Manequin 5: Summer Games Outfit

Credits: Snapshots from arashixarashi video.

Summer Games T-Shirt

Nakajima: Do you wear t-shirts often?

Everyone: Yeah, of course we do!

Sho: Before this, we've worn and coordinated different stuff like accessories right? And I was often left unsold. Those were difficult but choosing just one piece of clothing was pretty difficult too.

Matsuhima: Yeah. How would you make a piece of shirt look stylish, right?

Sho: Right. Right!

Matsuhima: Like through color coordination right?

Nakajima: Ohno seems like a shirt type of guy.

Ohno: I'm a t-shirt kind of guy.

Sho: He often wears a shirt with "FM Yokohama" written on it.

Nakajima: Here's Mannequin Sho's summer games shirt!

Matsushima: What kind of symbol is that?

Sho: This is a Jamaican greeting meaning "One big family". It means everyon's like brothers.

Nakajima: O! You mean that!

Matsushima: Like E.T.'s (pointing the finger when he says 'E.T. phone home)

Sho: This is for someone who likes Jamaica or loves music.

Matsushima: Today, that'd probably work.

Nakajima: What's making you worry right now?

Sho: The fact that I'm the one who's wearing this shirt.

Written: Mannequin Sho's Point: Lost Confidence

Nakajima: Here's Mannequin Aiba's summer games shirt!

Nakajima: Rolling Stones!

Aiba: Mick Jagger! I love vintage clothes. I saw a lot of vintage Bob Marley clothes but I thought I'd go with Mick Jagger. I like the size too.

Everyone: The size is good.

Aiba: This is vintage though. When it comes to shirts, I get really concerned about the material used and the size.

Nakajima: How about the neckline?

Aiba: That also. I usually make the neckline wider especially when the shirt is new.

Nakajima: How about that shirt's color?

Aiba: Since I only get to wear just a piece, having a variety of colors is better, I think. If the person likes Rolling Stones, her eyes will rest on this design. However, I think I'd be dead meat if she discovers that I'm wearing this shirt even though I don't know Rolling Stones that well.
Nakajima: Next is Nino's game shirt!

Everyone: It's cute!

Nakajima: What do you think is the focal point of this shirt?

Nino: I like this character very much. The Smurfs. I wanna win with this shirt.

Sho: Smurf love right?

Nino: Yeah, Smurf love!

Matsushima: It's a bit of a surprise!

Sho: It's cute!

Nino: I like pictures and drawings. I'm gonna win! It's Smurf so I'll definitely win!

Everyone: Cool!

Matsushima: You drew it yourself?

Ohno: Nope. This is Barry McGee's. It's an American deisgner's shirt. I love this kind of drawing. I think it fits me.

Nakajima: It's white.

Ohno: Yeah it is but it's easy to figure out.

Sho and Aiba: You mean the drawing right?

Ohno: It's drawn on the underside.

Nino: It's stylish.

Sho: Ohno, why didn't you wear the Nancy shirt today?

Ohno: Coz it's about to get torn.

Sho: He often wears a shirt with "Nancy" written on it. He's been wearing it for 10 years already.

Ohno: Nakaikun gave it to me.

Sho: Is that so?!

Ohno: Oh! It's Nancy!

Nakajima: Next is Jun's summer games shirt!

Nakajima: The point of this shirt is?

Jun: It's raglan.

Matsushima: Raglan...

Jun: I love this style and everyone loves Micheal Jackson right? Coz he's the "King of Pop".

Matsushima: The design's cute.

Sho: It's MJ (Micheal Jackson) to MJ (Matsujun)

Jun: That's right!

Matsushima: But it looks cute!

Nakajima: It does!

Which one did I like best?
Though simple is good, and I like it... I think the one I liked best in this episode was Aiba's. First of all, I like black. Second is, the shirt looked good on him. The shirt ain't too tight, the sleeves weren't too short or too long. Plus vintage is good.

Second one I liked was Ohno's. It would've been perfect if not for the size. I think if it fit him well, it would have looked really good on him. It's just the proportions didn't work for him. It made him look smaller coz the shirt was a wee bit too big.

I didn't like... Sho's?! I liked the design, I liked what the design meant. I love statement shirts like Sho's and Nino's but it all boils down to proportions I guess. The shirt was too small for him. The sleeves looked like they were flying! Shirts look good if they fit. That's the hardest part of choosing a shirt, I guess. Unlike wearing several pieces of clothes. Layered clothes hide proportions. Like awkwardly short sleeves can be hidden under jackets or sweatshirts.

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