Wink Up - October 2009 - Jun & Aiba

Scans: Caramelbox (through arashixdream)

Can you share with us the most recent thing that you did and made you say "Aaah! I feel rejuvenated!"

Matsumoto: The other day, I went to Yakushima.

Aiba: I know that! He gave me a souvenir. It's an "Yakushiman" phone strap. Yakushima's great huh? It's quite hard to go there. Was it great?

Matsumoto: I spent my time carefree, it was great! It felt like an escape rather than rejuvenation. I had a great time! A... Aibasan, have you been to Yakushima?

Aiba: Huh?! Why the sudden superiority? I haven't. Where did you stay for the night?

Matsumoto: There were 2 hotels there. I stayed in one of them. That hotel's room had a spa in it! It was really great! It was a hotel on top of a cliff and the top-most floor's window had a very great view of the sea! It was seawater reaching as far as the eyes could see.

Aiba: That's amazing! Great huh?! What did you do? You went around site seeing?

Matsumoto: Most of the time I was in the forest, then I went to the beach. The rocky part on the seaside had an onsen so I went there. I also went to the swamp.

Aiba: That's great! This sounds like a summer vacation diary. Why did you decide to go? Was it because you wanted to have some time in private?

Matsumoto: Yeah. Private in every sense of the word! Together with some guy.

Aiba: Aaah... is that so?!

Matsumoto: When I got to the hotel, I was wondering why there were 2 beds. Then this guy said "There are 2 beds in here, what are we going to do?". It was definitely awkward!

That was about the all important relaxation time for Arashi and fans alike.

Please tell us something about your 10th anniversary concert tour.

Jun: I can't tell you guys the very important details of the concert yet. But Aiba looks he's having a hard time coz he's currently filming a drama, and he also has to attend the rehearsals, plus we also have to look at the stage we're going to perform on. It's hard.

Aiba: He's very thoughtful right? I can feel it. Like the other day, we had a meeting and we finished late. Jun spoke to me and said "Sorry coz we turned out late today".

Jun: Well... It was... it felt like it was going to take a miracle to wrap up early.

Aiba: But you know what, we were discussing it all the time. 10 years is something massive. We had to dive into the most minute details too. It was like our spirits went up, then crashed, then it went up again, and crashed again. Of course, we're trying to show everyone those 10 years right? It was pretty intense!

Jun: Yeah. We did it in a package but I think this is the most grueling concert prep we've ever had!

What do you have for the fans who have always been there to support you?

Aiba: Of course we're grateful. I feel nothing else but deep gratitude. Arashi was formed in 1999 so that makes us 10 years old. Pretty amazing right? Well, I've had moments where I forgot the dance steps to certain songs. Just the other day, I was dancing along to the video of "Nice no Kokoro Iki" then Matsujun came running towards me! He ran up to me and said "You're doing it the wrong way!" and then ran back to where he was originally.

Jun: I was looking at him practice then I thought "Huh?! Isn't he doing it the wrong way?".

Aiba: Yeah, yeah! I was doing it the same direction as that on the video! Jun came to me just to say that while he was in the middle of discussing something with the others. He said "Aiba's memorizing the wrong steps so I'll just go and tell him".

Jun: It was expected of him, to keep on dancing even if the steps were already wrong. Well, that's because he's got a lot in mind like we have this tour in line with his drama shooting. I was worried that he won't remember his steps because of that. But normally, even without those stuff in his mind... he also has a lot of mishaps! ^^,

Aiba: Oi! Every night, I stay at the studio to rehearse and polish my moves! I do that right?! What's more important to me you ask? Of course! The tour! My power goes up notches because of the fans' cheers! It feels like they're pushing me to go out there.

Jun: The excitement definitely shoots up. I can feel what they feel. The sensation's just awesome!

Aiba: That's our strength.

Jun: True. That's why I'm grateful. Now, I'd like to feel that power burst out of us. The reason why we've come this far is because of the undying support from the fans that we have. I think we owe our 10-year existence in this business to the fans. That period of time where we have fun with everyone is very important and to say that we're going to do this until the first month of next year, I'm really really happy.

Aiba: And that time's devoted for that purpose only, right? While we're doing our live performance.

Jun: That's true. We'll be facing the crowd a 100%, right? I think we don't do that elsewhere.

Aiba: Great times! I'm happy that we were able to have this tour. That's why, more than anything, I feel very grateful to those who came and watched.

Jun: I couldn't agree more. That's why we rehearse every night and really do our best, huh? Everyone, please look forward to our tour!

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