2010 TV Guide

New Year's Messages to the Fans

SHOEveryone, please support "Tokujo Kabachi"!

NINOWe're still doing "GANTZ" but please watch out for it!

AIBALet's all charge up for the Nagoya Dome concert!

JUNDo watch "Wagaya no Rekishi (My Family's History)"!

OhnoThe most awaited appearance of all Arashi members in a drama "Saigo no Yakusoku(The Final Promise)" will be shown soon!

Arashi's Message to Each Other

From SHO to NINOI know that doing a movie is a lot of work but don't forget to take care of yourself.

From NINO to AIBAGood luck with "Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen"! I'm looking forward to the "big surprise"(?)!

From AIBA to JUNHappy new year! Be careful not to eat too much rice cake!(^_^)

From JUN to OHNOYou've been fishing a lot, so this year I hope you don't get too dark.

From OHNO to SHOLet's do "News Zero" together this year!

Arashi's 2010 Battle-plan Meeting

Arashi's battleplan meeting has commenced!

Sho: Happy new year to everyone! 2009 was pretty much a fulfilling year but it's about time to face 2010. Which is why we decided to open this battleplan meeting on how and what Arashi will be this 2010.

Jun: "Wagaya no Rekishi" will be shown soon.

Nino: I can't wait!

Jun: I'm going to give the script away.

Sho: Yeah the script's so thick! Please show it to us once you're done with it.

Jun: They just started editing the video and it has some computer graphics in it.Well, "Titani..."

Aiba: Huh? "Titanic"?

Nino: What did you boil? (^_^) *Pun: The Japanese word for boil or cook is "taku", which becomes "taita" in its past tense.*

Jun: That's all I can say for now. But please watch out for the drama!

Nino: As for me, we're currently filming "GANTZ". Though it's a bit too early to promote, the movie's going to be shown in 2011.

Ohno: However, I'm a little anxious you know. Are you guys going to wear green tights? I'm pretty much left in the dark as to how it'll end up. (^_^) This January you'll be going to the countryside to film. Quite a large-scale location.

Aiba: Could it be an explosion-packed film? I wanna go and watch!

Sho: Are you going to bring miso soup?

Aiba: It's not a relief operation! Yeah, I'll bring miso soup!(^_^)

Jun: It's pretty hard since it's a big location.

Aiba: We're also going to have a live concert in January.

Sho: Aiba-san will also have a minidrama,he'll also have to do some relief operations plus we'll be having our concert so I think it's about time you took some time off. It's tough for you right?

Aiba: No! No! Let me do the concert! Arashi has 5 members right!?

Jun: So you mean Aiba-san will do his solo while carrying a bowl of miso soup? That's definitely new! (^_^)

Aiba/Ohno/Sho/Jun: ("Dakishimete... dakishimete... dakishime-te-" he'll be stirring the soup while singing "Pikanchi")

Nino: Isn't that great?!

Aiba: Isn't that a bit too much?! (^_^)

Ohno: And he's going to give each fan a warm bowl of miso soup! Everyone will be ecstatic, I think. As for me, I'll be painting again this year. I won't be sunburnt anymore... I guess... Surely.

Aiba: Are you going to be fine?!

Sho: Where will you hold the exhibit? I wanna go and view it.

Ohno: Right now, I'm doing a pretty detailed drawing so I think it'll take time.

Nino: After you finish the drawing... are you willing to give it as a present?

Ohno: Eeeeh?! Okay. I... I'll give it to someone (teary-eyed)

Sho: Who will be the lucky guy then?

Jun: Let's raffle it!

Nino: Among us.

Aiba: How about we do janken?

Jun: I'm psyched!

Ohno: Ye... Yeah! Just go with the flow.

Sho: Yeah. Arashi's theme this year is "Just go with the flow"!

Nino: With that, the battleplan meeting is over!

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