Mannequin 5

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One of the latest corners in Himitsu no Arashi-chan featuring our boys as talking mannequins. Are these boys really keen on fashion? Let's all see as they become their own fashion coordinators. A theme is chosen for each challenge and the boys dress up from head to toe according to their own taste and judgement. As they are their own coordinators, they are also their own mannequins and models. 4 ladies are invited to the show to choose one guy out of the choices. The choices will be narrowed down as the ladies pick their choices up. The one who doesn't get chosen will be tagged as unsold and will be the loser for the said challenge. Himitsu no Arashi-chan no Mannequin 5 hajimaru yo! ^^,

First here are the guys in their suits. Such an eyecandy!

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Mannequin 5 [1]
Mannequin 5 [Outdoor Fashion]
Mannequin 5 [Beach Outfit]
Mannequin 5 [Summer Games Outfit]

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