[Thoughts] - Maybe, Nino had something to do with it

Remember Arashi's very first "soudan" guest? Ishida Junichi? Right? (Was he the very first? I dunno...)

The situation that he gave was that he's confused and is a bit unsure about getting married (with pro-golfer girlfriend Higashio Riko). Most likely, it was hypothetical... Actually the 2 already filed for marriage December 12 last year. The HnA episode was probably taped after that. Anyway, Arashi needed a problem to solve, right? Or maybe I'm wrong.

It's just that in an interview they had this month (March 2), Mr. Ishida said something that made me remember why Nino won as that episode's best counselor. If I remember it correctly, Nino said "What's important is that the person you love loves you... make her happy."

In Mr. and Mrs. Ishida's interview, Ishida Junichi said "We've been through a lot. But the bottom line is that... I wanna make her happy."

That's just sweet. ^_^

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