Arashi no Shukudai-kun: How does Arashi smell?

Within the same episode with Matsuura Ayasan, they had this corner where she had to choose who, from Arashi has the best scent. *It gave me an idea how these guys smell. lol*


Sho: Ayasan is going to smell Arashi and Ogusan's nape to see whose scent suits her taste.
Jun: We... Wait a minute! Is this corner.... really appropriate?!

Announcer: With an eyemask on, Ayasan will smell Arashi, Ogusan, and a staff's nape. Afterwards, she'll be choosing the guy who she thinks has the best scent.

Sho: So for this corner, we've already lined everyone up. Ayachan, we'll start with the first guy here.
Aya: Where? Where? Where?
Sho: This person.
Aya: Ok ok ok.... Wow! Such an amazing smell!
Aiba: *butting in* What the?! What the hell is this?!
Jun: *butting in with Aiba* This is really... weird you know!
Aya: This person's scent is very gentle.
Nino: *butting in as response to Jun annd Aiba's complaints* It's okay guys!
Jun: *butting in again* really weird!
Nino: Gentle smell!
Aya: Probably a 5-year old's scent.
Sho: Gentle smell. So next.
Aya: Excuse me.
*Nino headbats Ayachan. They seem to share quite a good relationship there. If I'm not mistaken, I saw Ayachan and the whole Arashi in one of the Nama Arashi episodes where they ate the super spicy curry.*
Aya: Ouch! Wow! How should I say this? I think he's not wearing any perfume right now.
Sho: Yeah I think he's not.
Aya: He smells like a classy person. Yeah! That's it. A classy person's scent!
*loved Nino's reaction*
*Aya goes to the next one, a staff of AnS*
Aya: Excuse me. He smells like he's a person who works in a construction site!
Sho: You mean he smells like sweat?
Aya: It's not really the smell of sweat but it's more like the scent of a person after a long day's work.
Jun: Huuuuh?! So those two are different?
Aya: Yes, those two are different.
Aya: Excuse me. This one's near odorless.
*pffffffft... Aiba's odorless! hahahahahaa... at least he's odorless.*
Nino: Wow, so you're not that interested huh?!
Aya: I barely have any.
Nino: Uninteresting... Odorless...
Aya: Well, I sorta prefer someone who has a scent.
Nino: Next person.
*I loved the transition between Sho and Nino hosting. It was so smooth that I noticed after viewing the video for several times.*
*Next person is JUN*
Aya: Excuse me. Woah... It smells like he's wearing perfume. He smells like aroma candles. It's somewhat a girls' scent.
Nino: So you like it? Hate it? Which one?
Aya: I like it.
Nino: You want that scent?
Aya: Yeah, he smells like a woman, a mother.
*Next person, Sho*
Nino: Next person. Wait, your hands might slide down a bit.
*hahahahahah... Nino!*
Aya: What's this?! He smells like incense! A! He smells like a granny!
Nino: He has a calming scent huh?!
*Next is Ohno!*
Aya: O this one's hard to tell!
Nino: Why is that so?
Aya: Actually, it's not that I don't like it if I can't tell how someone smells but this person's scent is quite strong so, it's just that this person's scent isn't my type.
*poor Riida. Anyways, Nino got to sniff you before this segment. ^^,*
Nino: I see. It must be because of the age.

Sho: Since we're done here, which did you like best? Please tell us the numbers.
Aya: I like the "classy" scent
Sho: that's number 2 (Nino)
Aya: .... or the one who smelled like a mom, the one before that person who smelled like incense.
Sho: that's number 5 (Jun)
Aya: which of the two did I like better? Number 2!(Nino)
*Classy huh?! I wonder how classy smells.*
Sho: Just for everybody's information, which scent did you think was the worst.
Aya: Okay. Well, deep inside me, I didn't really like that odorless one.
*Smells Aiba once again*
Aya: Look! There's really nothing! No scent!
Sho: Boring?
Aya: Bo... yeah, he's quite boring.

Last words from Aiba...
*hahahah... Don't worry Aiba. I'd prefer someone odorless over someone who smells like sweat.. or incense. hahahhahahah...

There! I'm done. Notice that there's no blue text up there? Ohno really doesn't speak up that much.

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