Dame Arashi

I'm watching "Himitsu no Arashi-chan's" "Dame Arashi" episode (One of the many "Dame Arashi" episodes. I'll post the neat translations later. Today's post will just contain the summary of their conversations.

The members were given a survey that they answered prior to the show. They invited a panel of judges (female comedians) who will decide as to who has the worst answer. Of course, the guys were given the chance to defend themselves. Beneath them is a pool of icy water, where, they will plunge into once they are voted as the "Most Dame Arashi".

Here are the questions:
1. When you first meet a woman, what part of her body grabs your attention?
Answer: Face
Follow up question: (by Aiba) What kind of face are you attracted to?
Answer: Likes expressive faces
* That's a safe answer.*

Answer: Hands
Explanation: According to him, when you first meet someone, it's polite to offer your hand for a handshake. So the very first thing he expects from someone is to reach out and ask for a handshake. He says that if someone doesn't do that, it's kinda rude. He doesn't like rude people.
* He has a point!*

Answer: Hands
Explanation: He doesn't like his hands. Simply put, he's attracted to long fingers because he has short fingers. So he's really into hands.
* Ohno's got great hands, Nino! First of all, we have the same fetish! I'm also really attracted to hands. Japanese women have very pretty hands. Korean women too, most of them have really long fingers and really silky skin. I like to have hands like that. I'm sort of a burgerhand too, like Nino. I love Aiba, Sho, Jun, and Ohno's hands. They're so pretty. I also love manly hands - big hands! Meaning I'd love to see knuckles. Plus clean nails! More or less, you'll know how conscious a person is about his image if his naails are clean.*

Answer: Eyes
Explanation: Coz you look at a person eye to eye right?
*I'm not really an eye person. I appreciate pretty eyes but I prefer hands! Hands and feet! ^^,*

Answer: Eyes
Follow up question: What kind of eyes do you want?
Answer: Prefers people with double eyelids.
* Ooshimasan (Jun's date pre-HYD final, his fangirl, the one who has a clearbook of his and the whole band's photos) was part of the judges. She was, at first trying to attract Jun's attention by doing stuff with her eyes then Jun says "double eyelids". There goes her chance! Lol. No matter how hard she tried to have double eyelids right there and then, she can't.*

2. What kind of food do you want your girlfriends to prepare for you?
* Fangirls! Let's all prepare our cooking skills! With a specialzation on the following dishes!*

Answer: Breakfast
*They all laughed at this one coz they were expecting to hear "dishes" not which meal. But he redeemed himself by defending himself with:*
Explanation: He thinks that it's his idea of a home. Like his wife cooking miso soup for him in the morning.
* Must learn: How to cook miso soup! Since I don't have double eyelids.*

Answer: Stew (meat and potato)
Explanation: Same as Jun's. Coz it makes him feel at home. It's a dish, which, he thinks is usually served at home.
*Must learn how to cook stew since I don't have an expressive face. Original recipe is very much okay.*

Answer: Gratin
Explanation: Coz it's a cool dish. And it looks like there's effort put into it. According to him, it looks like a dish his mom would prepare for special occassions like birthdays.
*Must learn how to cook it coz it looks yummy!*

Answer: Curry rice
Explanation: He says that there are a lot of ways on how people cook this dish. So he wants to try the other variations.
Follow up question: (By Jun) What kind of curry pumps you up?
Answer: Hot (as in spicy) curry.
Follow up question: (By judges) Suppose your girlfriend is cooking curry for you right now, what are you doing?
Answer: Watching TV.
*Comment from the judges: Curry is easy to cook.*
*Must learn to cook curry coz I love this food too!*

Answer: Hamburger
*cho... chotto matte!? hamburger?*
Explanation: He loves hamburger. Having his girl remember this tiny piece of info makes him happy.
*That's why he ate that burger! That "age age" burger episode... YTM, he really wanted to eat burger. Lol.*

3. What trait of a girl turns you off?

Answer: Women with poor hygiene (dirty women lol)
*Comment from the judges: Even women don't like dirty people!*

Answer: Women who scream their hearts out when they see cockroaches.
Explanation: There's a limit as to how much screaming Aiba can tolerate. lol. Aiba thinks that a woman getting scared of cockroaches is somewhat cute but if she overdoes it, he gets turned off.

Answer: Women who curse/swear/use bad words
Explanation: He's fine with women who swear at work. Like he doesn't get turned off when he hears a woman say "Baaaaka!" or "Uruseeee" (Stupid or Shut up) at work but it sorta turns him off if a woman swears during their date. Like saying "koko ga kusee" (This place stinks!) when they go out on a date.

Answer: Dominant women.
Explanation: He doesn't want women who let their men carry their bags for them.
*Ohno, I'm submissive! I'll never let you carry my bag. ^^,*

Answer: Girl Talk
Explanation: He doens't hate girl talk outside work. Like he doesn't mind women chatting like there's no tomorrow when they're out shopping. But it's a major turn off for women, during office hours, to gather in their own small circle and start talking while there are other people around them. Much worse is that their excitement (prob'ly audible whispers become more audible) shoots up as he walks past them.
Follow up question: (By Sho) Did you experience that recently?
Answer: No. I didn't experience that during the filming of "Smile".

One of the funniest episodes I've watched. At the end though, I was crying.lol. I was crying along with them. They're just so impressive. I mean coz Nino's my ultimate crush in Arashi. I just feel so proud of him. In everything! hahahah... This is a must-see. I'm looking forward to the other "Dame Arashi" segments!!! ^v^

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