Mannequin 5: Beach Outfit

First, let's hear what they have to say.

In the last episode, I didn't wear anything that could have served as a focal point. But now I do have one.I don't usually wear this but I'm wearing one now. (Scarf)
Where he'd want to go: Saipan

Aiba: These are set-up clothes (clothes bought as a set). I'll go to the beach looking like this. I think the most important point about this look is that I'd prefer wearing these clothes when going to the sea. Where to go: Inage

Nino: You know, I hate the sea! But these clothes look like they're suited for the beach right? And we can also eat afterwards. Where he wants to go: Something like the Marina Bay

Ohno: If I wore something like this (Referring to Nino's clothes) it'll definitely cling to my body because of the salt. That's why I'm fine with what I'm wearing. The point is my footwear. When you take it off, there you see the tan lines! Where he wants to go: --

Matsujun: The focal point of this outfit is the jacket (parka). I'm wearing pants coz it makes me look like I surf. Where he wants to go: Chiba

Who was left unsold?

So in this challenge, Matsujun was left unsold! Poor him! He was the one who got dunked into the ice cold water and now, he doesn't get sold.

As for my opinion, if I were to be the very first person to choose from the 5, I'd choose Aiba. I don't need to ask him where he's goin. I'd get it as soon as I see him. And I agree that what he was wearing was probably the best choice.

About Sho's clothes: I'd tell him to lose the scarf and lose the shirt. Man this guy has a great body and he should use that to his advantage. I'd definitely run straight to him and tag him sold if he took of the shirt and wore the tank top as is. But he didn't. I really didn't appreciate the shirt and scarf.

About Nino's clothes: I agree that the outfit is suited for the beach and for dining. But I won't be comfortable being with someone who's that "dressed up" even though we were just walking along the Marina. The beach is somehow a place to get dirty. Dirty as in sand covering up my feet, me getting wet, and me getting sticky. I'd want to run freely, throw sand at him, and run after the waves, roll on the sand as if it was tempura batter and as if we were shrimps. Get as dirty as I can. lol. And afterwards, bathe in the sea. But if I'm with someone who's that dressed up, I won't be able to do those things.

About Ohno's clothes: I would have chosen him but I liked Aiba's clothes better. I think that his pants were okay for the beach but they were too long so he looked shorter. And they all said that he looked like a person who's living there.

About Jun's clothes: He didn't look like he was going to the beach. He looked like he was just going to the mall. The only thing that was kinda linked to the sea was the pair of slippers.

What do you think?


nasri said...

where i can get this in sub?sorry my english are bad..

Arashiphile said...

Hi nasri! ^^, I can sub this episode/segment for you once I get a copy from windjp or arashixdream since the copy I have can't be re-uploaded. But it may take a little (or a lot) of time coz I do the translations (this may take a while) and subbing. I'll let you know. ^^,