Nino - From Mezamashi News

This was when Nino won an award at the "My Best Terebi" (not so sure) awards for individual category.

He was asked how it was like to shift between acting and singing.

Nino: When I'm with Arashi, we can talk about anyting! When I'm in a drama, I'm usually quiet coz there are a lot of heavy drama scenes. With that, I naturally shift from one person to another.

MC: Which do you like better? Arashi or acting?

Nino: Well, I like Arashi better. Arashi comes first you know (we know!^^,)

There's Nino's fanboy side again. This guy has his own pack of fans *eherm-- proud to be one of 'em* but he still doesn't fail to let the world know that he, like us, is also a fan of his own band. lol. But a big congratulations to the guy who didn't only prove himself as an idol, a face, a dancer, and a singer, but also proved himself as a real actor.

ニノさん の 世界中の FANS から、 本当に おめでとう ございます!やっぱり、 嵐の みなさんは 本当の ”ヤッタマン” だ ね。 

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