Arashi no Shukudai-kun 09/07/09

Here's a screencap spam from AnS 09/07/09

Screencaps from a Gacchapin Clubbox Video


They were wearing the "8-bit Shirt" Aiba was selling to the guest. The front of the shirt had a black strip of something with hearts and the hearts lit up as they walked closer to each other. Juntoshi~~

Another Juntoshi
It was supposed to be a child on top but there were no children so it had to be one of them right? Jun and Ohno played Janken to determine who'll be the 'child' here.

And Shoxohno

And of course, they didn't let Sho get away with this. They know he doesn't like exercises involving balance and flexibilty so they made him do it with Oh-chan. One false move and they would have ended up kissing. haha

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