Door to Door

"Door to Door" is a drama special with Arashi's very own Ninomiya Kazunari who, once again, showed the world how great an actor he is.

The drama is based on a real-life inspirational story about a guy who, despite of being differently abled, found himself succeeding in a thing that people might have thought he can't even do.

In the drama, Kurazawa Hideo (Nino's character) mentioned 2 phrases that's enough to tell what the drama is all about.

One thing that his father often said was:
" やりたいことと できることは 別だ”
" yaritai koto to dekiru koto ha betsu da"
" The things that you want to do and the things you can do are two different things."

But in the end, he said that his father was wrong and said:
" やりたいことと できることは かならずしも 別じゃない”
" yaritaikototo dekirukotoha kanarazushimo betsujanai"
" The things you want to do and the things you can do aren't necessarily two different things."

I think that the story itself was worth my time. Nino in it is a cherry topping on an already delicious cake. ^^,

The director's cut on DVD will be released August 5, 2009. I think it's worth buying. Check out Door to Door at cdjapan.

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