[THOUGHTS] Arashi in "Kouhaku"

I got to read a couple or so of articles pertaining to Arashi's first time in "Kouhaku" and somehow it was quite hard for me to feel what they were feeling. After a month, I'm watching it now. And that sense of pride they had whenever they boasted about it in their interviews, now I understand!

I had goosebumps while listening to "Uta no Chikara".
Arashi's (Well, technically, Ohno's part)
Kodomotachi no mirai
Haha to no omoide

short but I'm so... 'proud' ... as a fan! I can't imagine how proud their famillies were... How proud they were with themselves. I bet Ohno's mom was crying while watching her son carry Arashi's flag.

The event was hosted by Nakai right? When he asked Arashi what they had to say about TOKIO, Ohno took the liberty of answering in behalf of the other members... It's good that they were able to put their "Utaban" relationship aside for an evening.

We always put our friendship on top of everything, no matter what we're doing... or what things we want to continue doing.
When Arashi started, we were all lost and confused, but at that early stage, we had each other.
At that time, we had no idea why we were called together. But we were sure of one thing - our lives were about to change.
Each one might be doing his own job but we find home in each other's company. We've already spent 10 years together and we're not about to fall apart. They mean a lot to me.
Everyone, including those who are continuously supporting us, is included in that bond. I hope that the relationship we have will only go deeper even after 30 years or 40 years of being together.

-- I loved how Jun said "kaerubasho ha, yappari kono 5nin no tokoro da to omoimasu". It's just so sweet. Arashi means home to him. Plus the part that he said "Taisetsu na sonzai desu" - Arashi means a lot to him. Sweet...

I hope they'll be invited to participate in Kouhaku again next year. ^_^ I know other people don't want them there... but I want them there!!!

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