English Lyrics *Translated by Arashiphile*
True Love
by Fuji Fumiya

Whenever I turn around
You're always givin' me that pretty smile
Like the wind softly blowing

You're dazzling
So bright that I see you even though my eyes are shut
The image becomes tears

You're the only one I believe in
You're the only one that I hurt
We should have always
dreamed of our future

You stop walking
Why is your head so low?
just like the rain that's gently falling

Nothing's changed you know
Since the day that we first met
Even though we're now in tears

You're the only one that I see
You're the only one that I have
We should have always
dreamed about our future

dreamed together...


Alberto Krishna Winning Kusuma said...

I love this song. It tells my life story.

Anonymous said...

back to 90's
reminds me of someone
thank you for the english translate of TRUE LOVE ost Ordinary People.

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