Arashi no Shukudaikun with Matsuura Aya

Matsuura Aya - a singer, actress, and a model who's done some projects with Arashi. *When I looked her up in the net, I couldn't believe that she's just 22 years old. She looked a bit old with her short and permed hair when she guested in AnS. The first time I saw it, I thought she was a mature actress and I thought that she was one of Arashi's seniors in the business. I didn't know that she was younger than them.@.@*

So Matsuurasan has had the privilege of working with the guys.

Nino: I was the first one you worked with right?
Aya: The first year after my debut, we met each other when we filmed the movie "Ao no Honou (Blue flame)". It was there that we got introduced to each other.
Sho: Did you like have a name for him?
Aya: He was actually like a small old man that time.
Nino: Hey we don't need to bring that up!
Sho: What do you mean?!
Aya: Well, he doesn't do old men's jokes but he does that impersonation of Lou Oshibasan.
Sho and Jun: We haven't seen that one yet!
Nino: All I did was say "I'm Lou.". That's all.
Aya: Yeah, that's all though.
Sho: How was it at the set?
Aya: I'm really sorry about this but... It was really not fun.
Sho: (You've worked with) Jun too right?
Aya: Yes. Well, Jun, I've watched him many times in Hana Yori Dango. And everytime I see him, the person I see isn't Matsujun, but Domyouji! So I thought it was just because of his drama. But even when the camera's not rolling, like when we meet up for appointments, he still looks like Domyouji!
Sho: He's not Matsujun anymore?!
Aya: No he's not.
Matsujun: That's how you see me huh?

*I couldn't help but notice the sly grin that didn't, even for once, disappear from Jun's face. It's like he was enjoying having a pretty girl fangirl for him and right in front of him.*

Aya: There was one time when we saw each other at a certain music show's special right. When I found Nino, I walked up to him and talked to him right away. I asked "Matsujun isn't here?". Then he (Nino) said "Oh, our prince?". At that moment, I looked back and saw Matsujun arriving in a long coat with buttons from top to bottom. He was really wearing Domyouji's style! Then I thought to myself "Man, this guy is really perfect isn't he?".

Ogusan: How bout Riida?
Aya: He's an ON-OFF person. That's what I feel.
Sho: His description is different from Jun's right?
Aya: Yeah. Well, he looks like he's a spontaneous guy.
Jun: But I think he's always OFF.

Ogusan: How bout Aiba?
Aya: I'm really sorry for this but... I don't really find anything interesting about him.
Aiba: *I think he was pissed off. lol. His face was really serious.* Ayachan, well you see... It's okay to think that way... but... THERE'S NO NEED TO SAY IT ON TV RIGHT?!

I only got to finish til this part. The next installment will come as soon as I finish doing it.

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