[THOUGHTS] HnA - Arashi as Counselors

I love the Arashi counselors! ^_^ I was laughing all by myself again while I was watching the episode.

I remember reading something about Nino saying Ohno is popular with girls because he knows how to listen. Based on what I saw, I think Nino is not a bad listener himself. Aside from that, he gives great advice. I also read (in one of his interviews... I think I posted it here...) something about Nino being a "writer". He makes up situations in his head... I guess that's what made him the best counselor for that episode. I wanna see more of this. ^_^

Oh and I'm looking forward to the next HnA... The 2nd half will be Mannequin 5 with Daigo! I can't wait!!! ^_^

HnA で の 新 コーナー は 超 面白い です ね! ニノ が うまい!!! 今度 の ワースト は だれ か な? ベスト は? ワースト は また リーダー か? 逆? ベスト は リーダー 。。。んで ワースト は ニノ? 楽しみ!

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