[INFO] Survey: Valantine Choco

Source: Oricon Style

Which Celebrity Received the Most Chocolates This Valentines?

Arashi's Sakurai Sho is 3rd but that's okay... I don't see any other Johnny's in there...
A reader's comment says "He seems like he'd take the chocolate warmly."

Here's the complete ranking:
1 - Takeru Sato
2 - Osamu Mukai
3 - Sakurai Sho
4 - Masaharu Fukuyama
5 - Haruma Miura

Then the top 5 songs that spiced up Valentine's:
1 - Valentine Kiss (Sayuri Kokusho)
2 - Chocolate Disco (Perfume)
3 - Love So Sweet (Arashi)
4 - CHE.R.R.Y (YUI)
5 - Sakuranbo (Otsuka Ai)

Both at number 3 huh? Meh, they're like the flag bearers of Johnny's anyway... ^_^

Here's my translation of the results: "To whom will you give your valentine's choco?" Survey

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