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So it's my turn:
You’re more sensitive to the heat rather than the cold [O]
This is an issue that my sister and I keep on talking about. Funny though. I grew up in a pretty cold city. But there's no snow here in the Philippines so the 'cold' I'm used to ain't the kind of 'cold' that Arashi's talking about right? But I really am irritable and restless when it's hot. I hate heat! The heat hear is the 'sticky' kind of heat which is unbearable! We shoot up to 36 degrees celsius here. When it's that hot, I stay cooped up in my room enjoying the cold air from the air conditioner.

You eat 3 square meals a day [X]
Well, it depends. It depends on my schedule. There are times I only get the chance to eat 2 full meals a day. I eat breakfast, and lunch, and dinner most of the time but sometimes I only have the chance to eat breakfast and dinner.

Rather than impromptu plans/idea, it is important to plan beforehand [X]
I believe that this is true but I'm not really this kind of person. But I prefer getting informed beforehand about schedules or whatever. In my opinion, planning is like useless if things don't go "as planned". It's funny right? Why is there such thing as "things didn't go as planned". So why bother. I'd rather spend my time now on more important things rather than planning for something that I'm not even sure if it's really going to happen. Of course I'll do things still thinking about what its impact would be on my future. But as I've said, I'd rather enjoy everything as they come rather than waste my getting obsessed about tomorrow.

You prefer quiet places rather than noisy/crowded places [O]
Well I'm kinda used to the hustles and bustles of the city. So I don't really mind if it's quiet or noisy but... I think living in a quiet place, spending time in a quiet place looks nice.

You want to celebrate all the anniversaries properly [O]
Being a woman, I am particular about anniversaries. I like a man who doesn't need to be reminded or constantly bugged about this kind of thing. Because I do think that if the relationship we have is important, all the details about the relationship is important. Like anniversaries! It is a bit impractical, if you think about it but I don't really require extravagant or luxurious ways of celebrating these things. Just knowing that he remembers the special occassion, that's enough. That's celebration enough for me.

You want to have 3 or more children [X]
I think 2 is enough for me. The life we have now ain't that easy you know. Money is a big factor. I would like my kids to enjoy life. I don't want them to experience the hardships of life as much as possible. And I'd like to provide everything from education to toys... Everything!

So, I think the most compatible person for me is....
Ohno!!! hahahahahahahaha.... Just one miss... About the anniversary. Wow! That question weighs a lot for me like it's 10 points while the other questions were 1 point each! hahahaha...

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