Arashi and their girlfriends

I'm really curious about the current status of these guys. I mean regarding whether they are in a relationship with someone or not.

Actually, I read something about Nino crying while singing "Yume". Since Johnny's artists are pretty mysterious like there are some stuff that they can't tell the public, a lot of speculations arose from that crying while singin thing he did. Some said it was because of his parents who got separated while he was still young, which made him cry in one of the earlier appearances of Arashi; and some said it was because of his girlfriend. Whooo... It's so frustrating not to know.

And I read something about him dating Nagasawa Masami. I dunno. I know I'm being selfish as a fan... but I'd really prefer him being single... Than wish for him and his current girlfriend (if he has one) to break up right?

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