Ashita no Kioku/ Crazy Moon

I got mine yesterday and man, I love this single! First, the album jacket is so pretty. I love the burnt paper edge effect. And second because the music video of "Ashtia no Kioku" is so wonderful! I really really love it.

Here's a snapshot from the beautiful video

In my humble opinion, I think this music video is their best music video so far. It's because the music video has its own story.

I'm happy I got this. ^^, I wasn't sure if I'd buy this or not at first but then I thought since it's Arashi, I didn't really think that much anymore. And I'm glad that I didn't hold back. Even though I spent extra money to have it shipped here, I don't mind at all! It's worth the wait and the money.

For those who haven't bought the album yet, I recommend you guys to go get yourselves a copy of this. It contains Arashi's 2 different sounds: "Ashita no Kioku" which is a little slow and somewhat similar to "Tabidachi no Asa", and "Crazy Moon" which is upbeat and is quite the same as their recently released single as OST for Yattaman "Believe".

A little translation of the chorus:

明日の 記憶 (Memories Of Tomorrow)

めぐりめぐる 季節の 途中で
何色の 明日を 描きます か?
強く強く 信じあえた なら
何色の 未来が 待っていますか?

megurimeguru kisetsu no tochuu de
nani iro no ashita wo egakimasu ka?
tsuyoku tsuyoku shinjiaeta nara
nani iro ni mirai ga matte imasu ka?

Amidst the seasons that come and go
What color shall we paint tomorrow?
If we just had a stronger faith
What will be the color of our fate?

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