Please tell us what's there to look forward to in Himitsu no Arashichan this 2010
Jun: Our first attack would be to make everyone laugh.
Aiba: Hey, that's a long shot! Please don't make it any tougher for us! (^_^)
Jun: Okay, so for the meantime, I want to get good results in "Mannequin 5".
Aiba: Matsujun always gets praised in the beginning... but... he gets left behind in the end.
Jun: That's why it's okay for me not to be praised...
Aiba: It's the opposite in my case. The first time they see me, they give me that criticizing look, but they choose me anyways. I'm happy that there's some tsundere* element in there.
Jun: Yeah... tsundere is fine I guess. Being "deretsun"** is tough! That's why I'm gonna throw you out in 2010. Watch out Aiba, Ohno, Nino...
Aiba: You're not including Sho-chan?! (^_^) As for me, I'll do better in "Dame Arashi". I'll iron out my date plans so that I won't fall into that pool again.
Jun: It's fine not to be overly optimistic.
Aiba: Yeah, you're right... (Sweat)

*tsundere - I would like to say "Domyoji-ish". It is a Japanese concept which describes a person with a conceited, irritable, and/or violent personality that suddenly becomes loving when triggered. (Read more @ wikipedia).
** deretsun - according to the things I have read/scanned, deretsun is pretty similar (one post argued that the two are not the same) to yandere which is basically another Japanese concept that describes a person's (I see mostly girls...) character where the person is a doormat at first but eventually becomes deranged when trigerred. Triger - in most cases - is love.

Did any of your secrets get exposed while doing "Himitsu no Arashichan" last year?
Jun: The best secret that got out last year was... Sho's double parka!
Aiba: That was a fair match wasn't it?
Jun: Certainly so. Fashion sense is also an important thing.
Aiba: This program's really something. If you don't have mental strength, you're definitely going down.
Jun: It's quite obvious in how each one acts. Once the take is over, the atmosphere's definitely different.
Aiba: It's like will we just go home without saying a thing... or will we go and eat first... It's confusing.
Jun: At the worst, we go home and sleep. (^_^)
Aiba: Specially "Mannequin". Someone's bound to feel sorry for himself and just go home... together with the geininsan (comedians).
Jun: But you know it's a bit easier for us coz we can change our clothes before going home while the comedians arrive wearing those clothes... they go home still wearing those clothes.
Aiba: Yeah and our guests' words sting you know. (^_^)
Jun: I can't even look at myself in the mirror when I get home.

This year, I'll be participating in the "Coming of Age Ceremony", did you guys feel that transition between being a child (still) and adulthood.
Jun: Lately I attended an alumni meeting, or something to that effect, and everyone was talking about work! This is adulthood, I thought!
Aiba: I feel like I'm an adult at times when I watch my word careful and I become conscious of my actions, making sure that no one gets bothered by it.
Jun: But don't you feel like "these are today's youth" every time you talk to a junior?
Aiba: Yeah yeah. I realize that everyone's thinking about their own stuff too...
Jun: It's kinda fresh isn't it?
Aiba: Yes, yes...
Jun: Plus, whenever I eat hamburger, meat used to be fine with me. But now I put a lot of other stuff like veggies, and I eat a lot of veggies now.
Aiba: Oh! That's pretty mature! As for me, nothing's changed in that aspect. I'm fine with meat, just meat. (^_^)

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