Save Fansubbers

All of us, at some point (or up til now) in our fandom lives were (are) dependent on fansubs. That's why I think we all need fansubbers.

And we all know that most (if not all) of the fansubbers don't want their work to be posted on streaming sites: youtube, veoh, daily motion etc. etc. for their own reasons. But there are still videos being streamed. Which is very disrespectful to the group/person who worked hard on the project. It's bad as it is right? But some even go to the extent of almost claiming the subs as their own.

As a striving neophyte in this field, more or less I have an idea on the degree of difficulty that this activity has. It takes time! A lot of time. And it takes a lot of patience. It's like working without getting paid. That's how much these fansubbers want us to understand these shows. And it goes the same way with me. The reason why I want to translate and share stuff with other guys in the fandom is because I'd like to pimp Arashi... For Arashi, and for fans like me.

So I think it's but right for fansubbers to state their rules. Because every time they release a project, it's like they just worked for us free of charge. (Amazing isn't it?)

I dunno. But I do respect fansubbers and their work very much.


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