Nino and Masami - Reality Bites... really

I still can't get over the thing I read about Nino openly admitting to a relationship with his "Yasashii Jikan" leading lady Masami Nagasawa.

I know I'm being totally irrational by saying this or even posting something about this but it bites. What I read, like, left a bite mark on me. It's been a while since I heard about this news. But I still can't get over it. And Nino's a normal guy, who like us, has the capacity to love and has the right to be loved right? But all this time, I was left with the impression that these guys were single.

Why should I be affected?! Shouldn't I be happy because Nino is happy?

Well, I think more than that fact (if Nino's really dating Masami) I think the main issue is that I don't think they should keep such things from the public. I don't know who's at fault here. Is it Johnny who made the rule that these guys aren't allowed to date anybody unless they are 30? Or is this even a fault? When a celebrity says he wants to keep his private life away from the public, how much does he have to keep from the public? What is the scope of his private life? Or when he embraced his celebrity status, wasn't he stripped off his right to a private life? I mean celebrities can't help it. People will probe into their lives. And as much as they'd want a private life, they just can't have that. That's the sad truth right?

Here's my take:

If Nino's really dating Masami:
Just what I said, Nino is a normal guy. He has the right to love and be loved. He's 25 years old and a normal 25-year old guy should already be thinking of settling down, having his own family, and planning the future he has ahead of him.
I have nothing against the two dating. Coz who am I to oppose?! I'm just a fan. I'm not Johnny, I'm not his parents, I'm not even his friend or family. I didn't even know him until last year. And he doesn't even know that a person like me exists. lol. So I don't really have the right to oppose right?
It's just that I was really shocked to hear the news. First because, I know that Johnny doesn't agree to his talents dating girls. Or maybe he allows them to see girls but he advises them not to admit it to the public. Sure, Nino admitting to the relationship was the greatest shock of my life. And second because there's no sign or whatever that any of the 5 members of Arashi is dating someone. Like they do have some situtational questions in their shows right? I haven't even once heard of him mentioning anything about seeing someone. Or atleast he should've given us a clue right?
It makes me think.... Who else in Arashi is dating someone? Hmmmm....

If Nino's not really dating Masami
If it was just a rumor, maybe I should say "Yokatta".
I know that they do have their own lives and they are entitled to having their own realitonships or whatever.
They have the right to be happy.
But it's still better to flail and squeal for single guys.
I'm being selfish, I know... But eventually I'd be able to say "I'm happy that he is happy with her". lol.

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