October 2009 - [Ohno] It's been a full 10 years... and more...

Scans by: [info]shokim
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I often hear people say that Arashi's gotten really popular, but honestly, it's still not sinking in. Even though we've done an Asian tour, I'm still wondering how people from other countries know of our existence.I've been thinking about that. I haven't confirmed why the CDs keep on selling either. I'm happy but up until now, it remains a mystery.

Every time the 5 of us are together, the atmosphere's still the same as before. Individually, we are doing our own stuff. Whenever I look at our faces, I can't help but think that though we're still the same people as before, we've matured a lot. But no one's getting conscious about it (in a weird kind of way). Generally, what has changed... What do you mean? Like for example, that I've become conceited?笑

We used to have our concerts in arenas, then later on, we held them at domes and the national stadium. The number of people who went was different. But I don't really remember such things. 笑 While doing this year's national concert, I was also filming a drama so it felt like the concert passed by like a blur. I used to feel that once a concert starts, it's endless. Now, we're doing a concert at the national stadium once again, and I feel like it's going to pass by just like that. Such a waste, huh? I want this year's concert to properly sink in to me.

Though we're the only ones on stage, everyone (including the audience) is involved in making a concert. Everyone plays the lead role. That's why I think it's best to show more of our audience, like for example, in the concert DVDs. With everyone's cooperation, let's all make this year's concert(s) a success! All 5 of us brought that out during one of our meetings and it's being processed.

Whenever I look back at those 10 years, it's been a full 10 years. I'm glad to be a member of Arashi. If I wasn't a part of Arashi, I don't know if I would have come this far, I don't have the confidence. Last year, I was given the chance to act as the lead character in a drama series. I've also been given the chance to play the lead character in a couple of stage plays. In the beginning, if I do something on my own, and not as a member of Arashi, I feel a different sense of responsibility being put on my shoulders. But all the worries have disappeared. Maybe because I have stopped thinking about what the people around me are saying and I've started thinking whether I could satisfy myself with the work that I do. I'm not saying that I've become too carefree about my work, I think I just learned how to do things in my own pace. It's experience. Though I fail at times, I'll just say "I'll do it this way" the next time and so that sort of adds up to the confidence I have in myself.

It's an interesting thing to get to know people I won't normally meet. (Drama staff included). Like in "Maou", I felt happy when everyone said it was great to do it with me. That was the happiest moment I had then. I also felt great that I did "Maou". The next one I had was "Uta no Oniisan" which was lighter than Maou but... the costume was so heavy! 笑 It was the time I really wanted to go fishing, it was inevitable you know.

What changed during those 10 years? Fishing! I can't stop anymore. I'll do this until the end you know! I've tried to avoid getting sunburned , I've put on sunblock, I've worn a hat but I still get burnt! One time, we recorded a song in front of a live audience. That day, I was extraordinarily dark! Someone from the audience who was seated at the front row looked at me with a "Please think a bit more seriously!" face. I was thinking, it'd be great if she didn't do that face. Then, she didn't look my way anymore. I seriously thought things over. But it's okay. I'd love to go fishing but I'm about to busy myself with crafts. I'm planning to draw a huge drawing. I also want to do other things, widen the scope of my hobbies. I also want to add 1 more thing to my interests... Errr... No good?! I won't! Coz I want to do better as a member of Arashi.


Whew it was a long article to translate but it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translations and the link!

Yeah I am all for showing more of their concert audience in the DVDs, all they are what make the concert, besides Arashi themselves.

No, do not take up anymore hobbies Riida! I think fishing and your crafts and Arashi keep you busy enough!! Why dont you try spending some time with Nino for a change? : P

Arashiphile said...

I've seen some of KAT-TUN's concerts (not live though) and they have quite a lot of interaction with the audience. I think that'll encourage more fans to go to their concerts. Who will pass up that chance?!

Oh yeah! I agree! I think Riida should spend more time with... Nino! <3<3<3