[Screencaps] AnS Final Episode

I know this is a week late but I still wanna do it. (^_^)

They're about to play Magical Banana - Sho's feet were up. So cute. ^_^

This is for mentioning Take-chan twice. Sho tells Aiba to stop but he starts unbuttoning his shirt! So which one is it Sho? Actions speak louder than words. XP

"No! Stop that!"

Sho's very good at both the gesture game and showing off a nipple. lol.

Tutankamen (resurrected)

Nope, he doesn't look good in it. I still love Jun's bare face.



Begging some more?

Acting stupid?

Oh! Golgo! Actually he's good! Who could do it twice like Sho did?! He got down on one knee while doing jump rope. Amazing! ^_^

Jun thought this was a tree...
Aiba thought this was a mushroom...
Everyone knows what it is but it really does look like something else. lol.
I really love Sho's drawings! They're kindergarten drawings!
Some kgarten students are even better than him.
But it's one of Sho's big gaps - New caster, singer, charming, intelligent,
a good actor, a good rapper... but he sucks at back flips, his body ain't that flexible, and he's so bad at drawing.
The traits that make Sho drool worthy and adorable.

Jun is glowing, literally glowing in the dark! lol. This is actually scary.
And last but not the least

The bunch that I wish to see once again...
I'll surely miss this team. ^_^

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