Arashi no Jikken and Shukudaikun Special

A change of set and guests carried out in a golden box with a red ribbon tied around it marked Arashi no Shukudaikun's leveling up to gold. Quoting Matsujun, this is so far their most courteous way of carrying in their guests.

The episode also showcased a mini Odoroki Special lead by Aiba sensei with the continuation of his "Boat Challenge (Lego inspired)" and a lot more.

They had two sets of guests for the night.

The first batch were Tachi Hiroshi, Kanda Masaki, and Tokushige Satoshi who are some of Japan's reputable actors when it comes to police roles.

For the second half, they had Yonekura Ryouko whose drama "Seikei Bijin" (Artificial Beauty) was shown here in the Philippines last year.

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