[Screencaps] AnS Final Episode

I know this is a week late but I still wanna do it. (^_^)

They're about to play Magical Banana - Sho's feet were up. So cute. ^_^

This is for mentioning Take-chan twice. Sho tells Aiba to stop but he starts unbuttoning his shirt! So which one is it Sho? Actions speak louder than words. XP

"No! Stop that!"

Sho's very good at both the gesture game and showing off a nipple. lol.

Tutankamen (resurrected)

Nope, he doesn't look good in it. I still love Jun's bare face.



Begging some more?

Acting stupid?

Oh! Golgo! Actually he's good! Who could do it twice like Sho did?! He got down on one knee while doing jump rope. Amazing! ^_^

Jun thought this was a tree...
Aiba thought this was a mushroom...
Everyone knows what it is but it really does look like something else. lol.
I really love Sho's drawings! They're kindergarten drawings!
Some kgarten students are even better than him.
But it's one of Sho's big gaps - New caster, singer, charming, intelligent,
a good actor, a good rapper... but he sucks at back flips, his body ain't that flexible, and he's so bad at drawing.
The traits that make Sho drool worthy and adorable.

Jun is glowing, literally glowing in the dark! lol. This is actually scary.
And last but not the least

The bunch that I wish to see once again...
I'll surely miss this team. ^_^

[News] Arashi ni Shiagare

Starting this April, Arashi will be having their newest show with Miyane Seiji entitled "Arashi ni Shiagare".

If I understood the article correctly, the show will be impromptu. Arashi won't have any idea who the guest is and what the guest will do.

Day: Saturday
Time: 10:00-10:54 (JST)
Channel: NTV

I'll surely miss the Arashi+Ogura-san team. : (

でもまだ寂しいです。 小倉さんがいないから。
まぁしょうがないね。 いくら願っても、それはもう決まったことだから。


[News] Aiba and Mizukawa Asami in a relationship?... and more

It says in the article I read, Aiba accidentally locked himself out after unconsciously walking out of his hotel room. He says he was still half asleep when he went to use the bathroom and he didn't know that he just walked out of his room! With just his pants (underwear?) on, he couldn't go down to the lobby so he just slept in the hallway. It was Matsujun who woke him up the next morning. (Not related to the news about Mizukawa. Just another Aiba mishap. ^_^ It's a cute story though. It's so... him!)

Regarding the pictures of him with Mizukawa Asami, he clearly states "We are not in a relationship. She is just a friend."

Aiba is going to do a stage play entitled "Kimi to Miru Sen no Yume" which starts on May 2 and ends on May 24 at The Tokyo Globe.


[News] Kaibutsu-kun Soundtrack

The original soundtrack of Ohno's upcoming drama "Kaibutsu-kun" is already available for pre-order through cdJapan here.

Awww... I'll buy it later. As in later later later. :c

[TRANSLATION - MAG] Mannish 2000 - Ohno "I want to be trusted by other people"

When did we have that presscon in Hawaii again? (^_^). I'm the type who remembers stuff but why can't I remember that presscon? Oh! We were on a boat! I just remembered! All of a sudden, I was a member of a group called Arashi and I guess the reason why I can't remember that presscon is because I wasn't able to think clearly during that time to begin with. Of course, I wasn't confident then. I was worried and I was thinking whether it's a good thing to be a member of Arashi and if I can really be a member of the group.

I only overcame my worries and realized that I was really a member of Arashi when we spent a huge amount of time together during the World Cup Volleyball. We even stayed at the same hotel. I got to know new stuff about the others too. I knew Nino and Sho before so there weren't any big surprises about them. But knowing that there's someone as passionate about work as Matsujun, the fact alone was surprising! (^_^') You know, Matsujun scolds himself for the mistakes that he makes! The first time I saw him do that, I was so surprised and thought "this guy's really so passionate". I'm not even close to how passionate he is.

As for me, nothing's changed. (^_^) It's just that my sense of resposnibility's greater. Like for example, I don't want to become a burden to the other members anymore. And that I've become more positive. All because of my job. Could it be I'm already changing little by little?

Our work-centered life is hectic but I don't think it's hellish. It's because I found something new to look forward to. I won't say what that is. No! No! I won't say it! (^_^') No matter what! Okay, I'll give you a hint. It can be done alone. It calms me down. It's not just a private thing, it can also be done at work. Oh, it's become sort of a quiz. (^_^'). I won't tell anyone no matter what! I'm going to keep it a secret!

Now, on a different note, let's talk about what I want for myself... I want to be trusted by other people. Or to be liked by other people. I don't know how I can be that person and I'm not the type of person who cares about how other people see me, I just think that being relied on is better than not being trusted at all.

Regarding work, I haven't built that much confidence yet to say that I want to do this and that. Now's the time to improve all my abilities while doing my job with my utmost best. For example, during our live performances and events, I dance in front of the audience looking confident and all... but I guess it's still a work in progress. I love everything about my work including dancing and I wanna learn more things. My way of thinking is that I still have a lot of room for improvement. Yes, I love everything about my job. I value everything, not just dancing, about this job. I know that there are things that I've almost forgotten... So I'll do my best to take them back.

I hope that Arashi will always be this harmonious. We have a give-and-take relationship and we don't have disagreements, we have a good relationship. That's why I haven't even thought of trying to have an argument with someone in the group. The only thing I have in mind is that I hope we'd enjoy doing our job.

Bye Bye AnS











It's over. I'm a bit sad and it feels like I just lost a friend. But Arashi's still here so we have to move on. When something ends, something else begins. It was a great 178 weeks. We laughed every week for 178 weeks. So I say it's a happy event rather than a sad thing.
Arashi, Ogu-san, and the whole AnS staff, thanks for the wonderful 178 weeks that you gave us!
I'm looking forward to your next project!


[Thoughts] Sakurai Sho x Kobayashi Mao

Not happening...

Rumors has it that these 2 are dating each other since they're both part of New Zero. But I guess the rumors aren't true after all. She's already getting married (or she's married by now?) to Ichikawa Ebizo 11... Pretty old news coz they announced their intentions to get married November last year.

[Thoughts] - Maybe, Nino had something to do with it

Remember Arashi's very first "soudan" guest? Ishida Junichi? Right? (Was he the very first? I dunno...)

The situation that he gave was that he's confused and is a bit unsure about getting married (with pro-golfer girlfriend Higashio Riko). Most likely, it was hypothetical... Actually the 2 already filed for marriage December 12 last year. The HnA episode was probably taped after that. Anyway, Arashi needed a problem to solve, right? Or maybe I'm wrong.

It's just that in an interview they had this month (March 2), Mr. Ishida said something that made me remember why Nino won as that episode's best counselor. If I remember it correctly, Nino said "What's important is that the person you love loves you... make her happy."

In Mr. and Mrs. Ishida's interview, Ishida Junichi said "We've been through a lot. But the bottom line is that... I wanna make her happy."

That's just sweet. ^_^

[Thoughts] - Arashi Wins in The Japan Gold Disc Awards

I was reading an article about K-On and then I just saw this. Another reason why we should be proud of them. Here

[INFO] Survey: Valantine Choco

Source: Oricon Style

Which Celebrity Received the Most Chocolates This Valentines?

Arashi's Sakurai Sho is 3rd but that's okay... I don't see any other Johnny's in there...
A reader's comment says "He seems like he'd take the chocolate warmly."

Here's the complete ranking:
1 - Takeru Sato
2 - Osamu Mukai
3 - Sakurai Sho
4 - Masaharu Fukuyama
5 - Haruma Miura

Then the top 5 songs that spiced up Valentine's:
1 - Valentine Kiss (Sayuri Kokusho)
2 - Chocolate Disco (Perfume)
3 - Love So Sweet (Arashi)
4 - CHE.R.R.Y (YUI)
5 - Sakuranbo (Otsuka Ai)

Both at number 3 huh? Meh, they're like the flag bearers of Johnny's anyway... ^_^

Here's my translation of the results: "To whom will you give your valentine's choco?" Survey