Arashi, 5 years ago, 5 years from now

Let's see...

5 years ago, I didn't have any idea about these guys. I was merrily going down the rocky stream of college life, with my ever so fun-to-be-with friends.

But I guess since I've met them, 5 years from now will be so different.

For the next 5 years, Nino's looking forward to getting married (if the cook-cum-fortuneteller's prediction is true) at the age of 28. (I'm begging you Nino! Not just yet!). But I guess he took it to heart, having mentioned the said prediction in his letter for himself that he'd read 5 years later.

I was impressed with Ohno's letter to himself. Coz I can relate. Especially with the part that he doesn't feel he's getting older, it's just that the people around him are just getting younger. Me too! I feel the same! And I think the humble acceptance of his addiction (rather, let's call it passion from now on Oh-chan! ^^,) is something that I could say made me look up to him more.

5 years from now, I don't know if I'd still be this crazy with them. I could say that the year that passed just made me crazier for them. Chances are, by that time, I would've done something so crazy for them already. (Like spend thousands for a plain ticket to Japan, plus a concert ticket to one of their concerts...) Or I could possibly have given this passion up, like what Ohno said. I guess he and I are the same in that aspect. When something catches my interest, I spend time on that. A lot of time! If Ohno could spend 25 hours fishing, I can spend 25 hours or more for my passion. But as Ohno said again, we come across new things. New things that could be new passions.

What lies ahead is truly a mystery for all of us huh.

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nasri said...

so sweet..can i share your translations with my friends in myspace group?

Arashiphile said...

Hi Nasri! ^^, The translation isn't mine. You can go check out the link I provided at the bottom of the post. That's where the original translation is from. ^^,