Outdoor Fashion

Episode Date: June 11, 2009
Credits for the snapshot: Clubbox Gachapin

Hmmm... Dochi ga ii ka na? I wonder who's got the best style?!

Looking at this bunch of pictures, I'd say I have 2 choices. I like Nino's and Jun's.

Well coz they're like two different things.

I like Nino's because his clothes boast of his simplicity, like it shows how easy it is to spend one whole day with him. I'd go out wearing a shirt, khaki pants and rubbershoes that'll match his clothes. It's like I don't have to exert much effort just to look at least fit for his level. But there's a possibility that the date would end up boring.

I like Jun's coz it looks like you don't have to worry when you're with him. I like the leg warmers not coz they're stylish, no. Because I think it's a sign of how prepared he is for something - mosquito bites and the like. I'd bet on a real date he'll have a first aid kit tucked in his backpack. But there's a possibility that he may become too prepared and make the date awkward and uncomfortable.


nasri said...

yea,i agree with you ^^

Sharmatha said...

who won? or should i say who lost? i would pick aiba i think or nino cause i am a fan of bird watching and i could totally do that with aiba though he might get too excited and scare off birds too. =)

Arashiphile said...

I can't remember who won. ^_^