn how to cook it coz it looks yummy!*

Answer: Curry rice
Explanation: He says that there are a lot of ways on how people cook this dish. So he wants to try the other variations.
Follow up question: (By Jun) What kind of curry pumps you up?
Answer: Hot (as in spicy) curry.
Follow up question: (By judges) Suppose your girlfriend is cooking curry for you right now, what are you doing?
Answer: Watching TV.
*Comment from the judges: Curry is easy to cook.*
*Must learn to cook curry coz I love this food too!*

Answer: Hamburger
*cho... chotto matte!? hamburger?*
Explanation: He loves hamburger. Having his girl remember this tiny piece of info makes him happy.
*That's why he ate that burger! That "age age" burger episode... YTM, he really wanted to eat burger. Lol.*

3. What trait of a girl turns you off?

Answer: Women with poor hygiene (dirty women lol)
*Comment from the judges: Even women don't like dirty people!*

Answer: Women who scream their hearts out when they see cockroaches.
Explanation: There's a limit as to how much screaming Aiba can tolerate. lol. Aiba thinks that a woman getting scared of cockroaches is somewhat cute but if she overdoes it, he gets turned off.

Answer: Women who curse/swear/use bad words
Explanation: He's fine with women who swear at work. Like he doesn't get turned off when he hears a woman say "Baaaaka!" or "Uruseeee" (Stupid or Shut up) at work but it sorta turns him off if a woman swears during their date. Like saying "koko ga kusee" (This place stinks!) when they go out on a date.

Answer: Dominant women.
Explanation: He doesn't want women who let their men carry their bags for them.
*Ohno, I'm submissive! I'll never let you carry my bag. ^^,*

Answer: Girl Talk
Explanation: He doens't hate girl talk outside work. Like he doesn't mind women chatting like there's no tomorrow when they're out shopping. But it's a major turn off for women, during office hours, to gather in their own small circle and start talking while there are other people around them. Much worse is that their excitement (prob'ly audible whispers become more audible) shoots up as he walks past them.
Follow up question: (By Sho) Did you experience that recently?
Answer: No. I didn't experience that during the filming of "Smile".

One of the funniest episodes I've watched. At the end though, I was I was crying along with them. They're just so impressive. I mean coz Nino's my ultimate crush in Arashi. I just feel so proud of him. In everything! hahahah... This is a must-see. I'm looking forward to the other "Dame Arashi" segments!!! ^v^

最新 の 嵐の 宿題くん

見た! やっぱり、 めちゃ 面白い! 笑いすぎちゃった! 何が 一番 面白かった?
1. はんにゃ の 金田さん の 大失敗 です。 笑いすぎちゃった 本当に! まず、 靴が 音が しない ように、 少し 高い 台 から 飛びます。 最初に 行ったの は、 嵐で の 一番 軽い 人 だったー 大野さん。 (ニノ じゃない の?)。 大野さん が 飛んで、 あの 靴が ちょっと 大きい 音が した。 で、 ニノも やってみた。 また、 失敗 だった。 桜井さん も、 松本さん も やってみた の に、 4人が 失敗 だった。 最後は、 ミラクル Boy だった。 相葉が 飛んで、 小さい 音が した。 でも 金田さんは もう 一回って。 だから もう 一回、 相葉さんが やってみた。 2回目 の jump は 失敗 だった。 ぞの 後に、 金田さん が 見せた。 Ninjaって、 どう やって 行くの か? Ninja的な moves を して、 飛んだ。 大きい 音が して、 あたし は、 笑ちゃった。 ”Chanceを くれる”って でも 次の jumpは 失敗 だった。

そして、 金田さん の 忍者 技術で、上に 投げる 新聞紙を 10コンボと 言う ことが 出来る。 (10回 新聞紙を パンチする)。 これは、 大野さん の 朝鮮に なった。 で、 大野さんが 上に 向かった 新聞紙を 待っていた。 新聞紙が 落として、 大野は 10コンボを してみて、 全部 入った! Miss が 全然 なかった です。 それ で も、 金田さんは 大失敗 だった。 みんな と 盛り上がるって、 あたし は また 笑っちゃった。

2. 桜井さん と 松本さんは 食べ過ぎちゃった。 桜井さんは ”うめえGWAAAK"と 言った! 口が いっぱい だった の で、 ”Gwaaak!"と 言った! 松本さん も、 2枚の マグロを 口に 入った!!

超 面白かった です。 次の 宿題くんを 待ってられない。

古い ポスト:

あたしの テンションが スゴイ あがりました! 最新の ゲスト が、 めちゃくちゃ 大好きな の で、 顔しか 見えなくて、 本当に 嬉しくなかったん です。 面白そう です。 まだ 見てない から いい か どう か まだ わかんない ね。 あと で、 また POSTを する。あの。。。 ゲストは ”はんにゃ”って 言う コンビ です。 

お願いが あります けど。。。 Haruna Aiが 宿題くん に まだ GUESTを してない の? なんか、 Harunaが GUESTを する 可能性が あります か? Harunasanは 本当に 好きに なちゃった から。 Harunasan と 嵐の みなさんが いっしょうに 宿題くんを やるの は スゴイ 面白そう だ と 思う。 

Arashi's Best Hits -- Sold Out!

うわ! 嵐の 4番目 の アルバム は、 YesAsia で、 もう 売ってしまって、 本当に 泣きたい です。 いつ 買える か、 わかんない。 先月 ぐらい に、 その アルバム を 見た けど 買えない。 お金が ない と 思った。 なんか ちょっと 寂しくなちゃった なぁ。 本当に 欲しかった だから。 今 まで、 ”Everything" と 言う シングル は、 YesAsia で、 まだ ない です。 どう しょう か な?! ”Crazy Moon"  も 見えない。 でも 韓国の Version って、 どう 言う 意味 な の? 日本の Version と、 何が 違う?

うわ!!!! 困った なぁ。。。

I was just staring at it, battling against myself. "Should I get it? No? Should I get it? No..." I should have bought it!!! For how long am I going to wait til they release new stocks?

YesAsia, onegai!!! Please (on bended knees) or the publishers! I want this one so bad. I hope you guys think about restocking. O man!!!

I dunno but I don't wanna miss anything about Arashi. I think they've become my addiction. Really.

"Everything" sales

Updates as of July 10, 2009:
"Everthying" goes up one spot at the Oricon charts today, making it the number 1 best-selling single once again. Sales are already going down but the first-week sales were very very good.

Arashi's been consistent at claiming the number 1 spot early this year which makes me all the more excited for their 10th year this September.

Update as of July 09, 2009:
Tohoshinki jumps to the number one spot with their single "Stand By U" leaving Arashi on the second spot at the Oricon daily countdown.

But there's nothing to worry about because Arashi's previous album still holds its spot at number 7, making them the only artist to have 2 singles in the top 10. "Ashita no Kioku/ Crazy Moon" still earns them some cash even though their newest album is already out.

Old Updates:
Arashi's single "Everything" holds a very big lead over Tohoshinki's "Stand by U" at the Oricon charts. And their single which came out last May entitled "Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon" still rakes in some cash for the boys as it stays in the charts at number 7.

Simply amazing. ^^,

Here's the link to the Oricon Charts