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Who do I think, is the best husband-to-be among Arashi?

This is a question of who's most mentally capable of being that guy who decides for a whole group of people - his own family. So I think the more level headed a person is, the better husband he'd become. But I'm not saying that that's the only criteria one must consider.

Among Arashi... hmmm... If I had to rank according to my personal choice.

1 - Ninomiya Kazunari
Of course! I love the guy to pieces! But aside from that, I think Nino's the most level headed person in Arashi. And he has this aura that says "I'm in command". I like that. I want my future husband to be able to decide for his own, and for his family. I don't want someone who, when asked "What do you want?", will answer back with the same question like "What do you want?". And from watching a couple of HnA Child Minder episodes, I think Nino's gonna be the sweetest father.

2 - Sakurai Sho
Sho has that image you know. Like the most elligible bachelor appeal. He's a news caster, he appears to be the most intelligent guy Johnny has, he finished college, he's obviously the person you can boast to the whole world when he becomes your husband. That's the image he has. So it's quite obvious why Sho's gonna be chosen as the best husband-to-be.

3 - Matsumoto Jun
Obviously, the 3 most serious persons on top of the list. As I've said, I like my husband to be a person who shows he's in control. Jun seems to be this person. He has the capacity to lead. I think Nino and Jun both have this appeal. All the other members don't have this. And I would like a husband who seems to take life seriously but also knows how to have fun. The only thing, I think that I don't really appreciate about Jun is, he's not the type of person whom you can keep inside the house. A big advantage Nino has. Nino seems to be a person who can stay at home the whole day.

4 - Ohno Satoshi
Because he's older than Aiba. ^^, The last two both seem to lack the "leadership" skills. Although Ohno's Arashi's leader, he doesn't usually speak up and say "This is what I want, and I think this is what we should do.". Something that a husband should be able to say right? Maybe he has his own ways on how to make this known, but I don't see it so I'm placing him on 4th place. But I think the most important thing Ohno has is loyalty. I in that aspect he's going to be tied with Nino at first place. I'm borrowing Aiba's concept on this. Ohno can stick to a hobby for as long as he likes. And for that duration, he spends all the time he's got on that hobby. That's what we call dedication, which I can also say loyalty. One thing that I think a husband should have. Coz he'll need that dedication to be able to stick to his family and to his marriage.

5- Aiba Masaki
Aiba has this carefree image that makes it difficult for me to imagine how he'd be as a husband. He'd be an ideal boyfriend but somehow, it seems impossible for him to be a husband. ^^ lol.

Anyway, it's just me. What's written in here is just my opinion. Everyone's entitled to his or her own opinion right?

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