Baby Arashi

Such a funny episode!

Credits: Clubbox Gachapin

In this episode, they invited Tsuji Nozomi who is a former member and a graduate of the very popular Japanese female group "Morning Musume". At 22, she ranked first place in the "Ideal Mom's Ranking" having a daughter who's now 1 year and 7 months.

Of course, Arashi no Shukudaikun won't be Arashi no Shukudaikun without some "laugh-out-loud" moments. Here are some of the episode highlights:

Ohno as Ohno baby. (*Little trivia: Tsujisan's baby girl was born on the 26th of November -- same date as Ohno's birthday. ^^, Maybe that's the reason why they chose him to play the baby role)

I wonder what Ohno was looking at. He was looking at Nino all the time. His eyes were at Nino's eyes then they shifted to his "lips?" and then to his eyes again then to his "lips?" again.

Tsujichan was challenged to make this tough shell crack. She was asked to make Ohno baby smile or laugh for the camera.

She did everything she knew. But when all else failed this is what Ogusan had to say "Well, there seems to be no other choice than to breast feed him right?" Good point Ogusan, you seem to have caught Ohno baby's attention! ^^,

Because baby Ohno's so perverted, this is what the other guys thought he deserved:

A hand from Jun:

A pillow from Sho:

And another pillow from Nino:

^^, Poor baby.

Finally, here's Arashi baby getting ready for another Aibaland's "Idiotic Sportsfest".

And images that can give fangirls a nightmare:

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