Something for those who are viewing my uploads

First, about the videos. The videos are not mine, nor am I claiming that they are. They were recorded and uploaded by the sources which I give credit to at the beginning and at the end of the clip or segment.

About my uploads:
1 - I'll try to translate and upload as often as I can. But, of course, there are also some things that I have to attend to like work - which takes up 10 or even longer hours of my daily life except for the days that I don't have work like some weekends and some holidays. Yeah, in short I'm a slave. lol. So uploading as often as I can may seem forever for everyone else.

2- I'm not a native English or Japanese speaker. But I have been studying English for like my whole life and I took up Nihongo classes under a Japanese instructor. My English or Nihongo may not be perfect as of now, but at least I try to give the best possible tranlation I can. Of course I need to exert extra effort just to give correct translations.

To the viewers:
Thank you so much for leaving comments and appreaciating the videos I upload. Doing this thing is tough as it makes my nose bleed (lol) but I just love doing it for everyone. After all, I also started out as a fan who relied on translations. Please keep on watching the videos and let's all spread the Arashi passion! ^_^

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