[TRANSLATION - MAG] Mannish 2000 - Ohno "I want to be trusted by other people"

When did we have that presscon in Hawaii again? (^_^). I'm the type who remembers stuff but why can't I remember that presscon? Oh! We were on a boat! I just remembered! All of a sudden, I was a member of a group called Arashi and I guess the reason why I can't remember that presscon is because I wasn't able to think clearly during that time to begin with. Of course, I wasn't confident then. I was worried and I was thinking whether it's a good thing to be a member of Arashi and if I can really be a member of the group.

I only overcame my worries and realized that I was really a member of Arashi when we spent a huge amount of time together during the World Cup Volleyball. We even stayed at the same hotel. I got to know new stuff about the others too. I knew Nino and Sho before so there weren't any big surprises about them. But knowing that there's someone as passionate about work as Matsujun, the fact alone was surprising! (^_^') You know, Matsujun scolds himself for the mistakes that he makes! The first time I saw him do that, I was so surprised and thought "this guy's really so passionate". I'm not even close to how passionate he is.

As for me, nothing's changed. (^_^) It's just that my sense of resposnibility's greater. Like for example, I don't want to become a burden to the other members anymore. And that I've become more positive. All because of my job. Could it be I'm already changing little by little?

Our work-centered life is hectic but I don't think it's hellish. It's because I found something new to look forward to. I won't say what that is. No! No! I won't say it! (^_^') No matter what! Okay, I'll give you a hint. It can be done alone. It calms me down. It's not just a private thing, it can also be done at work. Oh, it's become sort of a quiz. (^_^'). I won't tell anyone no matter what! I'm going to keep it a secret!

Now, on a different note, let's talk about what I want for myself... I want to be trusted by other people. Or to be liked by other people. I don't know how I can be that person and I'm not the type of person who cares about how other people see me, I just think that being relied on is better than not being trusted at all.

Regarding work, I haven't built that much confidence yet to say that I want to do this and that. Now's the time to improve all my abilities while doing my job with my utmost best. For example, during our live performances and events, I dance in front of the audience looking confident and all... but I guess it's still a work in progress. I love everything about my work including dancing and I wanna learn more things. My way of thinking is that I still have a lot of room for improvement. Yes, I love everything about my job. I value everything, not just dancing, about this job. I know that there are things that I've almost forgotten... So I'll do my best to take them back.

I hope that Arashi will always be this harmonious. We have a give-and-take relationship and we don't have disagreements, we have a good relationship. That's why I haven't even thought of trying to have an argument with someone in the group. The only thing I have in mind is that I hope we'd enjoy doing our job.

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