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Hi there! : )

Though this is an "about the author page", it'll still be about Arashi, Arashi, Arashi and me.

I'm Arashiphile. Why did I choose that nickname?! Coz I love Arashi to pieces!

I became a fan more than a year ago. So that makes me a late (veeery late) bloomer. Can't blame me. I became addicted to them before I even got to learn the language. And if I didn't work in a Japanese company, I still wouldn't have known about them.

The very first member I saw was Matsujun. His drama "Gokusen I" was the very first of its kind to be shown here. But I'm not a Jun bait.

I was actually baited by Nino through his drama "Yamada Taro Monogatari" and his song "Niji". When I heard the song, I fell in love with it and with him almost instantly. I already liked him after watching YTM but I didn't fall in love with him until after I saw his live "Niji" performance. Who wouldn't fall in love with such a talented guy?!

During the first few months, I only knew Nino, Sho (due to YTM), and Jun. I didn't know Aiba and Ohno. Either that or I refused to know them better. But an odd thing about liking one of the members is that somewhere along the way, you'll get confused as to who you really like. So Aiba and Ohno, who were practically nameless (atleast to me) for the first few months of my fanaticism, are now running through my mind almost constantly.

I easily get obsessed but I don't drop my obsessions just like that. I see myself sticking to this obsession til I settle down (if I ever decide to!). So I'm praying for Arashi to stay for at least another 5 years! I promise to buy their stuff, seriously!

Some time ago, I underwent formal Japanese lessons. So I understand and speak some Japanese, though not that good.

I love the fandom as I love Arashi. There are a lot of wonderful souls out there willing to share stuff with hungry fans like me. But I do buy Arashi's cds! It's a lot more expensive buying them online and have them shipped here but I don't mind spending for them. I'd like to support them in every possible way, of course it has to be within my means.

My ichiban would be Ninomiya Kazunari. I love the guy's quick wits, of course his skilled hands -- that can play both guitar and piano, his song-writing skills, his acting skills... I just love him from head to toe. He ain't perfect, he's not even close to that... But I love him to bits and pieces.

Second would be Ohno. I also love this guy's skilled hands. I love how he makes me laugh even with his blank face.

The pairing I love most is Ohmiya. Though it's true that I got baited by Nino, it's also true that the reason why I stayed is because of Ohmiya. But I love all of them now.

How do I manage being a fangirl and an office girl? Actually I also don't know. lol. I do trade sleep for Arashi. I don't mind feeling all light headed due to lack of sleep just as long as I feel that I've had enough Arashi already.

Everyday, I fall in love with them more...

That's how obsessed I am. ^^,

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