Arashi Survey

Yihee! I love doin' this! Really. ^^, Makes me a feel like I'm there with them. Link for the whole translation: Clickme

(Haven't watched this one yet... I dunno why I let this pass!)

The following are my own answers:
1. Who's the most popular guy in Arashi
- I agree with the majority. It is Matsumoto Jun. He's the very first member I saw since his drama (Gokusen I) was the very first Japanese drama to be aired here in our country. And he was the cutest among all the Japanese cast (he's the only one I noticed!). Plus his Hana Yori Dango series was also shown here. So Japanwide, Asiawide, worldwide? I think the most popular member is Jun.

2. Who's the most reliable member?
- I also agree with almost everyone. I think it's Sho. First because he seems like he's a level headed person. Second coz he looks kinda mature.

3. Who'd cause the most problems when he becomes a member of Yuzu?
- I dunno about their answer. Ohno really seems like he's free-spirited and like the "I'll-do-whatever-I-like" type of person but somehow, I think Ohno looks so right with them. (Well, he looks better with Arashi!). But I think Nino's the perfect candidate if ever they wanted to have one more member. No offense meant but the image that Yuzu projects doesn't suit Jun. (Datte, Junsan ha ouji deshou?)^^,

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