Host Royale

Credits: Clubbox Gachapin

They have this new segment in "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" where the guys go against some hot guys and try to win over their guest's heart. The segment is entitled "Host Royale".

I'd have to admit that the changes "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" underwent may have been for the better. HnA has become more and more interesting for me. Although they invite the same guests over, the segments are totally different so it's sorta refreshing to see something new.


本当の “イケメン パラダイス” は こちら! 


すてき!!!! \(^w^)/

スーツを 着てる 嵐が カッコいい!

I may be biased but I really love these guys in suits. They look better in them. Lol. That's why I love the very first HnA. They were in suits then right? I also loved them in G no Arashi. ^^,

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