Aiba's New Drama "My Girl"

Here's the full article in Japanese:

And here's the English version:

Arashi's very own Aiba Masaki will be coming out in a drama entitled "My Girl" to be aired (tentative) every Friday at 11:15 in the evening on TV Asahi starting this October. It is his first time to play the lead role in a drama.

"My Girl" is a drama based on a manga by Sahara Mizu which was first popularized as a romance-comedy series in Korea.

Aiba will be playing as a self-proclaimed intellectual and skilled businessman who is known as the "Business World's Dandy Guy".

Rumor has it that his friend and groupmate from Arashi, Ninomiya Kazunari, will also be appearing as a guest in the said drama.

According to rumors, the drama's OST will be sung by Arashi and will be released as their 28th single.

Wow! @_@ I can't imagine Aiba being the "Dandy Businessman" that he's supposed to be. *That's why it's called acting!* lol. Actually I'm excited to see the drama! I was hoping for an Aiba drama for so long already coz you see, Nino and Jun have been dominating the drama scene for years already. Ohno followed with "Maou" and "Uta no Oniisan". Then came Sho. I was wondering... When is Aiba's turn?! Here it is!!! I'm soooo excited! I'm really looking forward to it. Actually the last time I looked forward to a drama with much anticipation was when Ohno did "Maou". Coz it was his first time too. Now it's Aiba's turn!

相葉さん! よかった!!! ¥(^_^)¥ 


相葉さん 心配しないで。。。 あたしたち。。。 あなた の 大ファン が いる から ね。。。

相葉さん の ドラマ を、 毎週 見る つもり です。 ¥(*_*)¥

新ドラマ で、 本当に おめでとう ございます!


Anonymous said...

sumomo yumeka's manga "my girl" is not a korean manga but japanese.

Arashiphile said...

Hi! I was just translating the article linked above. And I didn't say that it was a Korean manga. I just said it was popularized as a drama series in Korea, which I just got from the article linked above.