[TV PIA] 2010-01 - 2009 Arashi and Kouhaku

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Each of the members had his own moment to shine in the year 2009.

Who among the other members impressed you the most this 2009?

Ohno: I guess, this year, it was Aibachan. He was busy with his own drama, his own play, I think he was the busiest among us. Everytime I looked at him, I felt how hard it was for him but all I could do was cheer him on.

Aiba: I'm grateful for that.

Nino: There! (^_^) I actually went to watch Aiba's play "Green Fingers" but I was wondering "When is Aiba going to appear?" until the end of the play. I was a bit disappointed.

Aiba: Hey!

- He was the lead role. (^_^) How did you find his drama "My Girl"?

Nino: I'm watching it! I'm watching it! But... where does he appear? The bob haired guy?

Jun: Not that! (^_^)

Nino: Sorry! I'll check it out right away once I get home(^_^).

- Nino-san also did a play called "Strangers on a Train" .

Jun: It's been quite a while since I saw Nino in a play. Doing a play is quite tiring but he did his best.

Sho: That play definitely made me say "So this is how acting as the lead is supposed to be". I know the other members will agree with me here but at that time, it felt like there were flowers around him or it was like he had his own spotlight. At that time, the feeling was so strong, stronger than when I see him on tv.

Ohno: Nino practiced his lines with me so I was so psyched to see the actuall play. I was like "Oh! This is what that part actually looks like". (^_^).

Sho: Seeing Ohno-kun surrounded by those kids in "Uta no Oniisan" is actually something new too right? He doesn't have the image of being an expert on children. (^_^)

- Ohno suddenly remembers that the children weren't so fond of Sho either (^_^) Did you see Ohno and Sho's scene together?

Ohno: About "Yattaman", I only got to the half... (^_^)

Everyone: Laughter

Ohno: I was shooting "Uta no Oniisan" so I don't have much memory of it!

Sho: I also wanna mention "Smile". It's a drama that I personally like, actually I watched it while doing "The Quiz Show". It was a totally different Matsujun, different from Domyoji so I had fun watching it.

Jun: Wait a minute! You're still stuck with Domyoji?!

Sho: Yeah. But I didn't watch Domyoji from beginning to end the last time though.

About what they're secretly cooking up for the fans.

- You've been keeping everybody in the dark about your anniversary project, was it hard hiding it from everyone?

Aiba: It wasn't that hard!

Sho: We're not like kids who 'spill the beans' easily. (^_^) It's a trait that's already deeply ingrained in us.

Nino: I just refuse to think about it coz if I kept on thinking about it, there'd be mayhem! I just decided not to touch the topic. (^_^)

Ohno: The feeling of doing that, doing 5000 sheets of signed paper secretly was definitely fun. It was a valuable experience for us.

- Was it fun?

Aiba: Yeah. It's coz every member really wanted to do this.

Nino: The staff had a harder time didn't they?

Sho: It was as if we were doing it little by little. We could've locked ourselves up for a week and finish everything but it wasn't the case. It took us a year and we did it little by little.

- So it's like you drew all the seasons and scenes that had something to do with those memories that you've written?

Sho: Yes. Yes. That's true.

Ohno: After that, we had the Disney Sea event which was planned for more than a year.

Nino: Thank God I didn't fall off the jetski!

Sho: That'd be a big disaster if you fell!

Aiba: It was something I didn't think would happen... not even in my wildest dreams! (^_^)

Jun: Did too! (^_^) Did too!... I didn't notice this while we were doing the show but when I saw it through the wide screen, all 5 of us were shining! We were beside Mickey and Mini but they didn't outshine us you know.

Sho: Really?! That's great!

Ohno: Time flew by so fast while we were doing the show. It was like a dream! While we were doing the preparations, I wanted to try going to the actual spot where we'll be standing. It was really a wonder for me to think that during the actual show, we'll be standing on that spot. Would it be okay standing there? (^_^)

- Arashi's going to (possibly) stir things up in "Kouhaku" on New Year's Eve.

- Once again, I'd like to congratulate you for being chosen to participate in "Kouhaku"

Jun: It's cool you know to be given the chance to participate in a show where people congratulate you just because you're invited to the show.

Aiba: I only get this much greetings on my birthday!

Nino: (^_^) Can you not compare your birthday to Kouhaku", please?

Aiba: Well, you're right. You're actually right! (^_^) But you know, I'm so happy. We're going to have the chance to see artists whom we haven't personally seen yet.

Jun: For me, it hasn't sunk in yet. New year's eve, for me, is the image of my family sitting in front of the tv set watching Kouhaku together. It gives me that warm feeling. When they found out that we're going to participate in that show, they sent me a message.

Ohno: I haven't told them yet but they sent me a message saying "congratulations". I guess they're really happy.

Nino: My mom was like "Oh is that so?". (^_^) I think my grandma will be though... I'll show her how energetic her grandson is. What a doting grandson... not!

Sho: You are! That's also why I'm so happy. In my granpa's house, we'd watch Kouhaku then sleep after we hear the bell. That became a tradition in our house. When I think about that I feel really honored to do this.

Aiba: My parents were also ecstatic. They even said they wanted to attend and watch. I told them I can manage, I can do it on my own. (^_^).

- How will you guys show your support for those who are going to be in Kohaku... Being former "Pro Supporters(Cheerleaders)" back in your "G no Arashi" days.

Sho: I have no idea! (^_^) This is our first time so I really don't know what to do.

Nino: If possible, they (people at Kouhaku) could cheer for us. (^_^)

Jun: But it'd be great if we were given the chance to do a number where we'll be singing somebody else's song.

Aiba: If we were given the chance (^_^). This is our first time so I'll do it looking fresh!

Nino: If possible, I wanna be in the opening.

Jun: Well, if we were in the opening, we won't be as fresh anymore right? (^_^)

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